Everything Wrong With Casino Royale In 12 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Casino Royale In 12 Minutes Or Less

It’s almost Bond time again for movie fans (at least in the U.S.), so no better time to go looking for sins in the very first Daniel Craig Bond film, Casino Royale.

Thursday: You will predict our sin target, I guarantee it.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins do YOU want to see recounted?

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20 Responses

  1. Joseph Camacho says:

    I know this kinda out of nowhere but I was binge watching a bunch of your
    EWW… and I realized that you didn’t do one for any of the predator series
    and I was wondering why was that? I know that movie was awesome but like
    you say in every vid “No Movie is without sin” so Imma just leave that out
    there as a suggestion.

  2. CountlessDanger says:

    sin cirque du freak the vampires assistant

  3. VN Reader says:

    How do people take Cinema Sin’s comments as some kind of attack on the
    movie. It’s not meant to be taken seriously as a review and the overall
    number of sins shouldn’t relate to a movie’s actual quality. It’s just
    meant to be fun.

  4. 25DoubleDare says:

    You should have done Quantum of Solace instead. That movie is loaded with
    flaws, notably the story, the editing, camerawork, and other things.

  5. OhSome1HasThisName says:

    Also, of course he survives, what you do think a roll cage is for?

  6. rocknroll648 says:

    8:57 “Bond survives this”. there was a stunt driver in the car you know?
    yes, he probably had better harnesses but the fact that that was a real
    crash with a real driver. imo kind of deserves said sin to be removed.

  7. Erick Espinosa says:

    scotish secret agent ***

  8. Nick Oliveira says:

    he is always bond thats his name

  9. Terence Camilon says:

    DO ZOOLANDER!!!!!!

  10. Sofia Olmstead says:

    wtf, there is no Nassau in Portugal!

  11. Servanious _ says:

    Wait… Cobra vs. Raccoon fight? Raccoon?! Sin for CinemaSins.

  12. meppers says:

    4:00 roll credits

    you’re slacking

  13. PowerCookie1 says:

    That’s not a raccoon *ding*I think its a mongoose

  14. Chris Parker says:

    I have to argue that no-one would have played the last hand any different.
    Le Chiffre should have folded his two pair after the turn – with the 4, 6
    and 8 of spades all on the table there are too many possible hands that can
    beat his, and his only chance to improve is to hit either another ace or
    another 6 on the river, at odds of 1 in 11.5, so very unlikely.

    Plus, Le Chiffre clearly has Bond covered, so even though Bond wins the
    hand, Le Chiffre still should have some chips left and thus the game isn’t
    technically over.

  15. acrazyutuber13 says:

    There was an American Casino Royale in the 50’s…suck it CS!

  16. Jackie Thunder says:

    “Illegal cobra-raccoon fighting.”
    That’s clearly a ferret. DING.

  17. john wells says:

    You guys didn’t catch that when he enters the code the first time in the
    Casino, there is no way he spells VESPER.

  18. StarwarsCustomizer12 says:

    0:35 umm… That’s not a raccoon. I sin your sin.

  19. Nathan Weeks says:

    The poker scenes were just so ridiculous. Four of a kind is so
    statistically unlikely NO ONE who knows poker would have played that hand
    differently. Also, having the final four players each lay down,
    successively, the four best possible hands is nothing short of magic.

  20. Steven Bustamante says:

    Eva Green is a sin?