Everything Wrong With Cinderella In 10 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Cinderella In 10 Minutes Or Less

Oh, snap. In honor of the live-action Cinderella, we went WAY the heck back to the damn 1950’s to look for sins in the original Disney animated version.

Jeremy wrote a book! http://theablesbook.com

Thursday, another movie–much more recent–with a woman’s name as the title.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins do YOU want to see recounted?

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20 Responses

  1. fcfirepdb says:

    You are dead. The mass mobs of the hive mind are raging as they come to
    burn you at the stake. Run while you can.

  2. David Del Pozo Filíu says:

    OMFG Everything wrong with the Princess Bride. Please. I wan tosee if you
    have no heart and are indeed actually capable of sinning that movie. 

  3. JuJuwaH AQ says:

    you did an amazing job with cinderella sins. it was what i was thinking
    when i was younger and watched this movie. like seriously why didn’t she
    tell him her name? i was wondering the whole time. when i grew up i got the
    answer lol
    do beauty and the beast

  4. Brian Cole says:

    This is awesome. Like your Goldfinger video, please doing old classics like

  5. Eric Lee says:

    Fuck. Your. Stupid. Ass. Frozen. Motherfucking. Song!!!!!

  6. Baniela Cormacho says:

    Into the woods!!!

  7. hyperchickthree says:

    Everything wrong with Mr. Peabody and Sherman!

  8. BigMoufmd says:

    Tearing down a childhood classic. Wow, you guys really ARE dicks

  9. Abhinav Raina says:

    Awsum as always

  10. Kristel .Spronk says:

    2:43 it’s corn 😉 not cheese

  11. scarletrobin says:

    I think the slow-mo analysis of whether we could see Cinderella’s side boob
    kinda ruined any future hopes of watching this movie with innocence

  12. Amethyst Holman says:

    I just watched this last night!!

  13. Steven Wheeler says:

    Was that cheese she was feeding them or was it corn kernels? I always
    thought it was corn. I grew up on a farm and we fed corn shelled corn.
    Yes, mice will eat it.

  14. Lpsstarpows says:

    Can you do into the woods?

  15. Masta MizClix says:

    “Why have a ballroom with no balls?” (the sentence) had me laughing my ass
    off for 5strict minutes… well played CinemaSins xD

  16. Seth Ronalds says:

    haven’t laughed this hard in awhile

  17. jeffmakesgames1 says:

    Uh-oh. I spotted a sin done by CinemaSins. At 8:43, “Sematary” instead of

    Typos. **ding**

  18. ester ferreira says:

    I hope Elrond show us the way out

  19. Andrew Sparling says:

    “Yay, we’re Married!! What’s your name again?”

  20. ElViejoMundo says:

    I hate everything that represents this movie.
    And I can resume the stupidity of this movie in one phrase, the answer to
    “love”: “A Shoe”
    I’ve never seen such a toxic fantasy.