Everything Wrong With Contact In 19 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Contact In 19 Minutes Or Less

In honor of the upcoming sci-fi think piece Arrival, we’ve gone looking for sins in another modern sci-fi think piece… Contact. Oh, god, they should have sent a poet sinner!

Next week: Sins for two truly terrible sh*tty no-good movies.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. Sverre Beijer says:

    Please do everything wrong with Top Gun

  2. 5carecrow94 says:

    No one cares if you’re early just so you know.

  3. Jaylynn Kellar (WinsisterAngel666) says:

    Everything Wrong With Gamer

  4. JVAAWESOME says:


  5. PyromaniaFreebird says:

    Anyone else think of Katya when they first saw this video uploaded?

  6. killbotone says:

    MIND BLOWN!!!!!!! Love this movie.

    Now do Everything Wrong With The Core.


  7. George Mayer says:

    2:50 Oh look, a priest alone with a little girl. Not good! Not good!

  8. André Luiz Agra says:

    Now a challenge:

    Everything Wrong With The Godfather.

  9. Iwillgotohell2 says:

    everything wrong with John Wick, I love that movie and would love to see
    you destroy it.

  10. Jesus Benitez says:

    omg wow needs to do katya reacting to this

  11. Jinigosoti Game-Clips says:

    1:21 CinemaSins is a dick to Goldeneye.

  12. Adrian S (Adrian) says:

    who’s here because of Katya

  13. RoulinBrooks says:

    Nice Hitchhikers reference at the end.

  14. dravreh says:

    One of my favourite films!

  15. madasnx says:

    Nobody tell Katya this exists..

  16. AviatorAvis says:

    20 minutes and 16 seconds in 2016.

  17. ShopTalk says:

    The one detail everyone overlooks in the film is when the wormhole opens as
    the machine powers up, it creates a huge gravity pull on the area even
    pulling the control ship towards it. No human technology can replicate
    that. That alone would be enough evidence the pod went somewhere and Hadden
    wasnt to blame.

  18. Livi says:

    When I saw this, I immediately clicked on it because Katya has said so much
    about it ???

  19. tigerlep hunter says:

    please do everything wrong with “over the hedge” whyyyyyyyy won’t you do it

  20. Crystel Castillo says:

    Where are my fellow UNHhhh fans at??