Everything Wrong With Despicable Me 2 In 16 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Despicable Me 2 In 16 Minutes Or Less

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Yes, they made a sequel to the first Despicable Me. And then made a sequel to THAT movie, which comes out soon and is the very reason we’re sinning these movies. Oy. What a bunch of crap.

Next week: Musical sins, patriotic sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. Stefan Ateljevic says:

    I feel like minions are a representation of the devil.

  2. lucifer vohra says:

    Advantage in 69

  3. Caitlyn Hennessy says:

    bee movie

    bee moviE


  4. M Sahad says:

    Did you say ‘Basketball goal’?

  5. The Dark Knight says:

    Too poor to see the movie in theatres
    Too poor to buy the movie
    Can’t stand Minions for more than twenty minutes at a time

    *Watches CinemaSins*

  6. Vontos' Magic Murder Bag says:

    Bonus round: all the insulting names Jeremy calls the Minions.

  7. cookiehappyjjs says:

    7:20 kids movie has a dick a joke and even more creative, they use a cock for it.

  8. Aalto says:

    imagine ‘Everything Wrong With Minions’

  9. Cheyenne Stevenson says:

    I’m still waiting for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Sharkboy and Lavagirl, my favorite childhood movies

  10. DracoThePaca says:

    Defective Sausage Links and Pee-Colored Tater Tots. LMAO.

  11. Nicholas Mensah says:

    How much u wanna bet that the minions movie is next to be sinned.

  12. Fairley says:

    Now I have CinemaSins to thank for giving a name to that scream I’ve heard so many times but never knew what it was called xD

  13. Cayden Savage says:

    Your like the Gordan Ramsey of movies

  14. ImHere says:

    has no money.
    has no friends.
    has no life.
    *watches cinema sins*

  15. stg says:

    everything wrong with the emoji movie:
    everything (sin level 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999)
    edit: another pile of likes for a comment

  16. Drew Almy says:

    Add 300 sins for the fucking “beedoobeedoobeedoobeedoo” bullshit that my daughter did for *FUCKING MONTHS. GOD DAMNED MONTHS*

  17. PataponCreeper says:

    also, I knew that that scene where that crazy chicken rips through Gru’s shirt was a reference to the famous chestburster scene from Alien, I knew it when I saw it in theaters

  18. Loopy Kick says:

    R.I.P. frisbee throwers. XD

  19. Allie Berry says:

    Minions are, hands down, the worst thing to happen to pop culture in a very long time.

  20. Captain Lightbulb says:

    -Dr. Mario Pills with goggles
    -Piss-Flavored Tater Tots
    -Little Yellow Dicks
    -Defective Sausage Links
    -Jaundice-Ridden Dildos
    -Tweaked-Out Grimace Dicks

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