Everything Wrong With Despicable Me In 19 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Despicable Me In 19 Minutes Or Less

With Despicable Me 3 headed to theaters soon, we took a deep breath, locked hands, and decided to jump in and finally go looking for sins in this franchise. Found a BUNCH!

Thursday: Duh.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. Screaming Saiyan says:

    Since this will be lost in the comments, I Jack off to the minions

  2. Sahand Kadir says:

    Despicable Me 3 is going to be shit

  3. El Donkey says:

    Everything wrong with bee movie

    Then make after everything wrong with bee movie but every sin makes it faster

    (Edit) holy crap I did not expect this much likes

    (Other edit)😱

  4. Jesus SuckedGayPenis says:

    How did the Minions become a “thing” from this movie, they were complete shit right?

    Maybe I simply don’t get it.

  5. Matt Smith says:

    Look, yes this movie is…overrated to say the least, but let’s not forget this is a KIDS MOVIE.

  6. Blahblahblah says:

    “Bank of Evil”

    So just regular banks, then?

  7. stg says:

    next up: everything wrong with the emoji movie
    the emoji movie
    edit: wow so much likes in less than a day that’s new

  8. GP2590 says:

    I’m prepared for the minion assult, let me grab my… *BANANA* AHH! In theaters… this summer.

  9. Cyan Sweet tart32 says:

    He never talked about the Lorax being on Margo’s shirt…

    And the Grinch is going to be on her shirt in the third movie meaning…

  10. Hyper Sound says:

    Also, how can Gru lift the shrunken moon? It being smaller doesn’t mean it’s lighter, right?

  11. BeanBag343 says:

    2020: minons 2
    2021: Despicable me 4
    2024: Minions 3
    2027: Despicable me 5
    2030: End of humanity

  12. Tamera Farly says:

    Do everything wrong with Megamind😊

  13. Neil Breen says:

    It’s amazing to me that you haven’t covered this movie already.

  14. Gucci Versace says:

    This video will be #1 on trending

  15. cyberbro15 says:

    Am I the only one who watches to see when sins get taken off now?

  16. That Guy says:

    My assumption on how the bank makes money is through arms trading and most likely security forces.

    They find super villains to steal and cause the world panic. The governments of the world then buy up security forces and equipment from companies the bank owns.

    The bigger the job the bigger the reaction the bigger investment governments and people make into their other companies.

    So it sounds like the when he says he wasn’t turning a profit. Im pretty sure stealing a NYC big screen tv and a few small replicas of monuments doesn’t have people investing massive amounts of money into security.

    Also to note it makes more sense his son would get the money more as it’s a way of back filling into his families privet pocket.

  17. NitroProductions0123 says:

    Thou shalt not contain an excess of fat/stupid american stereotypes.
    Thou shalt not roll credits.
    Thou shalt not contain a premature rocket-launch-ulation.
    Thou shalt not have someone eating an apple.
    Thou shalt not have a character survive something fatal.
    Thou shalt not contain a situation that is convenient to the plot.
    Thou shalt not contain a character that would be excellent at CinemaSins
    Thou shalt not contain a character Ex Machina.
    Thou shalt not contain a cliche to long for me to type out.

  18. firerebreathingshark says:

    Should’ve done a sin for every minion that was in the movie.

  19. TJN says:

    Wouldn’t the moon have a bigger density since it shrunk? That would mean that the moon would have the same gravity, which would mean that Gru basically just sent the moon crashing down onto earth if the Roche limit didn’t already disintegrate the moon by that time. Also the moon at this point would almost be a black hole because of how much it’s compressed and would be very hot.

  20. TheGamingFloof says:

    -10 likes : A cold
    -25 likes: The flu
    -50 likes: Cancer
    -69 likes: Bubonic Plague
    -100 likes: Ebola

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