Everything Wrong With Dr. Strange In 15 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Dr. Strange In 15 Minutes Or Less

Dr. Strange was a really enjoyable above-average Marvel film. Still, like the Stan Lee cameo… the sins in it were a foregone conclusion. So we counted them.

Thursday: Space sins!

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. NewYork975 says:

    CinemaSins, I’ve come to bargain

  2. Abdi Abdullah says:


    In the end credits of guardians of the galaxy 2 it shows you that all of Stan lee’s cameos are the same person in the M.C.U

  3. Gray Maven says:

    Okay wait a second.
    The consequence of time travel was Mordo’s fall to the dark side. Hes the big magical baddie of the original strange comics. And the last scene was to demonstrate how the “bill came due”. So there were both time travel consequences AND a reason for that scene outside marketing. So… *Ding ding* motherf***er.

  4. viraj ekanayaka says:

    Sin 32: he’s Sherlock Holmes

  5. colekitt11 says:

    isn’t the whole magic door sin the same thing as someone seeing cars and saying why do bikes even exist?

  6. keithwenttothemoon says:

    Those spinning watch things are called watch winders, to keep mechanical watches charged up. You chump.

  7. Jake Hoffmann says:

    The watches aren’t spinning for the looks of it there spinning because that’s how you keep them wound up

  8. New Message says:

    He’s so vain, he probably thinks this movie’s about him.

  9. Chad Keddie says:

    Hey, the reason the girl could see him when he was an astral projection was that he crossed the place into the physical world. Didn’t you see the weird crystal stuff around him? And also, he is supposed to be a dick in the story.

  10. Taylor Harrison says:

    You misspelled “Dimension” at the end sentence… +1 sin!!!

  11. Tex Mex says:

    ok but why does gormamu have to kill strange every time? why doesn’t he just ignore him and destroy earth????

  12. Mike Cronis says:

    Watches are spinning in the box because they have auto-wind and need movement to, well, auto-wind. It’s a thing.

  13. Matt Mackie-Owers says:

    Everyone complaining about how the sins aren’t proper sins of issues or problems.
    Isn’t the first rule of cinema sins, that the sins don’t have any meaning what so ever. Hence why some movies have millions of sins in comparison to other equally bad or good movies.
    The channel is satire in itself, try not to take it so seriously, its light hearted comedy guys.

  14. King'SAnimus07 says:

    The Multiverse isn’t a bad thing. I refuse to acknowledge that sin.

  15. Felix De La Cruz says:

    Really, Cinemasins? You’re not going to give a “Roll Credits” sin for when Strange calls himself Doctor Strange? Seriously, I gave it that when I watched it in the theater because of you guys.

  16. Dynamite Dancers says:


  17. Respawned says:

    Doctor Strange is my favourite Sherlock movie.

  18. Tony flamingo says:

    For anyone who actually knows marvel, read on. Ull like this. For every one who doesn’t, or even says they do but there just idiots, leave now.

    Why is Stan Lee in everyone of the marvel movies? He’s a watcher. Stan Lee is one of the watchers. He looks over the marvel universe in every one of the movies. So he’s a watcher… Think about it..

  19. Ciel Cargill says:

    The Stan Lee scenes are “explained” in GotG 2

  20. Cyberrante2 says:

    The title should be “Everything WONG With Dr. Strange In 15 Minutes Or Less”.

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