Everything Wrong With Encanto In 17 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Encanto In 17 Minutes Or Less

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Encanto is pretty enjoyable with some catchy music and unique characters. But like we always say… no movie is without sin.

Thursday: Animated sins from the aughts.

Which movie’s sins should we count next?

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42 Responses

  1. Alvaro Perez says:

    6:24 that is a good point, why didn’t Mirabel get a regular room if she didn’t have a gift? I mean, it’s one thing to not have your own room, but still being treated like a child? That’s low.

    • liza bette says:

      That drove me crazy!! Why is she still in the nursery she’s almost and adult!

    • damian carr says:

      @Fl vd R Your understanding is wrong. Neither Abuela not Mirabella have a gift. The move never once explains why Maribel never gets a gift and the closest you get get is the terribly sad theory that at the time the family’s hatred for Bruno was so high the magic was too weak to give maribel a gift. When Bruno left the family “recovered” and so did the magic in time for Antonio. But that’s pure speculation and only faintly supported by the movie. If there is ever an Encanto 2 they may explain it

    • Potatogaming Me says:

      Becuase she didn’t get a power
      Alma got it because she was the one who got the miracle

    • Twine ✿ says:

      Can you imagine being 15 and having the alphabet on your walls-

    • Cole Costello says:

      She had to share it with a child also she is a child at Hearst and you don’t see the others with posters and stuff because there was nothing to put up

  2. Ishtarru says:

    Dolores spilling the beans about the miracle being in danger was a tactical move. If that dinner had gone off without a hitch the man of her dreams would have married her cousin.

    • William Cameron says:

      @Daltigoth with the blurting out about being doomed she was actually scared as is clear by her face. She was helpful to Mirabelle leading her to Bruno by pointing her in the direction of Luisa. And when she bluntly told the kids it was clear that Mirabelle was feeling awkward about it and it would be awkward for Mirabelle to have to say it so she did and the kids seemed more understanding but still being little buttheads. Dolores certainly wasn’t nice but in being honest and the things she did were nice even though they didn’t seem it. The things she’d does only occasionally works out in her benefit. If she only acted in her self interests then she wouldn’t have pointed Mirabelle in the right direction. She thought Mirabelle could save the miracle and while she wouldn’t be too unhappy if it was gone she also didn’t want to see her family in pain and pointed Mirabelle towards Bruno so she might find a way to save the miracle.

    • Daltigoth says:

      @William Cameron She bluntly stated that Mirabel had no gift to the kids at the beginning, that Louisa’s eye was twitching all night, she tells Abuela when Mariano intends to propose to Isabella and follows that up with how many kids he wants to have at breakfast, and whispered to her neighbor about the prophecy the instant Mirabel lost eye contact with her at dinner, then blurted out that Mirabel had found the prophecy and they were all “doomed” when the house started crumbling moments later.

      So it wasn’t just once. Even if you want to be pedantic and claim that she wasn’t “blurting” in some of those instances, she was blunt with nearly everything she said, and had no qualms about sharing anything she had heard with anyone that asked EXCEPT that she did not to mention Bruno when Mirabel asked about what might be wrong.

      A villain (or antagonist, to be more accurate) in a story doesn’t need to have evil intentions. They need only be acting in their own self interest. And there can be more than one villain in a story. How much characterization is needed to make a villain? Honestly, not much. All you need is a motivation, and Dolores’s “gift” is motivation enough for anyone to become a villain even before the love interest Mariano enters the picture.

    • William Cameron says:

      @Daltigoth we only know of one thing that she blurted out bluntly. Also we know that most of the family relies on their gifts and needs to use them to feel better. A gift doesn’t really make Pepa miserable because it also lets others see when she’s having a hard time easier. And also the idea of the door being proof of Dolores not wanting the Miracle back could lead into her being a villain later on but as it sits during the first movie she was not the villain. And also I even said in my comment that I knew turn it down wasn’t Cannon but my point is Adassa is the voice actor for Dolores meaning she knows a lot of Cannon things that the fans don’t know. And she chose to sing the song and in the song it mentioned how Dolores was concerned but hoping that the prophecy wouldn’t be the demise of the miracle. Dolores had too little of characterization to call her the villain or not. In the second movie they might go that track because a lot of people have been petitioning that if a second movie is made then turn it down be one of the songs. But in the first movie she is not a villain.

    • Daltigoth says:

      @William Cameron She never explicitly tells anyone that Bruno is still around. She knows that he is, but she only hints at it with abstract statements like the rats in the walls comment, whereas she blurts out everything else very bluntly. Literally everything she does in the film sows discord in some way, whether that is her intent or not. You are trying to interpret her actions as being innocent mistakes. MatPat proposed that they were not, so try to follow that logic when you make your counterpoints.

      For example, if Dolores is being supportive of Isabella, it can simply be because she knows Isabella doesn’t want to marry him and is trying to make her resentful of being forced into the marriage, hoping she’ll break (which she does). She wouldn’t necessarily KNOW that Isabella doesn’t want to marry him however, as she could only know that if Isabella had ever said it out loud which she might not have done out of fear that Casita (or Dolores) would tell Abuela. However, regardless of what Dolores knows, she is masking her own feelings toward Mariano for most of the film and might just be overcompensating or projecting her own desires onto Isabella.

      Does she care about her family? Sure, probably, but she also sees all the other families in the area getting by without super powers just fine, and her mother suffers with her own power almost as much as Dolores suffers with the super hearing. Why would she be AT ALL concerned about the miracle ending if it meant she could live a normal life? Its not like her family would suddenly cease to exist. She has every reason to WANT the prophecy to come true.

      There is nothing that is shown in the film that I can recall that shows Dolores is willing to “put up with the miracle to help”. At most she seems to take some small comfort in that she can be with Mariano after the magic returned. But that could have been possible even if the magic hadn’t returned, and everything we see from her in the film suggests that she would have preferred it that way.

      As for the song you mentioned – it has no relation to the film at all. It is an original song that was inspired by the film. Its as canonical as a fan fiction would be.

    • Evan Espinoza says:


  3. Nareth Erakian says:

    The question of “how do they find out what their powers are and how they work” is easy to answer.
    Their rooms.
    As we are able to see in Antonio’s and Isabella’s rooms, they are specifically designed for their power. They can be practised and displayed in there. Antonio’s got a jungle to accomodate for the animals, Isabella has a garden and pillars, which give plenty of space for flowers to reside permanently at her demand.
    If I had to guess, Luisa’s room would look similar to a gym, Camillo’s probably has plenty of mirrors to see himself while transforming and Jullietta’s room most likely has a large section dedicated to cooking all sorts of meals.
    We don’t see the entirety of Bruno’s room, but there clearly are instructions of his ability on the wall. If I had to guess, the room in which he performed his power started off with the leafes all in place, so he could immedeatly try it out.

  4. Christian Caster says:

    13:46 Bruno left because he wanted to protect Mirabel by not telling his family the truth about his vision knowing Mirabel would most likely be distanced from her family even more than she is now.

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if Mirabel became the villain/antagonist of the movie. We were first led to believe it would’ve been Bruno but it turns out he is just a sweet yet strange guy.

    • Kendra T says:

      @ZeldaWolf2000 exactly. Maybe he’s a reeeally sucky liar or knows his mom can see through him so avoiding her was the best way to keep the vision secret.

    • ZeldaWolf2000 says:

      @Phil You can tell by the fact that he doesn’t even want to see his mother, right before Mirabel talks to Isabella, that Bruno wants to make his mother proud, and cannot stand up to her (until the scene at the river), so he decides to leave so he wouldn’t be forced to talk about the vision. His mother asked him for one, so she know he had one, and would want to know what it was about. By leaving, he doesn’t have to force himself to lie to, or disappoint her. Plus, as he says, “everyone always assumes the worst,” so, even if the vision had more interpretations, everyone would assume that it was a bad vision, and treat Mirabel differently/badly because of it.

    • Christian Caster says:

      @Phil Pepa is probably someone who Bruno should avoid telling because of her’s and Bruno’s somewhat strained relationship along with being overly emotional will cause her to flip. Felix though might be a good choice to tell if he can keep a secret long enough and will help keep an eye on Mirabel.

    • Phil says:

      @Christian Caster exactly. Do anything. Even if he feels he can’t do anything directly because he’s Bruno and the stigma, but have someone keep an eye on things. Definitely keep the vision from abuela but having a vision about Mirabel seems like info her parents would want to know.

    • Christian Caster says:

      @Phil He probably could’ve stayed and told Julieta since he’s on better terms with her than Pepa. She probably couldn’t do much but can keep a close eye on Mirabel.

  5. Michelle Shouse says:

    For Dolores knowing about Bruno, during “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” she is the only one who talks about Bruno in the present tense.

  6. Amethyst Savage says:

    The biggest sin is that Mirabel didn’t think to help Luisa with getting the donkeys back in the pin by asking Antonio for help, since he could talk to animals.

  7. GrievonGaming says:

    The ending of the movie killed the whole lesson behind “you don’t have to have powers to be special” vibe it was going for. It was nice that they all got to the point where the town no longer needed the safety of the Encanto and the gifts, they’re all safe so the powers leaving was symbolic. Everyone coming together to rebuild the house, to join them in the normalcy. Mirabel is now normal with her normal family- nope, everyone gets their powers back and it goes right back to the opening issue of her being the only without powers. Kills it for me.

    • 4xdblack says:

      IMO, Mirabel didn’t get a power because she was meant to be Abeula’s successor. She’s supposed to be the next candle holder. The house is her gift.

  8. DarkAngel2099 says:

    I think that Mirabel’s ability is an affinity with the Casita. In my opinion ofc bcos the rest don’t really care about the Casita bcos they have their own powers but Mirabel is the only one actually amazed by Casita in her regular life

    • Baer the Blader says:

      @Mimsy she got a door. The front door to the house. It seems that the sentient magic of the casita can’t go into a bedroom. That is the domain of the gifted person. Mirabel lives in the main part of the house, imo, because she is connected to the house itself and the magic. When she is happy, the magic is strong, when she is cast aside by her family, the house breaks and the magic fades. She has no personal powers, but she unknowingly controls all the magic for the rest of the family.

    • Kendra T says:

      As far as I can remember, she and her grandma are also the only two people who speak directly to the house and tell it to do specific things.

    • DarkAngel2099 says:

      @Mimsy I mean from a philosopher perspective bcos the Casita needed someone who had a new perspective than the madrigals to save them otherwise they would have been doomed.I feel the Casita actually purposely never gave Mirabel powers to save them.

    • BettaThanu🐠 says:

      @Mimsy The house has all the doors though lol, so she has a door.

    • Mimsy says:

      But then she would have gotten a door

  9. Sunrie says:

    The people think Bruno is the one making the future predictions to happen, not him seeing the future. So Bruno saying you’ll burn dinner to them is him making a future you burn the dinner.

    He was so beat down with people being mad at what he saw he didn’t want to tell anyone about his vision because they’d throw them both out.

    Dolores knew Bruno was still there. She even mentions it in the song earlier. She kept it secret to protect him. Telling the secret of the magic leaving is way different

  10. Lauren Anderson says:

    While I’m happy to see representation for heroes that wear glasses, I thought it was odd that Julietta’s gift can heal any medical condition… except Mirabel’s vision. Even the screenwriters were mean to her.

    • Mason Gollihar says:

      Augustine her husband still has glasses and it is shown in the movie him eating her magic food. I assume genetics and potentially aging and degenerative effects can’t be fixed by her cooking. Only things that are direct ailments like allergic reactions cuts and broken bones. And why Abeula still moves like an old lady for the most part. She still suffers from at the very least mild arthritis and the effects of old age. Julieta has her limits even with an awesome gift

    • ZeldaWolf2000 says:

      @Taylor Melvin well, now I know that, if I had the opportunity to eat her food, I would ask her not to heal mine, even though most people would think I want that. Thanks for the info.

    • Taylor Melvin says:

      @Avocado Toast Yep! Julieta accepts Mirabel as she is. She loves her daughter for her and I don’t think she sees any reason to fix it

    • Avocado Toast says:

      @Taylor Melvin Didn’t Julieta even say Mirabel’s glasses are cute or something during the scene when Julieta heals Mirabel’s hand with an *arepa con queso* ?

    • Taylor Melvin says:

      The creators said that her gift was powerful enough to even heal Mirabel’s eyesight, but Julieta didn’t feel the need to do that.

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