Everything Wrong With Eragon In 14 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Eragon In 14 Minutes Or Less

Ooph. Just… don’t ever watch this movie. Use that 2 hours for something you will enjoy and remember and not want to kill with fire.

Thursday: feel-goody sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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79 Responses

  1. Chris 1598 says:

    Such a tragedy. Absolutely incredible books with so much tv show/ movie series potential. Buuuuuuuut they gave it to a bunch of muppets who shouldn’t have ever been allowed near a film studio. #REMAKE

  2. - Nox - says:

    Jeremy’s genuine, unfiltered laughter at 10:10 is the best part of this video, hands down.

  3. candiigurl7893 says:

    *”I’d take points off if they cracked this egg open and found a good movie inside!”*

    Good Lord, the savagery.

  4. tommy bernotas says:

    This movie is an important part of my life because my mom accidentally told me that Santa wasn’t real, then tried to back track and ended up just taking me to see this movie to make me shut up about santa not being real… good times

  5. themako5678 says:

    Wow took long enough… might as well respond to a friends roast 3 years from now jesus

  6. blood dragon says:

    I’ve never seen a movie so infuriating.
    I mean, YES, the books rip off a LOT of other franchises, but they did get better throughout the saga and they had a lot if good ideas !
    Especially the relationship between the Dragon and the rider.
    But this movie is a freaking textbook on what not to do in a fantasy movie.
    Seriously, this movie should be shown in cinema schools.

    • Deathblade93 says:

      Hey all fantasy books rip ideas from many different genres of books. I have read a fantasy book that had horror, sci-fi, comedy, romance, and of course fantasy all rolled up into one. I wish i could remember the name of the book.

    • princessthyemis says:

      Good idea! It should!

    • Star Hunter says:

      And the author started writing them at _15._ I wandered away from the series and never finished it, but I was a huge fan when the movie came out. I’m not normally angry at bad adaptations, just disappointment, but this movie enraged me. It butchered everything.

    • Adam Vialpando says:

      I mean the books definitely aren’t masterpieces and they are a bit overrated and overpraised. Still they are written well and are a fun read and are by no means bad so I understand the appeal.

      This movie on the other hand sucked. A friend I was watching it with one time joked “This new remaster of ‘A New Hope’ looks so different. Obi-Wan’s looking younger than I remember.”

    • WolfOfSolace says:

      I really like how the magic system in Eragon developed in the books.

  7. Mojocat AMVs says:

    In 5th grade my mom made me an Aragorn costume for halloween and I knew a bit about how this Eragon movie had come out but everyone thought it was really bad so when people asked me who I was I made sure to make it clear I was AragoRn and not Eragon so that they wouldn’t think I was someone from this bad movie lmao.

  8. Keegan Stormblade says:

    4:12 I know she ages up fast in the books, but this is ridiculous!

    • Cameron Pennell says:

      Not really tho. In the books she ages fast from a readers standpoint but the narrative makes several jumps in time

    • Václav Kanda says:

      +Cameron Pennell nope. it’s only a few moments in the film, as he’s still standing there in the field, exactly as he was when he let her go. Totally different from the books.

    • Cameron Pennell says:

      +Václav Kanda I was talking about him saying how she ages up fast in the books. I completely agree that the movie is ridiculous. Sorry for the confusion

    • BloodLegaZ says:

      If you think that was fast, how fast would Thorn have grown if there was a sequel? 5 seconds into the movie and he would be a flying red Godzilla

    • WolfOfSolace says:

      Yeah, she grew up fast in the books, but it didn’t fucking happen in a split second. It was a shit-ton of growth over the course of months. A montage sequence would have been a much more fitting choice for Saphira’s growth.

  9. ZeAlphaWolf says:

    Dude all I remember is that this book was *thicc*

  10. Daniel Westberg says:

    The first movie that made me pissed due to me having read the book before.

  11. Yonatan Avhar says:

    7:21 Brisingr is the true name of fire, meaning that a person who says it can control fire, and fire take a shit ton of energy to use

    • Carolyn Pitts says:

      So that means if they know the true name of fire does that mean is it limited to Lava magma plasma light I’m just saying if he knows the true name of fire is that limited to you no regular fire all fire because there are different degrees of fire like blue fire orange fire green fire

    • SALT says:

      +Carolyn Pitts its actually mentioned in the first book how hard it is to do magic with just one word for example:
      you want to pick up a stone off of the ground you need to first know what to say in the ancient language, the easiest way to do this would be to say “pick up this stone”
      but depending on your knowledge of the natural world and how good you are at magic you could just say “stone” and pick it up that way. a true master can say something vague like “water” and end up with something totally unrelated like a gemstone. but the more of the ancient language that you know the more easily you can do specific tasks. In the books there is a part where they mention a spell that takes up a 30 foot (10 meter) scroll or something.

    • Carolyn Pitts says:

      +SALT I know I’m just f****** around I read the books this movie was terrible but I’d love the books I was just making a joke you know because he knows the true name of fire you know it’s a spin on there more than one type of fire

    • WolfOfSolace says:

      The more specific you are in the wording of your spell, generally the less energy that spell will consume.

  12. 5my9other93half says:

    The fact that the director is black-balled because of this failure does give me a sense of satisfaction. There is justice in the world.

    • Like 17Badgers says:

      I mean, they made a visual effects guy direct, I could understand the movie having a bad story but why does it look so bad?
      and he’s not black-balled, he’s actually the Visual Effects Supervisor for Game of Thrones, look this guy up, his name is Stefen Fangmeier
      , dude actually has a decent record, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, etc, I REALLY want to know what was going on behind the scenes where a guy with his rap sheet let Eragon be what it is.

    • Alika Andrade says:


  13. Frreak0zoid says:

    I don’t get it. How can you make a sins video about a movie that never happened? It’s just a work of genius.

  14. Fabian Zimmermann says:

    Percy Jackson fan: The Percy Jackson movies are the worst book adaptations ever.
    Eragon Fan: Hold my beer.

  15. Alias Anybody says:

    While both basic concepts and characters were straight up Star Wars rip-offs, the story took many far more interesting directions in the sequels (I particularly liked Roran’s arc because a) finally a hero with a known living relative who’s also not useless and b) finally a character with a romance beyond “will they, won’t they”…. actually the side characters are generally more interesting than Eragon himself).

    • Alias Anybody says:

      +Lady Marmalade
      While it’s incredibly lazy it could have been far worse. Overly complicated or ridiculous names are common in amateur fantasy, and I’d take Eragon over “Xerastaphina” (fictional example) every day.

      Also, look at the “source material”:

      Darth (in)Vader, Darth (in)Sidious

      Lukas, Hans, Lea – stock character names of every German fairy tale ever.

    • Blue Wokou says:

      +Lady Marmalade Y’know, I actually never noticed that.

    • SteampunkTigerlily18 says:

      In the later ones I’d often skip Eragon’s bits entirely because Roran’s and Nasuada’s arcs were far more interesting

    • Autumn Jett says:

      The book was literally written by a 16 year old boy, to be fair.

    • Banjo Peppers says:

      “a) finally a hero with a known living relative who’s also not useless
      and b) finally a character with a romance beyond “will they, won’t they”” ??? You just described Luke from Star Wars. And Leia from Star Wars.

  16. Vijay Anand says:

    there are reasons behind some of the things that appear coincidental or illogical. The reason the stone appeared in front of eragon is becasue another group of beings hijacked and influences arya’s magic. Durza didn’t summon fire where she was standing becasue he had to get the stone/egg from her and couldn’t risk anything happening to it. The eggs are enchanted to only hatch when the one destined to ride them touch them. Otherwise an egg can be ready to hatch and stay in stasis for ages. Saphira was in a stasis in her egg for a little over 100 years. Therefore convenient timing is not quite so convenient, considering the Varden(rebels) have been trying to find someone the egg will hatch for for 20 years and Galbatorix for 80 years before that, also it then couldn’t have hatched for Roran, Sloan, or anyone else. Brom has the ability to speak to people telepathically, the way Eragon and Saphira can so yes Eragon could hear him. Eragon gets direction from Arya through a vision becasue she’s supposed to be in a self induced coma to slw the poison.

    • merp says:

      I love your corrections, but as a fellow fan of Eragon I have to ask why you’re defending this movie. It’s worse than the Percy Jackson movies.

    • The Redeemed says:

      Also Jeremy clearly states that the books don’t matter. A movie that requires you to read the source material for anything to make sense is a failure

    • Electromaster Tech says:

      I thought it was (SPOILER ALERT) that the egg went to Eragon because Arya tried to send it to Brom, but because it was such a long distance, and Eragon was truly Brom’s son, that it went to him instead. Atleast, that’s what I thought? Also, at one point in the books I recall Saphira saying that she chose Eragon, so I dont think it’s the egg/enchantments that decide but instead the dragon inside

    • Jason Dittmann says:

      +Electromaster Tech that was what Arya thought happened, but (I think in Inheritance?) They go to the vault of souls (Don’t want to post spoilers) and find out that those guys were responsible for it

    • Smokey McJoint says:

      If it isn’t explained in the movie it doesn’t matter.

  17. MagicHadi says:

    I adored the books, and my dissapointment upon first watching this movie was immeasurable

  18. charlescoley05 says:

    so many things that was in the books to fills huge plots holes in this movie were just left out. Amazing book series terrible adaptation.

  19. Kansas Clark says:

    I think Robert Carlyle went all out for his rumplestiltskin audition ?

  20. Norma says:

    Just FYI, the books are waaaaay better, things start getting more interesting from the second book, but they’re all really fun to read and the story is great.

    • Lukas Moser says:

      +J Truts you should reread them then, the last book is good shit

    • Reinreith says:

      Not really, as someone who read the books before the movie as a kid, they do better than the movies in making the story more coherent, but MY GOD are they boring and underdetailed

    • J Truts says:

      +Lukas Moser gonna have to agree to disagree. I give credit to the author, it’s an accomplishment for someone his age, but there are so many better options.

    • Forest Armstrong says:

      I have to say, I look back on a lot of moments from the books that were just “stuff happening” without real rhyme or reason. It didn’t really develope the characters so much as just check a box in the “so you want to write generic fantasy” checklist. The plot was mundane and cookie-cutter, meaning the characters were all it really had going for it, but even they were little more developed than a DnD statblock.

    • Hudson Navarro says:

      I’m on Brisingr right now, and loving it so far

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