Everything Wrong With Escape Room In 17 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Escape Room In 17 Minutes Or Less

It’s like Saw, but with rooms. And sins. Escape Room has so many sins.

Thursday: Superhero sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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79 Responses

  1. Beyond Tubular says:

    The only room I wanted to escape when watching this was the theater

  2. anton_smallz99 _ says:

    I actually enjoyed this film but I just knew it was beyond sinful ? good job cinema sins

  3. Zearth says:

    Playing 4d chess:
    Not playing an escape room in the first place.

  4. Brandon Pohl says:

    I actually really liked watching this in theaters, but I knew throughout the whole movie that it made no sense whatsoever

    • Thaibiohazard123 says:

      Spoon Love
      I haven’t watch the film. But I have seen that kind of logic so many times. And it’s dumb. It’s true that movies don’t have to be realistic all the time. But if a movie wants to be taken seriously at all. It would sure as hell need some logical, well-planned writing in there. Otherwise any elementary school kids would have had a job in Hollywood or get a prize for best-selling novels. (Which actually happens sometimes nowadays considering how low standard the industry have become. Just any fucking thing goes now)

    • DarkSun says:

      +Spoon Love
      I guess that’s the same logic the writers/producers/whatever used as justification for the “no evidence” plot grand canyon -.-

    • Mathew says:

      but hey it is a movie and when you put facts in these kind of movies they wont make sense 9/10 times

    • Fujoshi Furry says:

      some people just like a fun watch. i had a great time watching it even though how dumb it was. it was a wild and fun ride and thats all some directors want to make

    • Nick Lovatsis says:

      Same. Not every movie needs to make sense. Sometimes it’s fun to just turn your brain off and enjoy a movie. That ending was terrible though

  5. MadmanEpic says:

    2:50 To be fair, most escape rooms _do_ put clues under table and in cabinets rather than in books and such. The latter just wouldn’t be fun.

    • Patience Wallace says:

      fr, you feel stupid when you missed those clues after searching for hours

    • lucas simoes says:

      Exactly! The first ever escape room I did had about 90% of the first room (there were two) based on a key under a carpet and cups and objects on the shelf’s.. I have now done about 8 I think, and most of them have clues hidden under tables and in cabinets while also Zoey was right about the names of the books because most that I have done use either the main title or a passage you find using a page number you find.

  6. Alex Marker says:

    I saw the trailer and thought it would be dope, then i watched it.

  7. BiohazardBeauty says:

    If this would’ve come out 2 days ago I could’ve saved myself the hassle of making my husband watch it with me

    • Edward Evans says:

      Or you could just watch a movie and judge it based on your own opinions rather than that of a channel that deals in satire?

    • Spoon Love says:

      +Nails Are Life i hope so

    • My penis is unbelievably small, but says:

      you can have your own opinions stupid cow

    • riot says:

      Spoon Love is english not your first language? They mean they had trouble getting their husband to watch the movie with them, but if the vid came out sooner, they would’ve known not to waste their time trying to get their husband to watch the movie, since it wasn’t good.

    • Bonnie Howell says:

      I was just thinking that. We were so pissed about that ending.

  8. Josh Horsey says:

    At the part of the movie of 7:43 I was screaming for them to all pee on it to get the key out of the ice.

    • Last Raven says:

      Daniel Duncan but if they got him out of the water… wouldn’t it save him by 2-3 people compressing their bodies together? Seeing as how much heat the body can produce especially if multiple bodies use bodily fluid (pee), their CO2 and friction… sounds like a certain type of adult-only game, but i believe it would work for stopping hypothermia

    • DezzyTee says:

      +Aloyus Knight I mean, yes, the rubbing would cause friction which in turn would produce heat (the law of energy conservation) but due to the low friction and the low temperatures around them it would take ages to melt anything. If it is exactly 0°C in there, then there would be a chance. If my calculations are correct it would take them around 82 days to melt one square meter that way. Feel free to correct me if I miscalculated something. Here’s the formula I used:

      delta_T = rise in temperature

      mu = coefficient of friction

      Wab = surface energy of adhesion 

      v = sliding speed

      J = mechanical equivalent of heat

      k1, k2 = heat conductivity of the two materials

      Edit: I should mention I used nylon 6 as the material of the jacket since it is the most common one.

    • Aloyus Knight says:

      +DezzyTeeSince we can’t post gifs on here I’ll have to type this out: NNNEEEEEEERRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDD!!!

    • Aloyus Knight says:

      +Last RavenIts funny how the comments are taking this WAY out of proportion by turn one thing a random person said into…A SCIENCE LETURE! DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNNN!

    • DezzyTee says:

      +Aloyus Knight yeah sure… btw I’ve noticed a mistake. I’ve stated square meters but meant meters cubed of course. Thought of the correct thing but mixed up the words. English isn’t my first language.

  9. Kevin Meeker says:

    ONLY 20 extra sins for that exposition at the end. Im surprised you were so lenient.

    • Mathew says:

      i was expecting infinite sins for that

    • Dr Oddfellow says:

      +Mathew *Gets my Infinity Stick* ……

    • AltosForteAqua x says:

      I can’t believe he didn’t give more for ” survival of the fittest “. That fuck-stick wouldn’t survive a grade-school playground without military chick. Stupid bragging d-bag.

    • Kevin Meeker says:

      +Greg Fakerson either that, or this guy reverse Parallaxed his fortress of an escape dungeon.

    • tharpdevenport says:

      Insanely so. I’d ad to the list of items that make the “no evidence” line bullshit:

      1. No evidence of the contractors it would have taken to construct this thing? Some shmoo from Craigslist with barely any construction experience isn’t putting this thing together; it’s going to take dozens of highly-skilled laborers.
      2. How can there be no evidence of the website? We live in an age where there are at least half a dozen website archives websites, including Archive.org; the site could be archived. And don’t give me the bullshit line the game people got to the Archive.org people.
      3. How in the world was this torn down so quickly? You’d need dozens upon dozens of people to tear it down ,including high-skilled people to deal with the electrical wiring, etc. Then you need probably a dozen 18-wheelers to haul off the materials, which would — if crossing state lines — go through border check points, as well as highways that have points where truckers have to stop.
      4. Where did all that material come from? Secret Construction Materials “R” Us? Some of it would have to come from specialty makers. Just getting it to the site to begin building would be an undertaking!
      5. How was this all paid for? “They used cash, lol.”; LOL, unless you have a mountain of cash handy at home, every time you remove certain amounts of money or higher from your bank account, it trips the F.B.I., who can and will investigate.
      6. Even with a TON of people to put this thing together, some things just take TIME and cant’ be sped up. Are you telling me nobody, NOBODY stumbled upon the construction site during that time? People? Cops? Nobody with a phone, which is damn near everybody, and took photos of it and posted it online at any number of websites? Not even county code enforcement? Not even OSHA? Nobody asked for permits? You can barely even be a little girl with a lemonade stand and not get hassled by the police of the county demanding you get permits. And if you think I made that last line up, you obviously haven’t seen the news stories I have!

      AND, as another sin for the film not part of that “no evidence” B.S.: Even if all six of the kids wanted to go there and play the game, how in the world did they all manage to be there on the same day? Just try asking six random strangers to try and meet up at the same time, same place on a random day. You’d have better luck playing Pick-up Sticks with your butt cheeks! And even if they could manage a time and day, what was this massive death compound doing? Sitting there not attracting attention? If Donald Trump can get a million bullshit sin points just for having a cameo in “Home Alone 2” (big league/bigly points! Big beautiful points!), SURELY THIS AWFUL FILM as a whole can get a million points!

  10. Yannick Keall says:

    14:55 CinemaSins on the brink of a nervous breakdown after 35 seconds of gradually heated comment

    • Dionysus DeVille says:

      Oh jeremy poor jeremy lol that meltdown at the end lol

    • Born Justice Rule says:

      right. i’m starting to feel like in 3 years this channel won’t exist UNLESS they do better and become more realistic without their sins instead of trying to make jokes with their sins.

    • penguin44ca says:

      +Born Justice Rule What?! You are joking right? The entire point of this channel since it’s start has been a mix of legit and humour.

    • Born Justice Rule says:

      +penguin44cait’s only YouTube buddy, relax. Video uploads matter. opinionated comments don’t.

    • vgames89 says:

      What’s unrealistic? They’re right. There’s no way they’d be able to move all the evidence in the short amount of time they had. 20 sins was honestly too lenient. And the channel is meant for comedy in addition to logic. Your taking it took seriously.

  11. Series - The Animated Cinema says:

    *Person dies*
    Cinema sins: person dies cliché

  12. Vamshi Ohgs says:

    The movie had potential but the characters were so unlikeable and annoying.
    *Then the ending, OMFG WHY THAT ENDING!?!*

  13. Wan Fu says:

    The “no evidence” rant was epic.

    • Renato Ramos de Oliveira Correia says:

      Because it was accurrate.

    • Alicedraws says:

      Exactly, unless Minos was cleaning up right behind the players but even still there would be plenty of evidence of things being disturbed or just too odd to ignore.

    • Pretty lovely says:

      I was mad bout that as well like there is no way they go all that done maybe the first room since they was in the second room for awhile but after that all that water and ice. And also why ddnt the cops check it soo. As they called for help..why wait til they was out the hospital? Where they in on it as well?

    • Gerardo Reyes says:

      Yeah lol

    • Jørn Haugum says:

      +Pretty lovely Cleaning up all that construction work in such little time is literally impossible withou demolishing the building with explosives. The website however is simple. just remove the DNS links and you can’t access it anymore. Might still be a “paper trail” for the registration of the site though.

  14. Belias Phyre says:

    Deborah Ann Woll is not my girlfriend in this movie.


  15. Troy says:

    I didn’t particularly hate this movie. I just refer to it as “If Disney produced Saw”

    • KidSnivy96 says:

      No, modern Disney wouldn’t have the balls.

    • ViaVia says:

      Honestly I could imagine Disney making a much better Saw movie then this. At least Disney has creative writers that could expand this concept more effectively

  16. Placeholder Account says:

    My upvote for this video is brought to you by…

    Cinemasins’ crazy almost explodion at 14:17

  17. Hostis96 says:

    “Atoms won’t change while you watch them”
    **Quantistic screaming intensifies**

  18. Jonathan Ybarra says:

    “More than 50% luck…..like eating at Denny’s”

    Oh my god??????

  19. avery ugbeche says:

    Here’s an extra 20 sins just for THINKING you could get away with that.

  20. Josh Yoder says:

    Test subjects get put into a room where they will die if they don’t solve the puzzle…

    Wait, I liked this better when it was Portal!

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