Everything Wrong With Ferdinand In 16 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Ferdinand In 16 Minutes Or Less

Ferdinand. It’s not bad. It’s kind of fun. Certainly more worthy of its Oscar nomination than Boss Baby. But whatever… here are its sins.

Thursday: Something adventure-y.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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68 Responses

  1. Chris Funk says:

    everything wrong with ready player one!!! please!!!

  2. Casterisk says:

    Ferdinand, like many films, has only one big sin; it was made in the first place. Such a sin is punishable by deletion in an ideal world.
    Edit: This movie has a second giant sin; *_A heinous waste of David Tennant._*

  3. Beatriz Lickfold says:

    “I’ve fallen and I can’t giddyup” is a GREAT pun how dare you

  4. Twinster *Ruize* says:

    No sin for horses dabbing?

  5. Good News Geek says:

    The character named Bones doesn’t get the doctor line because THE DOCTOR GETS THE DOCTOR LINE! How did you not get that??? Jeez, Jeremy

    • AtarahDerek says:

      They had to pick between two doctors. Bones lost, even though his name is a callback to the originator of that trope.

    • Jessica McAtarian says:

      Also that bit where Ferd licks his hair up is is not only a “cowlick” joke, but sure seems like s reference to David’s legendary hair.

  6. Mississippi WolfBlood says:

    I’m honestly surprised that he didn’t mention the dog, in the first beginning of the movie, the dog had heterachromia, (he had one blue eye and one brown eye) at the end of the movie he only had brown eyes.

  7. Dylan Applegate says:

    FALSE! NEVER too much Kate Mckinnon!

  8. Poptart Guy says:

    You missed a sin: the horses say that they’ll tell the humans if Ferdinand tries to escape. HOW.

  9. Bastarden says:

    This movie deserves some cred though, in that they cast so many ACTUAL latin-Americans/Spanish-speaking people in the roles.

    I was half expecting them to cast Adam Sandler as Ferdinand…

    • Slava Bosl says:

      but wait, they didn’t include asian people in the cast. does it mean they are racist?

    • ssholum says:

      Madison Wright
      “I don’t know I think those things are different. I think race can play a factor in a role. Especially live action ones. Like if there was a story about racism you would have a white person for that role. In a midwestern movie, you probably would not have Chinese people play that role. I do think to a curtain point race dose matter but again gereraly I don’t think it is a isue.”

      Why would you need a white person for a movie about racism? Only whites are racist now? Seems pretty racist.
      Why _wouldn’t_ you have a Chinese in an Old West movie? That would actually be historically accurate, unlike… most of the rest of them.

      While I think that race matters for live action movies, that’s only because it’s live-action (and even then, race is secondary to acting ability unless the race of the character is crucial to the story). VAs can be whatever as long as they can convincingly do the part. Or have you yet to have your childhood crushed by finding out that a lot of the young male characters of cartoons were (and still are) voiced by women?

    • lindalaveen says:

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    • Red Blue and Green's Daddy says:

      Not Adam Sandler but John Cena (should have billed him as Juan chena)

    • Golden Freddy 's Family diner says:

      Bastarden HAHAHHWHAHHA

  10. Red Ripple says:

    The little girls name is Nina? or should I say… NINOOOOOOO!

  11. TheReal Doge says:

    When will u do black panther

    • SHARE H!S V!S!0N says:

      probably when it comes out on dvd

    • Serena Buntin says:

      Black panther is um sinable

    • Kylie Peirce says:

      Serena Buntin People say it’s the first African American superhero movie, but it really wasn’t. And the actors are black, black people are ugly. Also, they are trying to hard to make it diverse and shit.

    • Slim Shady says:

      Kylie Peirce “And the actors are black, and black people are ugly…” that is kinda racist, no?

      Edit: If I’m wrong, please correct me. But I think it sounds rude.

  12. Sp1Te says:


  13. Thomas Boland says:

    When you meshined the movies that had animals driving you forgot Madagascar 3

  14. Cameron Patterson says:

    the final sin count ended up being 124. What happened to 3? *gasp* We dont speak of that.

  15. SRRN or BWM says:

    Finally! Someone actually used the word “sizeist”.

  16. Harristol Beniffer says:

    Ferdinand grew so big yet Nina didn’t grow at all

  17. SHARE H!S V!S!0N says:

    “What happened to tres?”
    *”We do not speak about tres”*

  18. do not fucking use this fucking account says:

    can you do storks next please?

    • calamitasCorvus says:

      i watched that atrocity when i was sick and it made me wish that whatever sickness i had would end my misery

  19. Old Genesys says:

    Why Spanish people have latin accents and latin music? there’s beautiful music in spain, this movie is so lazy

    • MistiKitti says:

      the developers and creators probably have no clue what Spain even is or looks like or it’s culture.

    • calamitasCorvus says:

      probably the same reason all slavs sound russian and all scandinavian countries sound german in the media.
      People don’t bother to do their research.

  20. Ben Sam says:

    Wasn’t the original Ferdinand story a 10 mins short film? How do you drag that out way over 90 mins? That’s like turning a short childrens book into a 500 mins trilogy…oh wait….

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