Everything Wrong With Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Everything Wrong With Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Back in 2001 they made an animated Final Fantasy movie that hardly resembled the games it was “based” on. Also it was kind of boring and muddled. So here are it’s sins!

Next week: Another video game movie & a 2015 hit film.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. James Caulpetzer says:

    you should have given it 100 sins just because they called it final fantasy

  2. masterofrockets says:

    you can find this movie in any garage sale

  3. Michael Ickes says:

    They need to do Deadpool

  4. Delaware Brooks says:

    11:07 He’s bleeding because he was shot by one of his comrades that ended
    up being killed.

    *Ding* sounds like that’s a sin for you.

  5. Who_Impala says:

    make a sins on I love you beth cooper

  6. Milraen GMAN says:

    i was reluctant to watch this video…. man that was awful lol not the sins
    but the movie. wow just wow

  7. Nothinbutlife says:

    Every thing wrong with

    The Darkness

  8. Dufferton Shire says:

    Is the doctor in this movie Cid or Sid? I’m assuming he is following the
    tradition of Cid scientist dudes form the games

  9. nicholas cordoba says:

    everything wrong with ff: Advent Children

  10. swati aayush says:

    Why do Sin Videos on Bad Old Movies Cinemasin?

  11. aeonax007 says:

    Wow coincidentally i just saw that movie again yesterday

  12. yo mama says:


  13. Randy Riggs says:

    11:05 Major Elliot was bleeding because he was shot. As the soldier on the
    left of the screen dies, his body jerks, and pulls the trigger as he falls,
    shooting Elliot.

  14. The Illusive Quarian says:

    I never touched any kind of Final Fantasy in my life, only got sneak peeks
    and fan art from here and there.
    And I never imagined Final Fantasy in a post apocalyptic world Resident
    Evil style.

  15. Davinder Kundi says:

    hahaha, i had totally forgotten about this movie, how dated does it look!
    Wonderfully amusing commentary!

  16. Selina Kyle says:

    So, nobody’s gonna say anything about James Woods a.k.a Hades from having a
    ZEUS canon? ok then…

  17. BIll Gamefan says:

    It’s spelled CID

  18. Luke Dias says:

    1:55 While Pete Docter helped him write the script, I still give Andrew
    Stanton more credit for WALL-E.

  19. Muscles Haters™ says:

    You have 420 videos right now.
    You oughta do something special you fucker.

  20. Ninh Nguyen Backup IV says:

    Make a sins video on The Happening!!!!