Everything Wrong With Goldfinger In 16 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Goldfinger In 16 Minutes Or Less

Before Skyfall came along and won the hearts of many Bond fans, Goldfinger was long considered one of the best Bonds–if not THE best. So we thought, with Kingsman: The Secret Service coming out, maybe it was time to spend some more time with Mr. Bond. Sure found plenty of sins though.

Next week: Some Oscar winners for you, in honor of… something… I can’t recall off the top of my head.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins do YOU want to see recounted?

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20 Responses

  1. Michał Skup says:

    Hotel staff has something called Master Key that can open all doors.

  2. phil chao says:

    i thought it said “goldmember”. fail..

  3. Steve Perrin says:

    I got the Beatles/earmuff joke.
    It made perfect sense so should not have been sinned.

  4. Sytse Durkstra says:

    You missed a sin with the decapitated statue – it is clearly not marble
    when the head hits the arm.

  5. Brazen Swagger says:

    Hahaha the history eraser button! I’m gunna go watch some ren and stimpy

  6. FredOWNZ says:

    how she smiles when she says ”i want him dead, he got my sister” is the
    worst piece of acting ive ever witnessed xD

  7. TheRatesMusic says:

    3:00 he meant ear muffs. Bond wouldn’t like the Beatles, bunch of
    long-haired janglers to him.

  8. ForeverUpSigns says:


  9. TimsebasseRecords says:

    Everything wrong with Diamond Fever

  10. kurt henning says:

    If/when you do other Bond films, don’t forget that other staple of 60s
    films: the ricocheting bullet–even if the bullets are fired while at sea.

  11. Nachtmahr Mond says:

    Can you do one for The Big Lebowski?

  12. Peter Blease says:

    Goldfinger’s dumbest move was to bother with his gold stealing plot, rather
    than making big business out of patenting and selling his lasers. The
    military, for one, would pay him ludicrous amounts of cash, yet he decides
    to go ahead with something as stupid as making a finite sum of money by
    forcing people to buy his gold? [Ding!!]

  13. LumosX says:

    Does… does this mean that we might see an “EWW: Moonraker” at some point?
    Pretty please, with sugar on top?…
    In my opinion, the Roger Moore films were the worst best Bond films ever.
    And Moonraker is… well… truly memorable.

  14. mosley022702 says:

    ricola ! epic !

  15. Mackbe89 says:

    You didn’t give a sin to, “skin suffocation?!” what the hell?

  16. Sam Carver says:

    Don’t slag off classic films that’s the golden rule, slag off any other
    film but not classics like this 

  17. Wolferine07 says:

    One of the best Cinema Sins videos, and easily one of the best sound byte

    The first one with the birds making that “my” sound–where is that from? I
    forget. I want to say it was a Pixar movie, like Finding Nemo or Up.

  18. crapcbm says:

    got no bloody clue …
    no new ideas, other really f*ck movies they really suck?
    CinemaSins now “everything wrong” …

  19. Stephen Saras says:

    5:25 we need one more sin. Is license plate AU 1. AU is the chemical symbol
    for GOLD! Seriously, need a sin for that.

  20. Joseph Jones says:

    Myth busters actually tested the tux-under-scuba-gear thing, and found it
    worked remarkably well.