Everything Wrong With I Robot In 14 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With I Robot In 14 Minutes Or Less

I, Robot. This is one of the most boring action movies about robots ever made. Of course it has sins. Duh.

Thursday: horror sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. Synthetic Reign says:

    8:48 Actually, the movie DOES have an explanation for that. Whenever the
    light is on, it’s uplinked to USR. *ding*

  2. Cloud Striker says:

    …”Why did the robot save him instead of the little girl?” Are you f*cking
    serious? He explains in this exact scene that the movie saved him because
    his chances of surviving was higher. Don’t sin sh*t that isn’t a sin!

  3. Tom5tom Entertainment says:

    This video needs to be remade by someone who actually watched I, Robot.

  4. De Loto says:

    If you’re going to watch a movie to rip it apart at least pay attention.
    This isn’t the first time, but it’s probably the most blatant example that
    whoever watched this didn’t fully understand the plot.

  5. Rise of Gaming says:

    seen how everyone is showing love for this movie I take it the sins here
    are pointless

  6. Makoto Mikami says:

    Am I the only one that’s noticed that the little girl in the accident and
    Spooner are driving in cars that would be considered obsolete in the
    setting of this movie? Also, Spooner mentions that the accident happened
    because a truck driver fell asleep, so what? Don’t these cars drive

  7. Michael Wright says:

    *sigh* Cinema sins. The older robots are not programmed to hate humans due
    to them not being controlled by the AI, and thus still work with the three
    robotic laws. I love cinema sins, but hate when they sin something without
    understanding it :(

  8. TheUltimateStunt says:

    Fuck. They couldn’t have seen *V for Vendetta* or *I am Legend* BECAUSE *I,

  9. Harvy B says:

    This was a very poorly made ‘Everything Wrong With’. 1/3 of the sins are
    not true if you actually pay attention to the film.

  10. Ross Toogood says:

    4:33 it’s not a hovering car

  11. Dan Cosme says:

    6:54 You severely consider hurting someone over this bullshit?

  12. Ayylien Dude says:

    Fuck… is this channel losing its quality. Wtf.

  13. Ollie says:

    This movie was my jam when I was little

  14. Teunice C says:

    Everyone complaining about the sins needs to go watch EWW CinemaSins,
    honestly. They said it themselves, they sin like assholes. This isn’t a
    serious review channel.

  15. MonkeyTurtle100 says:

    Really made up a few of these sins bro.. Idk man I’ve been here since 10k
    subscribers but I feel like about half of the sins are even sins anymore,
    just personal complaints..

  16. Hobo G says:

    sin#42 that is not a hovering car, it’s a car rolling on balls

  17. dracson237 says:

    I saw this movie again recently and I honestly think it deserves more love
    than it has gotten. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty far from perfect but it
    was entertaining and still has a high replay value. Also, this future feels
    more believable to me than in other movies for some reason.

  18. Elijah Mcdaniels says:

    am I one of the few people who liked this movie

  19. tigerlep hunter says:

    Je considere serieusement blesser quelqu’ un au sujet de cette connerie
    I consider seriously hurting someone about this bullshit

    Don’t thank me … thank google translate XD

  20. Imitation Infinity says:

    4:01 Did you just use “bloody” the British way?