Everything Wrong With Incredibles 2 In 16 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Incredibles 2 In 16 Minutes Or Less

This movie is awesome! It’s incredible! It’s… got plenty of sins! Here are all the sins we found in Incredibles 2.

Next week: A thing, and another thing.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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90 Responses

  1. The King of Nerds says:

    14 years to make a Damn movie!
    That right there should’ve been 14 sins!

    14 years, is that how long we have to wait for *INFINITY WAR!!*

    • Christopher Morton says:

      The King of Nerds considering Disney and Hollywood push out garbage sequels to cash in all the cash cows before they die of hoof and mouth disease, they deserve 14 sins off for not rushing out some awful story and giving us this absolutely fantastic sequel. Disney could learn that waiting for the right story matters more than whatever story their monkey crank out typing for a year on a million laptops. Kudos to Bird for waiting.

    • The King of Nerds says:

      +Çĺøřøx Błęäçh *NO* film is without sin!

    • Joshua Taylor says:

      Even the 4th movies trailer is out

    • UltraGamer says:

      It says this comment was made 14 hours ago…

    • Franz Bergström says:

      mmm infinity war has been out for like 7 months

  2. Aurelie Coursol says:

    In public: We’re the Parr family!
    *Puts their masks*

    • AlexanderThe Great says:

      +Kim Scott
      It’s not only the mask bit it’s also coupled with the fact they can be SEEN putting on the mask so even if the mask that covers just a tiny bit of the face worked it doesn’t make people looking at them forget. Like Violets BF he saw them anyone else looking will notice as well. Being honest the glasses aren’t that much of difference either speaking as fellow wearer as well. No one especially fukking Lois Lane who chases Superman for a living should be fooled 24/7 while working with him and sexing him because of glasses.
      Batman’s mask is a real mask no one’s recognizing off of chin alone lol.

    • EG:UK says:

      Superman put on a pair of glasses ?

    • Kisuke Urahara says:


    • 5am666 says:

      Why does Elastigirl even need a mask. She could make herself taller/shorter, rearrange her cheekbones / facial features, lengthen or shorten her hair, even change her gender. If she made herself look like one of those Grey alien, she wouldn’t need a suit.

    • Joseph Weydemann says:

      Glasses worked for Superman a simple mask hid the Lone Ranger

  3. ChocolateAsian9000 says:

    Jack Jack would make a great villain. ?

  4. Samuel York says:

    Her goal was to make the public hate superheroes, in a country where it’s illegal to be a superhero, because the public hates super heroes. In order to do so, she gets a super hero, puts into action a plan to make the public like superheroes again, and then sabotages that plan so it will fail. I guess just to remind people why they hate super heroes.

    I’m not sure how well thought out this movie was.

    • Fishy Justice says:

      I keep seeing this but here’s the deal: The girl’s brother was the one who wanted to make superheroes legal. It’s hinted in their conversations that the girl doesn’t agree with her brother on this. The guy’s loud outburst about “strongly disagreeing” hints at a series of very heated arguments between the two. She see’s her brother’s plan, and concocts her own counter-plan.

      I’m not a big fan of this movie, but her plan made enough sense.

    • TheCarbonBit says:

      Jacks powers will settle down and he’ll lose most as he grows

    • Jack Wee says:

      Fishy Justice Doesn’t the incredibles 2take place right after Incredibles 1, where the Incredibles literally saved the whole city from a rampaging robot, and yet somehow she still wants to make supers even more illegal? And plus the way she did it was to put freaking obvious af goggles on the heroes. Any normal person would have guessed that they were mind controlled

    • OHCAM5 says:

      she wanted to make superheroes suffer what better way to do that than lifting them up and tearing them down again

    • Ace says:

      This movie was ass

  5. Ryan theblaziken101 says:

    It’s about time you made this and wait I’ll be right back

    (Shouts in distance)
    “Honey where’s my supersuit “

  6. Dan Issel says:

    The movie doesn’t take place in 1962, there was another newspaper that said 2002. Also, Brad Bird(director) said that it didn’t take place In the 60s . That was just a stylistic choice.

    • Eetu Halmela says:

      what about the phones thought

    • J.B Newcomer says:

      The 2002 date was supposed to be a Pixar reference (it was like the date of when they built a new studio or something ) There were way more newspapers that have dates from the 40s, 50s and 60s with only one that had a date from 2002 (plus the first movie shows old cars, and during the broadcast with the man who attempted suicide the reporters behind him and his Attorney have 40s style cameras). Brad Bird also said that the movie’s style is based on what people envisioned for the future in technology during the 1940’s (so what they thought they could have in the sixties).

    • stevieboi says:

      +MrCfitz 123 We blow me. I guess I should sin myself. *ding*

    • Kellen Ruppee says:

      He literally said it was a stylistic choice. And then you all commented on the style of things as basis for your argument. HE LITERALLY. JUST. SAID IT. Y’all really dropping the fucking ball out here

    • A. Rose says:

      The movie doesn’t have a specific date actually. The point of the multiple styles was to create a movie that would Age well and couldn’t be pinned down (and therefore rendered obsolete) to a specific era

  7. Jay Naik says:

    Do the Avengers: Infinity war next..

  8. Robert Hosford says:

    I hate sequels that act like the first one never happened

    • Çĺøřøx Błęäçh says:


    • nolastname says:

      which isn’t the case here. Most of the action and further consequences are more limited in the first movie. After the superhero ban, Bob only fight in costume on the island and the climax with syndrome is just one day in one city. it was big but not major. After that I will agree on a small problem of where they live between their house destruction and the motel (either unclear or plot hole). Like Helen said, things where different on the Island and part the point of the sequel is to expend on that.

    • Past me says:

      Robert Hosford yeah I can understand that, but that usually happens when you’ve been too far away from a movie, show, art piece, comic, etc. because people often forget what made the original the way it was, and how they used to do it, so they usually experiment and stick to the formula but try to do it better than the original, but I feel like it should have been edited more to look like it’s own thing, this is a common mistake every artists and writers make, which I can’t blame them, it’s way harder to see the flaws in your own work than it is to see the flaws in someone else’s work.

  9. HEROSAM12 says:

    At least this movie was on *PARR* with the first one

    I’ll leave…

  10. Lion O Cyborg says:

    Good Bruce Almighty reference in the end gags.

  11. Ryan Groman says:

    He didn’t mention a single thing about how THICC she is

  12. Joe Tairei says:

    This was the sequel that shouldn’t have been made. The Incredibles was a great movie. Incredibles 2 is a lame, mediocre, formulaic followup that uses the same characters (though, a couple of new voices) yet lacks all the sparkle and fun of the original. I wish they had just left it. Or maybe done a prequel. I couldn’t even enjoy the Cinema Sins because he actually sounds excited about many parts of this movie.

    • Joshua Channing says:

      Well..lightning rarely ever strikes twice. At least they listened to the fans that demanded a sequel. It’s nearly impossible to replicate an original formula without being cliche or predictable. The problem is they TRIED to outperform the original and when you try to recapture the magic, it usually fails. The magic from the original happened on accident.

    • Jack Wee says:

      Joshua Channing but what was worse was that we as the audience could have come up with more interesting plot points and a stronger continuity than whatever the movie portrayed

    • Ace says:

      +Joshua Channing nah the problem was they used the “supers are illegal” theme again but it didn’t work.

  13. London Dorsey says:

    Mr. Incredible did not seem super strong at all in this movie.

  14. mightywizard says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t sin the fact that Tony looks completely different than he did in the first movie!!!

  15. Tracer Bullet says:

    Apparently a lot of people liked this movie but honestly I was super unimpressed

  16. Vedder Sloane says:


  17. Joshua Park says:

    The underminer was more interesting than Screensaver. I wouldn’t have minded watching a movie about that instead

  18. Stomp Chunkman says:

    Great action scenes aside, I didn’t like this movie. It was really paint-by-numbers, the villain suffers from recent Disney how it’s someone you totally don’t expect (she was obvious to be the bad chick), and Mr. Incredible’s jealousy felt really forced, like it was an excuse to put Elasthiccgirl in the spotlight, repeating the same beats as the first movie but with Helen. Even before they were married, Helen was already doing her thing on her own, so where is this jealousy coming from? It’s not like having a big ego or wanting the spotlight for him was a flaw from Bob.

    • perrymkwii says:

      ​+squarebear619 Firstly I wasn’t talking to you so fuck off.
      Secondly, the other points aren’t worth answering because it’s random bashing for no reason.

    • perrymkwii says:

      +I-Player huh, i don’t get the joke.

    • I-Player says:

      Your name man.

    • Ana'ira Muirés says:

      “Random bashing for no reason”? Yoooou do realize this is a Cinema Sins video right?

      Anyway, not here to stir up comment drama, there were a lot of issues with this movie and I wanna discuss it. The characters especially.
      Violet lost her confidence arch from the first movie, Dash is no longer curious as hell and adorably cocky about everything, Bob becomes a stereotypical “bad at dadding” dad even though he was shown to be quite capable as a parent in the first, Helen ends up ignoring her family more and is doing the very thing that she scolded Bob for in the first movie, and the worst yet is that the family’s unity was stripped away for gags. And the fact that they make the family unaware that Jack Jack had powers is ridiculously stupid. The “twist villain” was ridiculously easy to predict, the plot was broken and it just feels insulting to the first. Everything in that movie meant something, every little detail and scene ends up being important to the beautifully orchestrated ending, there wasn’t anything randomly thrown in. But this movie had a lot of stupid stuff happening that just didn’t matter at the end. Violet doesn’t even bother with Tony anymore, Helen and Bob don’t even discuss his random jealousy, and it doesn’t do anything with the final fight so that was pointless, then there was the Jack Jack scene which was only there to make the kids laugh. But as I said before, the characters were the biggest disappointment in this movie. Even the Underminer was downplayed! He declared war on “peace and happiness” in the first and now they’re telling me that all he was gonna do was rob a bank? And the ending pissed me off, trying to act clever for ripping off the ending of the first. The Underminer was a threat to everyone, so the whole family was going to fight him as a stronger unified team (at least that’s what the ending implied), but now they’re just going to follow a robber? All of them? Why? Violet was so centered around Tony this whole time and now she ditches him to chase a simple robber that would only take one of them to stop? Why bring Jack Jack? Why not have Helen follow the robber while Bob and the kids do something? Or just let the police handle it? They’ve just become adrenaline junkies. Not to mention all the clicheees. This became any other super hero movie and honestly I’m thoroughly disappointed. I’m sick of all of these stupid sequels and live action remakes that don’t even realize *why* the movies were so beloved in the first place. Disney and Pixar films were my favorite movies, but if they keep this shit up everyone is going to stop watching them. Even die hard fans like me

    • Zerodayz says:

      +Ana’ira Muirés Yeah, those are great points. Another thing I disliked is how in the first movie, they made Bob realize how doing everything by himself and ignoring his family was a mistake and while Helen does the exact same thing in this movie, they act like it’s no biggie. It doesn’t make sense. She doesn’t even apologize for it, even though she was the one who was just about ready to kill Bob for doing pretty much the exact same thing she does in this movie. She never gets the chance to redeem herself, and even worse, the movie acts like there’s nothing she did wrong.

  19. Bryan J says:

    Over the hedge joke was good

  20. ashtonimore says:

    First movie is like one of my top movies of all time and this definitely didn’t match up at all. Sooooo many issues :/

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