Everything Wrong With Jack Reacher In 13 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Jack Reacher In 13 Minutes Or Less

Jack Reacher is such a bad-ass he PUNCHED his way to a sequel. And given said sequel is upon us at last… we went looking for sins in his original adventure.

Thursday: Horror sins! Ah–Satan!

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. SleepingStorms7 says:

    Wait when did this film come out

  2. Skeptical_penguin says:

    isnt this coming out soon

  3. Dark Humor says:

    Geez posted 9 minutes ago and I’m still not first D:

  4. DefinitelyNotYakra says:

    I know nothing about Jack Reacher, but I have to ask: was Tom Clancy in
    some way involved in creating this character? Because this schlock would be
    right up his alley

  5. Lost Potato says:

    Saw that this video was uploaded, clicked it, found it interesting and
    realized I have not watched this movie. Paused at 35 seconds in the video,
    watched the entire movie, resumed the video and enjoyed myself thoroughly.
    Thank you
    Have a nice day

  6. rolf778 says:

    Been a real fan for this channel, one thing I don’t get is that, nearly
    every hater in the comment section has a Hispanic last name. Hernandez,
    Gonzalez, Afonso… Is it because Hispanic fellows really don’t know what
    humor means or they are just plain slow?

  7. davincent98 says:

    i got an ad for jack reacher before this

  8. Derek McGowan says:

    it got a sin for Jump Around? That sound was awesome.. pack it up pack it
    in, let me begin, i came to win battle me thats a sin!

  9. Emilio Reyes says:

    C’mon you gotta give some credit for the awesome fight scenes.

  10. spacesandshark says:

    I don’t know, I feel like he’s kinda reaching in this video.

  11. Rafael Alódio says:

    When a movie has less than 100 sins you know it is not that bad.

  12. Gavin Chevrolet says:

    How is there no sin for destroying a 69 Chevelle

  13. Alex Knochel says:

    Having lived in Pittsburgh my whole life, it is totally reasonable for
    traffic to be stopped in a tunnel for no reason

  14. Tim Crowder says:

    I seriously want to see them mash up an entire movie like they do at the
    end of these vids.

  15. GCA Gaming says:

    Can u do evrything wrong with HOLES

  16. DiscoKitten5 says:

    Jack Reacher mustve known the corleones or something cuz he’s got the
    consegliere on his side

  17. Duck gon says:

    Everything wrong with little panda fighter!

  18. Daniel Irwin says:

    McQuarrie remains the only film director to competently direct Jai

  19. Daniel Collins says:

    At my local gun range, they shoot guns for about 30 minutes, then they lock
    their guns in their car and drink beer and talk about guns. So yea, I could
    believe that guys aren’t shooting at a gun range all the time.

  20. david woodward says:

    Too many LOLz – Such a by the numbers movie, yet redeemed by this takedown