Everything Wrong With Jaws in 9 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Jaws in 9 Minutes Or Less

Yeah… we went there. In celebration of Finding Dory’s release, we went looking for sins in Jaws, because… you know… shark. Thin connection maybe, but whatever. That’s all we need.

Next week: 90’s sci-fi and a sci-fi classic.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. LaRee Low says:

    The “milk” is Alka Seltzer. It was a stomach medicine.

  2. Kaylee Umstead says:

    Sin Deadpool nexttt

  3. joel ezekkiah says:

    CinemaSins take 42 seconds to start the sin counter
    me : 1 , cinema sins : 0

  4. Joachim Dadet says:

    This is my favorite movie of all time.

  5. Nieznajomy43 says:

    anyone remember the title of the book that Jeremy advertised quite a long
    time ago? No, I’m not talking about his book. :)

  6. DeathTatertots says:

    Everything wrong with captain America : Civil war

  7. DaBoss - Gaming & More says:


  8. foreverbacon 69 says:

    cinemasins should do “drag me to hell”

  9. John Rambo says:

    It’s not a glass of milk water, it’s an Alka Seltzer in water for his
    hangover, one sin removed.

  10. rockjockcanada says:

    Please do Gods of Egypt next. I just watched it over the weekend and it’s a
    hot, sloppy mess. Just a bunch of Anglo-Saxons stomping through fields of
    green screen that are almost annihilated by a space worm. No, seriously.

  11. Zia Cassimjee says:

    Do The Shining (1980) !!!!!

  12. electric chiken says:

    3:22 you missed the fact that there is a clearly visible camera crew in the
    water on a boat.

  13. Zip Zee says:

    Do Deadpool please.

  14. The only precious metal Ammo says:

    this is just a waste of toober hard drive space FUK’n Dumb!

  15. Chana Lerner (Chan) says:

    Can you do Tarzan? Or Mulan?

  16. QWERTYIEST says:

    Now you see me 2 next

  17. supersonicspeed6 says:

    You guys are waaaaaay late.

  18. cabbievonbump says:

    And it only too this “Gentlemen” 40 years to notice the problems.

  19. Heather P says:

    What is that last bit from? “I never knew my father!”….it sounds like it
    is from a movie I should know…like Monty Python….

  20. TaverensPull says:

    HOLY SHIT! 50 Sins! That’s gotta be the lowest sin tally on this channel.