Everything Wrong With John Wick In 12 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With John Wick In 12 Minutes Or Less

The original John Wick was a surprise hit with stylish visuals and a high body count. With the sequel on the way soon, we decided to go looking through the first Wick pic for sins. As usual, we found some.

Next week: A pair of recent action sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. Advent3546 says:

    Can we all agree on what a goddamn national treasure Keanu Reeves is?

  2. The Chezchise says:

    This should be like 75-85 sins most of it was nitpicking bs but it’s cool

  3. CrackaDon says:

    So, pretty good movie, right?

  4. Phong Trần says:

    If he shot the assasin chick then it would violate the hotel rules,which
    will cause more trouble for John

  5. xingcat says:

    “What sex club has showers and locker rooms?”

    Well….all of them? Cinema Sins guy seems a bit vanilla.

  6. Ozymandias says:

    If Dafoe shot the female assassin, instead of warning Wick. He would have
    broken the rules of the continental.

  7. GODOFGUITAR2112 says:

    For the “John Wick shoots like a Storm Trooper” sin; glass deforms bullets,
    so shooting accurately through glass is almost impossible.

  8. thejuhlerofdk says:

    There is only one thing wrong with this movie and it is that the dog dies.
    Everything else is perfect.

  9. Omar Guillen says:

    Sinning an emotional attachment to a dog? That’s such a stereotypical cat
    person move.

  10. Kyle G says:

    0:58 So I learned this last year at my grandfather’s funeral. But the
    funeral home actually provided umbrellas for the funeral and they were of
    course black…so maybe it’s a justified/real life thing and not just a
    movie trope.

  11. Seven Fifty Five says:

    Killing the cute puppy immediately gives the movie ten billion sins

  12. Danyal Mohammad says:

    Would you bring a pink polka dot umbrella with yellow stripes to a funeral?

  13. RapidReaperJohn says:

    Usually love these videos but this one was full on nit picking with no
    humor and not enough awsome parts being aknolledged.

  14. Logan Boice says:

    He goes to nitpicking to off topic.

  15. Oh NO! I said my Opinion!?! says:

    I feel like the things that should be sinned, you don’t. The things that
    should have a sin removed, you skip. So you go with the dumbest shit
    possible to sin like… His wife dies and you sin the people who are at her
    wake… and her giving him a dog.

    What happened to the cinemasins that sinned incorrect information, plot
    holes, the fucking amount of lights and orange shit in a room? Not this
    stupid took him a lot of Sledgehammer swings to get in a concrete fucking

  16. dragondov says:

    To be fair, a lot of these sins can be removed by paying attention to the
    plot and by applying common sense.

  17. Ekaf Eman (Sim) says:

    Of course Viggo had John Wicks number. John used to work for him. At least
    watch the movie. Furthermore, no sins removed for one of the FEW shoot’em
    up movie NOT to rely on jump cuts AND shakey cam?

  18. Chris Benson says:

    Anyone else notice the protagonist actually reloads?

  19. LittlePinkElephants says:

    you don’t use a pillow to quite a point blank gun shot to someone’s head.
    you use it to keep from getting blood and brains all over yourself

  20. Captain Canada says:

    I enjoy the majority of CinemaSins videos and understand part of the joke
    is nitpicking. But this one had so many blatantly incorrect sins that
    appear to be the result of you not paying attention.

    For example, your sin about “random club henchman kicking John’s ass” makes
    no sense.

    1. That’s not a random henchman, it’s clearly demonstrated multiple times
    throughout the movie that he’s the head of the sons security team.
    Logically he’s a much more skilled and experienced fighter than typical

    2. It’s less than 48 hours after John was severely beaten, survived a hit
    squad assault on his home AND he’s just fought his way through dozens of
    mob club guards. OBVIOUSLY he is not performing at his best.

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