Everything Wrong With Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Everything Wrong With Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

This freaking movie. This movie is infuriating. Unless all you want are dinosaurs roaring and a whole bunch of action baloney and recycled moments from better films in the franchise. Here are all the sins we found in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Next week: some scary sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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72 Responses

  1. Webb says:

    8:24 pfff its 5 digits, basically impenetrable

  2. Boss Man says:

    100sins for that entire Jimmy Fallon skit last movie about how the gyro sphere glass can resist a fifty caliber bullet but the Owen just shoots holes through the same glass, underwater.

  3. Niko Delmedico says:

    I have…never seen you this legitimately rustled at a movie before

  4. Michel van der Linden says:

    man your hatred for this movie is just seething through my screen. I dont think Ive heard so much hatred in your voice since Pete and the Dragon (or whatever that abomination was called).

    Excellent, you may be a Sith Lord yet.

    • sonnic1995 says:

      Which also featured Bryce Dallas Howard, i wonder how she lands in so many bad movies, spider man 3, twilight, lady in the water, Terminator salvation, the village… she’s really good in black mirror tho

    • James Relich says:

      Actually, Cinema Sins sinned the original Pete’s Dragon from the 70s. Bryce Dallas Howard was in the remake, which, to my knowledge, they haven’t sinned.

    • Obiwan Kenobi says:

      Nah fam we already got him

  5. Testy lmoa says:

    Why’s the quality so low?

  6. Josh Jimison says:

    He forgot the fact the way you controlled indoraptor is by pointing a gun at the person you want to die. You can just shoot the gun! you do not need the super expensive unnecessary and dangerous dinosaur when you have a gun pointed at the person you want to kill.

  7. Stelio Macumbe says:

    Why are people asking for Inifinity War, when the Justice League sin video hasn’t come out yet?

    • R.J. Penfold says:

      +fight_and_die 157 so why sin it and ruin the movie magic for yourself?

    • JeremyCuddles says:

      fight_and_die 157 All the more reason we should be asking for a worse movie to be sinned. People bitch and complain when he sins good movies cause he has to “reach” for legitimate sins but constantly ask for them all the same.

    • Liam Warner says:

      It hasn’t? I could have sworn I watched one where they sinned Justice League. I remember something about Aquaman walking into the water then in the next scene being standing there looking at Batman and definatley something about the CGI moustachless grimace of unnaturalness, there was something on Cyborg’s weapon firing at Clark because he looked at it funny. Some mention of them all except 2 mentioning that trying to bring Clark back was a bad idea then doing it anyway. A sin for them all vanishing when Gordon turns his back but the Flash fastest man alive not noticing them leaving. Are you SURE we haven’t had a justice league sins video and it got taken down because the more I think about it the more I remember. So either there was one or I watched a review that was paying omage to cinemasins.

    • Bugsy ! says:

      fight_and_die 157
      But it’s cinema sins…. bad movies should be first

    • Some Guy says:

      Cuz Justice League will take a while to get all the sins together. Infinity War shouldn’t be. Justice League was also a far worse film.

  8. Brian Dupuis says:

    I love it when Jeremy clearly hates the movie, especially when I also hate the movie. One of my absolute favourites on this channel, that was a delight through and through

  9. argentinasoccerman says:

    I’ve watched CinemaSins for years now, and I’ve just found my new favorite sin… @9:08 B.D. WONG!!!!!!

  10. Leandra Montano says:

    How come no one is talking about how the lock to the endo raptor’ s cage is a latch. Literally that thing is a carnivorous killing machine.If they would of put good security on the cage the stupid thing wouldn’t have gotten lose.

    • Celeste Woodworth says:

      Honestly, people. You yourself said it was ΓΌber smart. Raccoons are dumber than humans, which the dinosaur is just as smart as if not smarter, and they could EASILY open that cage. How exactly did Wong get his degree, again?

    • Howya Doin says:

      This movie is just filled with stupidity….

  11. barsondor says:

    360p? what is this a year 2000 video?

  12. Jax T says:

    haha ‘Blue McClain” really made me laugh.

  13. john gonzalez says:

    360p? why tho?

    • penguin44ca says:

      Seems youtube is having issues with it rendering. On many smart tv it just says invalid format. I know another popular tuber had posted a video and it took 8 hours to render.

      Updated, I’m still getting 360 only.

  14. AwolCorndog Gamez says:

    Am I the only one that only got the option of 360p?

  15. Rick Man says:

    But fortune cookies don’t always have fortunes. They often have vague affirmations of the reader’s character.

  16. Tommy M says:

    The worst part about this movie was how hard they tried to drive a “strong badass woman” character home with the young asian doctor girl, and she didn’t do anything remotely cool or badass the whole movie. Her character, along with the young black kids character, could have been removed from this movie completely and nothing would be different. They contributed nothing to the movie at all besides one of them being comic relief and the other one being blatant virtue signaling to appear “woke”. I don’t get how either of those characters whole existence didn’t get infinite sins.

    • Celeste Woodworth says:

      I honestly expected the black kid to die, at the very least.

    • Tommy M says:

      +HelloMsAnny Wow, you immediately jumped to the kind of virtue signaling I was talking about in my initial comment. You’re missing my whole point, it doesn’t matter that the girl was asian or that the kid was black, those are just the descriptions I used because I forgot their characters names. And I’m all for POC in movies, I’m hawaiian, white, and black, but this wasn’t representation at all, it was complete bullshit. Neither of the characters I mentioned had any character development, backstory, or depth. POC need REAL roles in movies, not the clown that screams every 3 minutes because “hahahahaha omg black kid scream funny like girl lol” or an asian girl as a doctor of some sort (really breaking those stereotypes) and forcing her to be the “strong woman” type when she didn’t do anything to prove she’s a strong woman character. You’re defense of this tells me that you don’t actually care about POC getting actual important roles in movies, you’re just trying to be woke.

    • Bent Ice says:

      HelloMsAnny oh my Jesus had to fucking blame white people, β€œDAMN YOU WHITE PEOPLE FOR MAKING THESE OTHER SKIN COLORED CHARACTERS SUCK!!!” Like do you even listen to yourself? Like really? The only new person that is white that also lived and had some meaning to the plot was the little girl! The Asian and the black dude are alright, so in a sense, they were more diverse! But you think that β€œomg this is so racist” and if you think they are racist due to how useless and terrible their characters are think again, because the little white girl is a worse character that is so irritating, and just added filler in a sense, like CLONED!?!?? It hurts how you can tie this to white people like they are just villains!

    • Adam Fernandes says:

      +HelloMsAnny Snowflake alert!

    • ThatRipOff says:

      It didn’t get infinite sins because Jeremy is exactly the type to eat that shit up.

  17. Astronovi says:

    I KNEW I WASN’T THE ONLY ONE GETTING SEVERELY PISSED AT HIM NOT BEING ANGRY AT HER EVEN THINKING TO RELEASE THOSE DINOS! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was getting triggered the whole movie, but that right there sent me into FUMING territory since Owen throughout the entire movie was portrayed as a man who loves animals, but knows when NOT to push his luck since these animals are KNOWN to be extremely dangerous. I almost walked out (too bad we paid for it in the theater and probably couldn’t get a refund by then), and THEN WHEN THAT LITTLE GIRL PRESSED THAT BUTTON AND NOOOBODY GOT MAD AT HER OR REPREMANDED HER VERBALLY, I MENTALLY STARTED SCREAMING INTO ANOTHER DIMENSION! NOBODY GOT MAD AT HER OR ANYTHING ALTHOUGH THEY, FOR NOT STOPPING HER, JUST BECAME RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF THOUSANDS OF HOWEVER MANY PEOPLE THOSE DINOS KILL UNTIL THE GOVERNMENT HANDLES IT.

  18. Lazarus Gallagher says:

    You were on a rampage, dude. Seriously one of my favorites in a minute.

  19. grey galah says:

    This proves my theory: the worse the film, the better the CinemaSins.

  20. Erlend Andenæs says:

    Biggest missed sin for me: There are maybe fifty dinosaurs that escape the mansion at the end. What do you call a species with only fifty specimens left in the world? Critically endangered, that’s what. And those dinosaurs are:
    1) Not even of the same species.
    2) Not adapted to the climate (Isla Nublar has a massively different climate than northern California – the existence of winters, for one).
    3) More than possibly not adapted to the plant and animal life available as food.
    4) Possibly the coolest trophies any amateur hunter could display on his mantlepiece, meaning there would be a lot of people seeking to kill them just for the bragging rights.
    5) Already proven to be able to be hunted down and collected by a small company of mercenaries with small-arms weapons (literally the first act of the movie), meaning that 4) is a major concern even if you don’t take the military into account.

    So yeah, if cold, hunters or starvation wasn’t already certain to kill them all off in half a year or less, in-breeding would ensure there wouldn’t be more than a couple more dinosaur generations at most. Releasing them into the world from northern California would be a global threat on the same scale as a dozen crocodiles escaping from a zoo in northern Finland.

    Do I expect the next movie to take this into account? Not even remotely. Probably, there will suddenly be thousands of them running around, perfectly adapted to any and every ecosystem.

    • Erlend AndenΓ¦s says:

      Rats without fur, and with tiny bodies that generate little heat, but whose surface is large enough to radiate quite a lot away. They’d be screwed in winter too, but I guess some of them could make it south before that happens. Either way, there’s still too few of them to re-populate a species, they’d succumb to in-breeding even if they found an environment they could thrive in.

    • Caity G says:

      they’re all females though. they can’t even breed.

    • jake shearer says:

      i wonder how long it’ll take them to go EXTINCT again?

    • SpaceGamer X says:

      Hahah so true!! Id be more afraid of Dino pox than anything.

    • Anthony Thanghe says:

      Caity G β€œLife finds a way.”

      Seriously though, at this point you would think that InGen (or whatever it is called now) fixed the changing gender problem so that Jurassic Park problem doesn’t happen.

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