Everything Wrong With Justice League In 24 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Justice League In 24 Minutes Or Less


Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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47 Responses

  1. Boss Man says:

    Between Wonder Woman’s speed and Superman The Flash is utterly useless

    • Sanjib Sarkar says:

      +wisdom is key He is tho,idk if ur joking or not.

    • darynu says:

      +Kush Patel I think he is mostly talking about in the terms of this movie. Of course in the comics, flash keeps the JL from turning against each other, but theres no reason for us to think that in this movie. Nobody really knows him, and while he is good for morale, they wouldn’t just start killing each other if he wasnt there. Plus this movie really undermines his powers at every turn, so why even include him, speaking from a cinematic standpoint, he is a redundant character, and everything he does could have been done by other characters. Even the electricity thing could’ve just been some bat-gadget.

    • Jason Yang says:

      Everyone except superman was useless. This movie was retarded

    • Mira Fisher Gomley says:

      Where do you live since flash is faster then the both of them

    • wisdom is key says:

      +Sanjib Sarkar no I’m not joking do you kno who the fucking silver surfer is? You really not bout to even compare a cosmic being to a really fast human. He beats him on all levels… speedforce wouldn’t work on him cause he is just as fast plus surfer can enter the time stream under his own speed

  2. Kamaway3 says:


  3. The King of Nerds says:

    Do teen titans go to the movies next while your @ it!


  4. Li-Li Mandragon says:

    Ya know, after Wonder Woman and Aquaman, I honestly believe so long as Superman or Batman aren’t in the movie… *it’s a good DC film.*

    • Ezel Francisco says:

      Can you blame them? Supes and Batsy has a lot of movies already. Every version is scrapping the bottom of the barel as it is. They are getting less and less new things to add.
      Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, and Aquaman at least has less movies, so there’s less chance of them accidentally copying the previous versions

    • ComicWriter 2020 says:

      Li-Li Mandragon that’s a damn shame but at the same time, it’s good. We finally get to see other hero’s after almost 2 full decades of Batman. Oh I’m sorry, almost 3 full decades of Batman AND 1 Superman live action movie.

    • Alex says:

      +OmegaKingHyperionPX9 YOU are boring as shit, one random idiot said that years ago, now every idiot rides in the bandwagon, it’s like creating a new slang, all of a sudden everyone is saying the same shit, just for the “I’m cool” effect, without having any sense to it.

    • Aditya Dandwate says:

      Adam A The Dark Knight is the best DC film. But if you are talking about DCEU, the best one is Man of Steel. WW was a decent film with a half baked plot and awkward dialogues. The only reason for its praise was that they made female superhero movie that didn’t totally suck, and that’s saying something.

    • Aditya Dandwate says:

      Ezel Francisco Bats and Supes have so much comic potential, with so many Villains like deathstroke, Riddler, Darkseid etc. barely unlocked. They will always remain THE superheroes.

  5. Sabre says:

    21:03 while I understand that sin it is extremely annoying

  6. A normal Guy says:

    Jeremy: “Teen Titans No.”
    This my favorite Cinema Sins moment ever.

  7. Joan Ciao says:

    jesus christ is this the longest cinemasins ever? great job

  8. Blanche's Lesbian Lover says:

    I promise…PROMISE…Aquaman movie is astronomically better than Justice League. Still, that’s not saying much and CinemaSins is going to have a field day with it too.

  9. Tim says:

    I hate how they made flash in this movie period

  10. Daryl Duke says:

    Mother box lol. Also please do peppermint (2018)

  11. FrostyDX says:

    “Also DC Comics” *DING*


  12. GameTitan74 says:

    To put it simply, everything.

  13. NROPL says:

    “Looks like amber heard a noise” legendary.

  14. Rakesh Roy says:

    hahaha The All Spark, The Tesseract….the rabbits foot…..?????????


    The Flashes running stance


  16. Fire Princess Reviews says:

    I’m sure this won’t get read, but I literally obsess over comics so I’m here to do my job.

    Wonder Woman is one of the few characters who has fought with Superman and fought him to a standstill. She is at least as strong as he is, on some level. And has a whole arsenal of knowledge from her Amazonian training that would allow her to get past Bruce’s security system.

    Aquaman not only talks to fish and swims fast, he has enhanced durability and strength, and aquakinesis. While not as strong as Superman or Wonder Woman, he’s still a pretty tough guy.

    Superman is not as fast as The Flash. You’re just looking at a Barry Allen who hasn’t tapped into the depths of the speed force. A properly seasoned Barry Allen can perform an infinite mass punch, which in case you couldn’t guess is a punch that has infinite mass due to velocity it travels.

    So there you go.

  17. Tony Vill says:

    The engineer in me was quaking when a freaking apartment complex was flying, flying aside putting all that mass/weight on a small point doesn’t equal fly it equals collapse!

    • Mikkel Jensen says:

      +Вал Бал Look at the shot. Superman has the building on his arms. If it all was telekinetecs, he could be lying on top of the building, relaxing or taunting the Flash.

    • Ion Pulse says:

      Nah I remember reading something that said he emits a type of field that allows him to fly and he can project it onto other objects. For example in Man of Steel, during his first flight, you can see small debris floating around him before take off. It was the same with Zods armor during the last battle too. Overall, Zach did a fucking terrible job with the franchise, but the powers displayed by the characters were pretty on point in my opinion.

    • Tyrell says:

      Ion Pulse could not have said it better myself

    • keeganshigh says:

      You’re a pompous douche bag.

  18. M I S T E R G R A Y says:

    Best 2 scenes of this movie was The Flash going against Superman and Deathstroke/Lex Luthor ending. Saw it in theaters and thought it was solid. Watching it again at home…not so much.

    • Trevor Reznik says:

      After seeing the end credit scene I was genuinely curious what Luthor was up to. His personality alone in those few seconds was more interesting than anything I saw in the two-hour movie before it.

    • サツッピミク says:

      i almost sleep half through the movie… lol

  19. Miranda Summerset says:

    The CGI mustache…. Wtf lol

  20. Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun says:

    *You should probably minus a scene when Batman meets the Flash during the BLACKPINK scene*
    *just sayin*

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