Everything Wrong With Men In Black In 16 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Men In Black In 16 Minutes Or Less

In honor of the 20th anniversary of Men In Black, we decided to go digging for sins. Found some, but this movie is still awesome.

Next week: 2 ridiculous action movies about 10 years apart.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. Evan Morgoch says:

    12:45 J clearly says “He’s in a cab’, not in “the” cab.

  2. centaur900 says:

    Powar Kyxhr – it similar to russian “РОШАЯ КУХНЯ”. First word is a half of the word “ХОРОШАЯ” which means “good” and the second one “КУХНЯ” means “kitchen” or “cuisine”. It’s a bit of a stretch, but after they put “Rob, Kill, Fuck a goose” on a russian fire alarm in video game… xD

  3. Aliyah Harrison says:

    You should do
    1) Bolt
    2) BFG
    3) Mulan
    4) Aladdin
    5) Beauty and the beast
    Comment any other ideas you have or like if you agree

  4. Avery Fields says:

    Well, if I recall correctly, doesn’t Edgar state that he’s going to need a snack along the way? I thought that’s why he was dragging Dr. Weaver along.

  5. John Tumahab says:

    Not only was the Earth known to not be flat way before 500 years ago, Eratosthenes of Egypt made a shockingly-close-to-the-actual-value estimate of the circumference of the Earth using the Lighthouse of Alexandria and a well back around 240 BC. …A bit off topic but I can’t resist sharing a slice of scientific history.

  6. Moon Moon says:

    9:11 look at the background

  7. Rafa Coprimo says:

    at 13:13 doesn’t he says she is like a snack because of the long trip he’ll have?

    Sorry for my bad english i’m from brasil

  8. /X/EN says:

    You sinned an unpolluted night sky 🙁

  9. Stack Man says:

    10:40 The Alien was trying to say “Orion’s Bell”, but J rudely interrupted him.

  10. poisonhemlock says:

    “…increase the visible stars”? Have you… never been on a country road on a clear night? Not even once? You should.

  11. Jacob Logan says:

    to sin cinema sins I’ll answer the why did bug Edgar bring the morgue lady.

    he clearly stated “it’s a long trip I’ll need a snack” plushe had her drive him to the world’s fair as he didn’t know where it was


  12. Bill Woods says:

    10:30 _”This asshole calls the cat’s collar a belt?”_
    Actually, no, he doesn’t. He says it’s “on Orion’s….” as he’s dying.
    Jay guesses ‘belt’, reasonably though incorrectly.

  13. Daniel Hestand says:

    When I was a kid and watched this on VHS I started a timer when there was 8 minutes until the destruction of earth. And yes it was actually just under 8 minutes. I thought you’d take a sin off for that. I can not remember a movie where there was time counting down and it was actually accurate. come on. sin removed!

  14. GameDog says:

    Even after 20 years. This movie still holds up.

  15. Seamus Clark says:

    Everything wrong with Ratatoullie

  16. Jason Spangler says:

    How is this 20 years old?!

  17. Douglas Lorenzi says:

    i never understood why a character being amazing in cinema sins count as a sin

  18. Che1seabluesdrogba11 says:

    I like saying roll credits for every movie name in the movie

  19. Park Lloyd says:

    9:02 Still a little surprised to see the towers in the background. I didn’t realize how familiar and ever-present they were in movies about or related to New York.

  20. Constantine V. says:

    By the way at 8:53 the sign seems to be in Russian – “хорошая кухня” without the first 2 letters, which is weird. The translation is : “Good kitchen”

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