Everything Wrong With Moana In 15 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Moana In 15 Minutes Or Less

*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 4/25/17*

Also, TV Sins here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe4bOvc1mYxFcQ5xPb9Zmow

What can I say, except… we found some?!

Next week: Something comic-y and something sci-fi.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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74 Responses

  1. CinemaSins says:

    Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!

  2. Check My Playlist says:

    What can I say except you’re welcome that you did this!?

  3. Fletcher Reed says:

    Say anything bad about our lord and savior Tamatoa, and we will be coming for you.

  4. Meracore says:

    I watch this channel in place of actually watching the movies.

    • Juan Carlos Leal says:

      +Faizah Mohammed Aruwa same, i think cinemasins makes me enjoy some films i literally hate, and i even ended up warching some just to see the “sins” in context, and if i can spot them myself

    • DeJuan Yueadore says:

      I do the same thing… especially ones where I don’t plan on ever watching but I know will be referenced later by others 😂😂🤣🤣

    • DeJuan Yueadore says:

      A lot of times I will watch the movie beforehand to see if I can guess what stuff will be sinned… and other times, I watch the movie afterwards cuz the video made me want to see the actual movie.

    • David Baines says:

      Meracore I actually found the videos to be more funny if I watched the movie right before I watched this video

  5. yuno says:

    Whoever reads this have a lovely day 🙂

  6. Itsmadz The one and only says:

    *everything wrong with The Croods*

  7. Vsauce Puppet says:

    *insert a ‘you’re welcome’ joke*

  8. Jordan Fanapour says:

    Actually I think after the earth cooled, the surface of the planet was only ocean. After that, land masses starting forming through volcanic eruptions.

    • Sabrina Fics says:

      thanks, I was about to say it <3

    • Charles Elder-O'Donnell says:

      I looked for your comment so as not to post the same thing. Thank you!

    • Macy Skaggs says:

      There’s also tectonic plate activity and hotspots. The plates can collide and one will go over the other, which can form new land, and hotspots are similar to volcanoes, they’re just an open spot where lava comes up and usually ends up forming chains of islands because they move as the plates move. I learned about this last year in school, I THINK it’s right but then again I learned it a year ago so

    • kirby krew says:

      I was just about to say this. Love how there’s a wrong sin exactly 3 sins in.

    • God says:

      I think I snapped my fingers than said “oops”

  9. L05T_ 50U1 says:

    Moana: “I AM MOANA!!”
    Me: “oh I’m sorry. I thought you were John.”

  10. Adventure Bonnie诗源小灰 says:

    I love movies .

  11. HelloThereDaily says:

    -H e l l o t h e r e-

    *I literally have no idea how tf I have 49,800 s u b s !*

  12. PowWow Animations says:

    Anyone else still watch it even if it is a re-upload?

  13. Bonnie Howell says:

    Bad Influence Grandma was disappointed to later be reincarnated as the Wise Old Oak tree in Pocahontas.

  14. Mark Lewis says:

    Why doesn’t the ocean take her to Maoi,

    Storm takes her to maoi


  15. Simon Green says:

    Also Moana putting a shell on the stack so no future leaders could carry out this tradition

  16. Keyyzz says:

    *Man Disney sure does love to age-up characters through song, don’t they?!*

    Well that’s not all Disney could accomplish in one song. For example…

    1. A whole Chinese Army was ready for battle in one song…
    2. Gaston was able to form a huge mob in one song…
    3. Frollo had a hard time accepting he had a boner in one song
    4.Ariel became human in one song
    5.Hercules became a hero in one song
    6. Shang made a man out of Mulan in the same song in #1
    7. Native Americans and English travellers AND Pocahontas are somehow in sync in one song due to being far apart from each other.
    8. Aladdin and Jasmine traveled the world in one song.

    Need I say more?

    Edit: Ahahahaha.. Thanks for the likes you guys ❤

  17. Count Sapphire says:

    Will you re-upload Titanic? I miss the JACK-ROSE BONUS ROUND.

  18. Michael Suzuki says:

    “Non-existent Fishhook Constellation” is actually Scorpio. A very bright and prominent Constellation here in Hawai’i, known as “Maui’s Fishhook”.

  19. Ryan Holt says:

    12:25 Its an actual back story. His backstory on his back. Story. HOW HAVE YOU MISSED THIS

  20. Cypresssina says:

    Pigs do like water. Have you ever seen those 🐷 that swim in the ocean?

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