Everything Wrong With Monsters Inc. In 14 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Monsters Inc. In 14 Minutes Or Less

In honor of the upcoming new Pixar film, we decided to point the sin cannon at another classic Pixar movie, Monsters Inc. As per our motto, we did find some sins.

Next week: Something recent, and something dance related.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins do YOU want to see recounted?

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20 Responses

  1. Spurt says:

    Can’t believe they did monsters inc. before they did incredibles 

  2. armalarm says:

    Sin #46 is inaccurate. When Boo was crying, it only made the light flicker,
    but then she laughed, lit up the entire block and then the lights went out.

  3. Peace k says:

    The scream tubes were to carry her to the scream extractor

  4. bob johnson says:


  5. bulubuloa says:

    Her crying didn’t cause the black-out the first time. After Mike slipped
    and made her burst out laughing which cause the black-out. 10000000 sins
    for you!!!

  6. Tenacious Dean says:

    You know you’re gonna have to sin Reservoir Dogs now right? Even if that
    movie doesn’t have any it at least deserves your references!

  7. Sebastian O'Hara says:

    Please do Monsters University or Cars 2

  8. TL Skyward says:

    Monsters that spend a lot of time together anuses become synchronized.

  9. itskennyandjosh says:

    I’ve always wondered, what if boo ever has to move to a new house? What
    are they gonna go then? They can’t just track boo down, or what if boo
    switches rooms to another room in the house?

  10. dragonweyr44 says:

    Please do an eww Kingsmen: The Secret Service

  11. theothertim says:

    should have had more takeaways every time boo tries to talk

    “Mike wyzowski”-boo

  12. Esme B (Esmelody56) says:

    At 7:10 so argued why he bothered to get and get the scream containers? He
    had to get them so he could take Boo back in the box hidden inside them
    without detection, duh 🙂 

  13. Natalia Santoro says:

    I love when you sin videos that I can watch! haha..those scary ones that
    you sometimes review are a bit too much for! :D

  14. TheKeyser94 says:

    You didnt get the slug joke? It was very obvious why she take two years in
    investigating tha fectory. Hell, they even used the same joke in the
    prequel, were a slug take a whole year into reaching the University.

  15. 1010232ful says:

    *Sin Revalidation of a Childhood Defining Movie*
    Valid Sins: 66/108 (removed from invalidation explanations list)

    Sin#0: Pixar has already made sentient animals and inanimate objects.
    What’s to say literature doesn’t fall in the same category? For all you
    know, the I in Pixar could be a sentient being.
    Sin#3: Boss uses natural resources to teach other monsters why they should
    get natural resources. What’s the problem here?
    Sin#4: Does it really matter how they found out that screams powered
    things? I mean, everyone in that universe already knows so why do we need
    to know? It’s just unneeded exposition.
    Sin#5: It’s art you philistine!
    Sin#7: Okay
    Sin#8: Workers rights union etc etc…
    Sin#11: They can get into the kid’s room but they can’t get a picture? Okay.
    Sin#13: It’s not about who did it first, it’s about who did it better and
    that is completely in opinionative territory.
    Sin#14: Monsters haven’t nailed the whole prosthetic eyes thing. Is that a
    sin? How about you try to build an eye which looks and functions as an eye
    which can be popped out and back in at any moment.
    Sin#15: Again, unneeded exposition which wouldn’t help the story at all.
    Sin#18: Perspectives and angles, perspectives and angles.
    Sin#19: Different monsters of different sizes need different amounts of
    coffee in different sized cups. Though it’d be stupid to buy every possible
    size of cup.
    Sin#26: I guess jerking off exists in the Monsters universe. You may think
    it’s weird that he’s doing it in a little girl’s room but he is actually
    described in the film as being a creep.
    Sin#27: The Early 2000s weren’t really thinking of convenience and speed.
    More like inconvenience and slow it down. Just go to any American airport
    and compare it to the same airport in the 1990s.
    Sin#29: Yeah, then Sully freaked out.
    Sin#30: Pffft, okay. Every child is scared of a specific monster. Boo’s
    specific monster happens to be Randall. So boo can’t be scared of Sully
    because then the laws of the universe would implode.
    Sin#33: That’s because the monsters supposedly mutated from humans.
    Sin#37: You didn’t look inside the toilet which Mike’s foot slipped into.
    Sin#38: To be fair, they did sing a bit.
    Sin#39: Is that really sin worthy? Regarding that Celia doesn’t even know
    about Mike’s and Randall’s interactions involving the missing child?
    Sin#40: Invalid
    Sin#43: Invalid
    Sin#45: Well there are a lot of CDA guys operating in the factory. For all
    you know they could be rigging the toilets for surveillance purposes.
    Sin#46: There’s a difference between laughing and giggling. Laughing
    implies that you have experienced something of humor which makes you laugh.
    Giggling is where you feel giddy and you express that happy emotion by
    giggling. Giggling does not count as laughing.
    Sin#47: He can take whatever goes back into the room during the lunch
    break. If it’s boo then he’ll take her. If it’s Mike then he’ll take him
    and make him an offer he can’t refuse.
    Sin#56: Invalid
    Sin#58: For the same reason you can’t feel wind from a wind sound effect.
    Sin#60: Boo
    Sin#62: Gotta have the humor, otherwise it’s just whiny bullcrap. Oh.
    Sin#63: Invalid
    Sin#65: And because there is nothing to be said.
    Sin#67: Of course. Invalid
    Sin#68: It’s probably a long way from the scare testing room and they’re
    not exactly gonna run like they did earlier. It’s a factory, not a
    Sin#75: If they stop the doors then production will stop, then they’ll have
    to explain to everyone including the CDA why the CEO is chasing two
    employees and stopping the creation of power to the city. It’s better to
    just let Randall take care of it.
    Sin#77: Apart from it looks amazing. I know it has no value in the plot but
    I think it makes the movie experience feel a lot better than just going on
    straight lined tracks for 5-10 minutes.
    Sin#79: Again, the movie would suck without it.
    Sin#90: Easter Egg!
    Sin#91: Yeah because they broke the door. Meaning the closet is just a
    Sin#92: Because they were banished. And if they go back to the monster
    world then they’ll just get sent back to the wastelands.
    Sin#97: Invalid
    Sin#101: You never know, I could all have been done in the same night in
    the human universe.
    Sin#102: Invalid
    Sin#106: Invalid

  16. lakalan anderson says:

    Sullivan was twice the scarer Randall will ever be and scar was half the
    king mufasa ever was.

  17. Cadian9t says:

    Um, the real question is, where did you get the audio from age of ultron?
    (” please be a secret door “)

  18. Corvo _Déclassé says:

    Could you please do Wanted(2008) it has Morgan freeman as a villain 

  19. garciafever says:

    Congrats CinemaSins for getting your first negative sin on a video.

  20. Adam Betteridge says:

    You have to do Kill Bill for your next film, it could be so good!