Everything Wrong With Monsters University In 15 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Monsters University In 15 Minutes Or Less

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Another Pixar sequel that really does little justice to the original, Monsters University has plenty of sins.

Thursday: Action-y sins of patriotic-ness!

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. Crystalitar says:

    also you left some sin opportunities away, seems you truly enjoyed the
    movie then?

  2. Mitch Cotter says:

    Everything wrong with The Mummy?!

  3. jaseandjohn says:

    Correction, prequel, still the SINS

  4. Péter Stangl says:

    Am i the only one who actually liked this movie?

  5. MiniLadd Cy says:

    make a video for deadpool….fuckin loved it

  6. WoodenBoy BearLover (WoodenBoy7101) says:

    Finnally! Someone did it!

  7. Ben Bawden says:

    I thought of one.
    In monsters Inc. Mike says to Sulley “You’ve been jealous of my good looks
    since 4th grade” which means they must have been friends since they were
    children. Yet in MU, they meet for the first time as college students.

  8. Colin Cofield says:

    7:50. So Don lived and worked in the Bay area, huh.

  9. monster at night “da finnish noob” man says:

    i love how in my mind im like come on its a movie stop with the needed
    history and background shit and then 2 seconds later im like BUT HE IS

  10. alienmahar says:

    where’s the Zoolander video????

  11. Lucas Iron de Souza Camargo says:

    1 – There are no rules, every monster is just a monter, it`s a true
    not-racist society.

  12. Ashley James says:

    As silly as it sounds, I was so happy you did this one: two of the sins you
    listed made me angrier than pretty much any other movie ever! The fact that
    Sully’s scare was clearly better than Johnny’s and the fact that scaring
    adults could be a full time extra wing of the company! Hello, full grown
    adults scream their heads off at horror movies all the time, and there are
    plenty of monsters that could fulfill the role of haunt monster, like Mike,
    who is clearly smart enough to orchestrate a haunting. Thank you for giving
    justice to my ire over these two major major movie sins.

  13. BartCloni Games says:

    Late AF

  14. NaptimeGaming says:

    I definitely agree with the fact that Mike is scary or could be scary.
    Remember that half of the people on the scare floor use props and things to
    enhance their image. I feel like Mike could easily add one or two things to
    himself and hit a super creepy level.

  15. Zarina A113 says:

    you guys rock!! keep it up!!!
    plz do:
    1) brave
    2) the Lego movie
    3) the lord of the rings 3
    4) the little mermaid
    5) toy story 3
    6) the Princess bride
    7) the Martin
    8) the Blues Brothers
    9) Shrek 1,2,3,74
    10) HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Just A Random Weird Girl says:

    Wait, when I watched Monsters University Randal’s cupcakes had his face on
    them. Did they change it for the dvd or is the american version different?

  17. Blake Harvey says:

    Tommy Lee Jones, like Fred Jones the meddling kid?

  18. christine hancock says:

    WHAT?! A movie where Judy Dench plays a sizable role, and you don’t make
    any reference or jokes about M or 007?! I was waiting for it. I held my
    breath for like 15 minutes (not really).

  19. Sabrina Jean says:

    Can we also mention how the snowman just happen to forget mike and sulley
    in Monsters Inc? Like if they worked under him in the mail room, wouldn’t
    he remember a green bouncy ball and a cotton candy glob? Instead of “hey! I
    remember you guys from the mail room!”, it’s “you fellas want a snow cone?”

  20. Maze says:

    i said it before and i say it again: “everything wrong with” does not work
    with animated movies, since this kind of movies is meant to be unlogic in
    some way.