Everything Wrong With Morbius in 19 Minutes or Less

Everything Wrong With Morbius in 19 Minutes or Less

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Morbius. The movie so bad they released it twice. You’ve seen the jokes. You’ve enjoyed the memes. Now… experience the sins.

Thursday: scary sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins should we count next?

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37 Responses

  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    I didn’t know it was even possible to sin Morbius since it is truly one of the movies ever created.

    • Nimzi says:

      “one of the movies ever existed”…what does that mean?

    • Cheese bacon says:

      @Valtaoi_007 A plot, thats more than can be said of most movies these days.

    • Chris Reardon says:

      it’s the most movie! i’d say it is the movie! what a movie!

    • Brew Jim says:

      @FroggerbobT its a movie of course it has characters and like every other they also have plots and actors that are way better than the 1s from morbius and if you watched the movie you would know he had a blood disease which is the reason why he was down on his luck

    • FroggerbobT says:

      It also has characters, a plot, and actors that willingly played those characters in that plot. Probably. Jared Leto and Doctor Who are really down on their luck though so…

  2. Rand Paul OFFICIAL says:

    The part where Michael is getting his morbiass kicked and Saul Goodman came out of the Doctor Strange portal to help, and then said “It’s Saulin’ time” and Sauled all over Milo was truly and unequivocally the greatest scene in cinema history. And the post credit scene where Gus Fring is alive and responsible for Vulture getting transported to the Mobiusverse was mind blowing. This is truly one of the films of all time.

  3. A Nameless Lad says:

    My favorite part of this video was when Morbius said ‘it’s morbin’ time” and then cinemasins recognized how perfect that line is and removed 1 morbillion sins, making this the most movie ever.

  4. DeltaDemon1 says:

    You definitely “fix” some fuses with a spring (I’ve done it) just like you can definitely “fix” some fuses with a penny. The problem is that you haven’t fixed the underlying cause as to why the fuse blew in the first place and have caused a possible fire hazard or risk of electrocution or whatever. In an emergency (like the emergency portrayed in the movie), you do what you gotta do but you should get a proper fuse ASAP.

    • XC says:

      They probably underrated the fuse so it couldn’t cope with spike current. I’ve seen plenty of fuses blown just from this alone lmao. But yeah, nothing genius by any means

    • Seymore Buttz says:

      Yah, there’s plenty to hate about this movie but that one thing felt like an actual unnecessary nit-pick.

  5. Angela White says:

    Fun fact: This is the closest most audiences will ever get to actually watching Morbius

  6. bruhify says:

    morbius is the greatest film of all time, i love the part when morbius says the line “it’s morbin time.” that alone should counteract all of the sins created by this movie.

  7. aCrazyDrummer says:

    I like how they just completely removed the part where morbius transforms because he uses bat DNA and spider-man’s blood, so now bats are just magic, but they still mention spider-man in the end credits scene… If you want to see a version of morbius that isn’t god awful, go back and watch the spider-man tv show from the 2000s.

  8. Badger says:

    I just love it when we, as the internet, put aside our differences & come together to collectively hate something.

  9. bobbie_el_trapo says:

    This movie literally changed my life, before this I never see a movie movie as amazing as Morbius, my cat and i cried for hours oh how we weeped

  10. Blaze12ification says:

    6:00 Actually this is why he’s considered a pseudo vampire even in comics, because he was self made, rather than being born or turned into one, and it was done initially to avoid magic and supernatural things, it was even done on the heels of the supernatural ban in the comic book industry back in 71, probably as a precaution in case it was flagged. However he would later on go to fight and find enemies with real vampires such as Blade or Dracula.

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