Everything Wrong With My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Everything Wrong With My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Because they decided to release a way-too-late sequel this weekend, we decided to go back and sin the original My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Would you be surprised to learn we found lots of sins?

Thursday: animated sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. Earth2Geek says:

    also, since you brought up Joey Fatone being Italian and not Greek, Andrea
    Martin is Armenian, and not Greek

  2. Greg C says:

    Wow, perfect Clerks mashup right there.

  3. digitaLm0nk says:

    I feel this movie should have broken the sin counter .. Jeremy probably
    didn’t watch the whole movie just fast forwarded and randomly stopped so he
    can make his weekly deadline

  4. Daniel Farrugia says:

    Only 1 sin… This movie is shit

  5. Travis Walls says:

    Uh, on sin 63, I’ve had a black lesbian woman just up and touch my hair
    without asking. Did I complain? Hell no, a woman was showing interest in
    me, non sexual or no, I was happy for the attention. ….. and now I’m sad,
    thanks for that.

  6. Fluffy Pugs In Uggs says:

    PLEASE do The Boss when it comes out PLEASE respond do this please

  7. Athena Koutsovasilis says:

    you CLEARLY don’t get Greeks…

  8. Missa Bot says:

    I’m ready *holds onto my buttcheeks*

  9. Nel1y says:

    The Prestige, sin the Prestige. You know you should.

  10. Hey Jae says:

    do The Lobster

  11. Donnie Lover says:

    At least they got the accents right…

  12. Matthew Haycock says:

    This got my thumbs up right after the community reference.

  13. Icebomb5 says:

    Everything wrong with Snowpiercer.

  14. Iveta Gashparova says:

    Another awesome video! Can you do one for Zootopia? I thought it was really
    good! Better than Inside Out and that was one of the few movie sin videos
    that made me actually want to watch the movie. XD

  15. Jeff McIntire says:

    Wait, so I’m confused. Greek people aren’t considered white?

  16. Athene Dehart says:

    did anyone else get an advertisement for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 before
    this video?

  17. Άγγελος Καμάρης says:

    Please no more Rasist sins or jokes about foreign cultures or country
    problems we live it We don’t nedd it in internet too.Sincerely a Foreign

  18. Lucielle Von Trapp says:

    Still the best and probably most accurate movie about being wog ever

  19. The black goat of the woods says:

    never got the virgin girl – nonvirgin boy.
    if the girls are to be virgins and “pure”. then who are the unwed boys

  20. not Sauer says:

    Please sin the shit outta London has fallen