Everything Wrong With Now You See Me 2

Everything Wrong With Now You See Me 2

The first movie was an insult to intelligence, so you can bet the sequel is the same sh*t dialed up to 11. Actively hate this movie.

Next week: Alien sins and robot sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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19 Responses

  1. JVAAWESOME says:

    You know, when it’s Christmas, you could do an everything wrong with Home
    Alone. :)

  2. Luca Nocca says:

    They missed out on such a good opportunity for the title.

  3. mees arentz says:

    can you do one for John wick

  4. Raegan Smith says:


  5. XxKFCrockersxX says:

    Everything Wrong With The Bee Movie

  6. Ethan Miller says:

    I find it really funny that after the ridiculous success of the harry
    potter franchise, and how fucking rich this man is, he decides to be in a B
    list movie about magicians but not even AS a magician.

  7. Acrimonious Mirth says:

    The more stuff I watch the more I feel like I’m turning into CinemaSins.
    I’ve gotten so bad I announce my criticisms aloud.

  8. Santiago S says:

    Cinema sins sausage party please I beg you

  9. Brianna DeFore says:

    I thought he did mention his twin in the first one

  10. Robbie Lee says:

    When you said live streaming at 13:16 you should look at the bottom of the
    screen the video is playing on, then you should add an extra sin because
    it’s actually a video not Live Streaming.

  11. elisabeth Haraldsson says:

    ……kind of glad I didn’t watch it in the cinema now

  12. Frederick Von Elitiststein says:

    I saw the card being passed between each other scene in a gif, and changed
    my mind about watching the film. Jesus christ it’s bad.

  13. Carlos Blohm says:

    When they said another terrible 2016 movie, I thought they meant Suicide
    Squad ?

  14. The 3 Sisters says:

    Sometimes when I close my eyes

    I can’t see??????

  15. TinyRodent says:

    Cinema Sins has ruined me, whilst watching Dr Strange all I could do was
    point out the problems

  16. grandpagohan1 says:

    Meh. I still love this movie and the first one. They’re too damn fun.

  17. TheEllusionist says:

    Aw, I actually liked this one much more than the first one…

  18. Dyno says:

    You don’t have the bollocks to do The Transformers: The Movie for the 30°

  19. bingo5387 says:

    The first movie was really good, this one seems dumb.