Everything Wrong With Passengers In 16 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Passengers In 16 Minutes Or Less

Passengers has a wonderful premise, a f*cked up middle, and a batsh*t insane finale. So, of course it has sins. Duh.

Next week: Video Game sins and old-timey fightin’ sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. Whiplash95 says:

    Do everything wrong with pulp fiction or I’m gonna kick ur motherfuckin ass

  2. gonaedeath2 says:

    So….are we going to pretend you never did Shrek 2 or Lion King 2?

  3. Ben Smith Productions says:

    I thought it would be Rogue One:(

  4. Matthew Rubenstein says:

    You didn’t do Rogue One on May the 4th be with you?

  5. Max Nobel says:

    Everything Wrong With The Mummy

  6. Jason Blalock says:

    Man, the REALLY sad thing is that this would have been so brilliant as a stealth thriller where we don’t know Pratt opened her pod and, you know, presumably goes all stabby when she rejects him. Like, I almost wonder if that’s how this script started out, but once J-Law and C-Pratt got attached, some genius decided it HAD to be rewritten into a romcom no matter how much sense it didn’t make.

  7. Makverus says:

    Dear commentors. Please shut the fuck up about Rogue One. I get it, May the Fourth and all that, but do we need OVER 9000 comments about that?

  8. amal zuhair says:

    I know it’s kind of early but you need to do one on Colossal in the theatre I was going ding ding ding in my head the whole time

  9. Dankest Media Group says:

    I fucking hated this movie

  10. Brian Jean says:

    CinemaSins Syndrome: Not being able to watch a movie without sinning it because of your habit of watching too much cinemasins

  11. Firya says:


  12. Browsing Shadow says:

    I just realized something. At the end with that one autodoc they could have taken turns. There was 88 years left, and so one person could have gone in for 44 years while the other stayed awake in the ship, and then once 44 years passed the other person got in for 44 years. Assuming Aurora is around 25-30 years old this would place her at maybe 70 which although pretty old- the medical tech could probably keep people alive longer. So the two would have been both around 75 years old, but at least they could have gotten to their destination. They could have also gone in for 1 year at a time before the other woke them up- because who would have wanted to stay awake for 44 days?

  13. Julienne Campbell says:

    This is not a joke. You have to check this out now!!! http://sites.google.com/site/giftcardsea

  14. cordes batchelder says:

    Me and my mom went to this movie when it was in movie theaters. The reason was that Chris Pratt was in it. both me and my mom regret it.

  15. Random Name says:

    I’m going to see guardian of the galaxy today and I’m gonna criticize the movie like you

  16. Markus Birth says:

    3:17 … You forgot where this vending machine only shows similar looking icons with no explanation what kind of coffee each button is.

  17. mcrettable says:

    This guy doesn’t want this series to be considered as reviews right?

  18. margareth michelina says:

    As soon as he has a beard, he looks exactly like Kurt Russell. No wonder he become his father in Guardians 2.

  19. Cactus 'N Gaming says:

    No sins for the unrealstic meteor field? damn

  20. ThoughtsOfALeo says:

    Plot twist: Instead of Rogue One, we get Passengers because that movie is also from space. Well played, Cinemasins, well played. Also, May the Fourth be with you all.

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