Everything Wrong With Ralph Breaks the Internet

Everything Wrong With Ralph Breaks the Internet

The first Wreck It Ralph was a fun surprise full of humor and heart. Ralph Breaks the Internet is… not that. It’s a lot more like The Emoji movie. And full of sins.

Next week: Sins of two movies that have one word titles starting with D.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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57 Responses

  1. The Anti Cancer says:

    Just realized Moana is wearing a shirt that says #shiny….

    Should I sigh? I think I’m gonna sigh….

  2. poompoompowers says:

    And the most disappointing sequel/movie of 2018 goes toooo…..

  3. Zyx Frankenstein says:

    Myself, my friend, sister, and cousin whom I took to see this in theatre did nothing but make fun of it the ENTIRE time. It’s very awkward that a potentially 40+ year old Ralph has a creepy obsession with Vanellope, who’s meant to be like what, 8? Super weird.

    • Fylix Aerou says:

      Have you never have a dad before?

    • aviato287 x says:

      +Fylix Aerou lol ?????

    • Carlos Guzman says:

      But Vanellope is just as old as him. She was programmed as a kid yeah but Sugar Rush is an old game, the characters obviously wont change in appearance but she is still growing up. She even drinks beer with Ralph, hell theres a 6 year gap between the two movies. Its an inconsistency because the rest of the Sugar Rush characters were depicted as kids by getting adopted but thats because this movie cant decided what to do with itself.

  4. Valin Summers says:

    To quote Buzz Lightyear.

    “Plotholes, Plotholes everywhere!”

  5. Kyan says:

    The players animation is pretty accurate in Slaughter Race lol

  6. Spiel Profil says:

    The Human Centipede Ralph scared the sh*t out of our 6-year old. This whole movie has nothing whatsoever in common with part 1. I swear this storyline was waiting in somebody’s drawer, and then they decided they could tweak it a little to make it Ralph II. Nope, didn’t work.

    • JayLeeBeanz says:

      I too thought it was disturbing, and I am way older than 6. I felt so uncomfortable watching that. And it’s such an odd way to antagonize Ralph’s desires. Glad he solved his dilemma and overcame that conflict and al, but why did it have to be so creepy? The “friend???” zombies were already unsettling enough before they merged. =/

    • Kittu Spelled With a U says:

      I’m older than 6 it was still pretty disturbing…

    • Jok3rstein says:

      My first thought exactly. If i was a kid I’d have dreams of that big ass Ralph chasing me and oh god is that a terrible thought

    • StarryAnimations says:

      I was pretty stressed about it too. Imagine what 6 year old me would’ve seen…

  7. pribate says:

    This movie was pretty much just a slightly less worse version of the Emoticon/Emoji/Devolving teen language Movie: just a 90+ minute long advertisement.

  8. Maria Manuel says:

    We need “Ralph Hacks The Government.”

  9. Super Sword Gaming says:

    18:59 I feel like you forgot that Turbo did the same thing and he was MUCH older code than Shank.

  10. zoliking2 says:

    Dude, you weren’t hard enough on this crap and missed a lot of the core million sin problems with it 🙁

  11. Galladite95 mega evolve says:

    I’d like to complain that there isn’t enough Comcast sins.

  12. SuperSwagGuy says:

    Can I just point out that Vanellope leaves Sugar Rush to go to Slaughter Race, which means she’s breaking the single most important rule in the arcade? She went turbo.

    • [CLASSIFIED] says:

      @Ryan: No reason for the filler word “literally” and the whole “movie” happens because of the first two points, not to mention how they were a huge part of the first movie. The whole ending of the first was the kingdom falling to pieces if she decided to not be ruler, which she agreed to but run more of a democracy. All the old school characters sneered and told cautionary tales about Turbo, when he was the first to do what she did, and he didn’t even know better yet winds up dead. As far as not even clearing $200 a year, Mr Litwak wasn’t even going to bother “fixing” Wreck-It-Ralph, hence the deadline to get Ralph back, since not many kids even played it anymore, so at least in the first games were in danger of being shut down if they didn’t roll in the profits.

    • Ryan Carson says:

      Ryan Paye Tell me sir when has Vanellope ever actually cared about what happened to Sugar Rush? I mean when Ralph needed her to go to eBay to get the part they needed to fix her game, she went off to go hang out with Shank, that doesn’t exactly show her as caring about the game. Sure it is a candy racing game but they had a monarch, and since in the last movie they didn’t seem to know what to do without a king or queen leading them I think they wouldn’t be well off if their leader suddenly left. What makes you think there wasn’t any responsibilities? I mean I doubt things ran by themselves, it’s not like there’s no work to be had being the leader of a kingdom. It didn’t praise her but it sure did supported this decision which seems out of character for everyone to just be fine with Vanellope doing this, if these were the same characters as the last movie they certainly wouldn’t be fine with this, game jumping was kinda the whole catalyst for the issues in the last film, they made a phrase about it, I Don think they would’ve suddenly be okay with game jumping.

    • Raven M says:

      How did this comment get so many likes? I guess you and 500 people are not very bright!

  13. Jami Reign says:

    Am I the only one who thinks they literally made Ralph dumber?

  14. jojo xD says:

    Maybe I had too much expectations, but I consider this as hella disappointing.

  15. Corndair says:

    The entire first movie: “Don’t go Turbo Ralph if you go Turbo into another game you get sent straight to hell”
    This movie: “Yaaas Vanellope! Swap games! Live your best life! I think we have a word for swapping games but I can’t think of it… but yeah no it’s fine to permanently change!”

  16. Jmandawgfan says:

    ah yes now the internet gets to break Ralph

  17. Doctor Odin says:

    What no sin for the b-plot of Penelope wanting to leave her game contradicting the drama the first one with Ralph wanting to leave this game

    Because she was the star of Sugar Rush the princess her glitch came from Turbo messing with the base code

  18. The Rick Reviewer says:

    Please do Everything Wrong With Fantastic Beasts: The Grimes of Grindelwald.

  19. New Message says:

    No picture of Ralph balancing a champagne glass on his butt.


  20. piqachu says:

    Fun fact: If you search “Blow and Go” on Google, it shows the location and pictures of a hair salon.

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