Everything Wrong With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Everything Wrong With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Just in time for The Last Jedi, and only a year after you began requesting it… we finally have the sins of Rogue One. And there are plenty. Maybe more sins than midichlorians in this movie.

Thursday: Sins of a 90’s adventure.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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63 Responses

  1. ZHL242 says:

    Lmfao at the end “I would trust her with my life”

    *Cut to death star blowing up Alderaan*

  2. Mitch Gibson says:

    I like How half the sins are just Jeremy admitting he doesn’t watch the movie and tunes out… i don’t give a fuck if it’s “satire” how does that make sense even satirically?

    • Dutchdude says:

      Terry Forsdyke kyber crystals existed in legends too. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kaiburr_crystal
      The only big differences are that the person was drawn to the kyber crystal sith the colour for them instead of them giving the crystal the colour. And of course that red crystals were synthetic. They never used different kinds of gems as you are insinuating.

    • Mitch Gibson says:

      You not read what i said, i don’t care if it’s SUPPOSED to be funny…that’s what satire is…

    • Cynická svině says:

      Watch out. Fanboys on warpath.

    • Mitch Gibson says:

      “I like How half the sins are just Jeremy admitting he doesn’t watch the movie and tunes out… i don’t give a fuck if it’s “satire” how does that make sense even satirically?” what about this says i’m a fanboy, i’m just pointing out how Jeremy admits he doesn’t really watch the movie and will give real criticisms, among “jokes”, that are easily solved by actually watching the movie. (Bobvids look it up, i still like Cinemasins, but really starting to notice shit) I’m not even a huge Star Wars fan, i like it a lot, but like what you want, i don’t care.

  3. Smexii Wade says:

    Drink When
    Someone says “Father”
    Someone says “Rebel” or “Rebellion”
    The Death Star is seen or mentioned
    Location text appears
    There’s a direct line, reference, or face from another film
    EXTREME VERSION: Add in “Force”

  4. Daddy Donald says:

    They didn’t say hope enough. +10 sins

  5. hayescamp says:

    3:18 nope they existed long before the prequels

  6. LoTWoWs says:

    Should have removed at least one sin for the destruction of Jedha. Michael Bay probably has that in the montage he strokes to every night before bed.

  7. Cartman C says:

    Am i still in command?
    *Do you feel in command?*
    You’re pure evil
    *I’m necessary evil*

  8. The All in one gamer says:

    2 words.FUCK DISNEY

    • Supreme RTS says:

      Disney is ok in my book. I thought rogue one was really good even though I feel they did episode 7 the wrong way. They should have used the expanded universe but what ever. My biggest issue with them is that they canceled the star wars the clone wars animated series and replaced it with a kids friendly Star Wars rebels. Star Wars rebels really isn’t that bad if you ignore the childish nature of it and focus on the cool lore it sets up and expands on.

    • cream bun says:

      No fuck the jews that took over and destroyed Disney, and feed you the kankerous shit you have today.

    • flapjackxl says:

      Three words and a number.

    • silent thunder says:

      uhhhh is everyone else so ignorant that if its from Disney its bad?? i thought it was a great movie if fills all the story holes and that Darth Vader scene gave me a boner over all it can stand up to the originals sooo idk what you are talking about

    • Sayem says:

      What the fuck are you talking about, even Jeremey liked Rouge One. EVERYONE liked Rouge One, it’s basically one of the top three star wars movies. This is the best movie outside the original trilogy they’ve ever made. THANK FUCK for Disney, they didn’t fuck it up like Lucas did. They’re fixing it

  9. Mango Green Tea says:

    K2-SO and BB-8 will never replace R2 and 3- PO

  10. JCP Films says:

    To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand CinemaSins…

  11. Jason Hannah says:

    Princess Leia was never on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan. That’s just what she told Vader when she was captured. The video recording she made with R2 in A New Hope made it very clear that her mission was to find Obi Wan Kenobi.

    • DenkitekiKesshiRune says:

      Which makes a New Hope hilarious, as every rebel on that Cruiser was openly lying to Vader’s face, while timeframe wise he was mowing them down just a moment ago. No wonder the guy got force choked.

  12. LP 1997 says:

    The fact that they allow assholes with loud fucking toy lightsabers into theatres that show this film.
    +3000 sins

  13. Trepp says:

    People never really understand the briliancy of how amazing the death star and its structure was. Yes there was an exhaust pipe that destroys the death star with ease.

    For a PLANET-SIZED super structure, only having ONE exaust pipe is pretty Damn incredible to say the least.

    • Idofphoenix says:

      I blame the contractor…

    • That one humanoid says:

      Trepp size of a small moon as episode four says, but still pretty big

    • Reichskriegsführungsführer says:

      Also its not really a plot Hole. Just imagine how much exhaust shit and technical shit the death star is. its so fucking big and so heavily armed noone of the empire would possibly think some rebels fly through a dig and make a 1 in a million shot, the chances were like 0,000001%

  14. Xystem 4 says:

    I thought Tarkin looked great, personally.

  15. Joshua Fry says:

    You know, I do usually say that those people who criticize CinemaSins for being idiotic don’t get it, but this was just poor. He didn’t get the “strongest stars have hearts of khyber” line, which is just genius, he missed the fact that red 5 is luke, he didn’t realize that the things strapped to Jin’s back are for signaling starships, even though people fucking use them in the movie, he insulted the whole disobedient droid thing, because apparently R2-D2 didn’t convince him over the entire series that droids don’t have to follow orders, then questioned how K2SO found them even though that’s literally the fucking end of the scene, he missed the visible shot in which an x-wing knocked the dish out of alignment, and then he got mad over the CGI and the found footage, not because it was bad, because it was pretty damn good, but because he thought it was lazy and jumbled? Just because you don’t make things doesn’t mean you get to complain that they couldn’t have brought back people from the dead. Beyond that, you can’t complain about literally every option for replacing old characters and then tell them to make up their minds, you literally just proved you would complain about every response.

    • Yohoat says:

      “I didn’t even realize it was CGI at first”
      …Really? It looks fake as hell.

    • James Relich says:

      Yes, CinemaSins CAN complain about every option for replacing old characters and then tell them to make up their minds. And yes, he DID prove that he would complain about every response. That’s the point. In his own words, “We’re not critics. We’re assholes.”

    • lolthe1st says:

      At this point in the timeline Luke is still on tattoine, hasn’t met old hermit kenobi, and definitely hasn’t joined the rebels. This means Red 5 in this case was not Luke

    • chiveerum says:

      Pod The Rod IMO, the line is brilliant because it’s got multiple meanings. The literal one: that Kyber, like most minerals are made of elements born from the nucleus of a star, and only the oldest or strongest stars could make the element required for Kyber crystals, which would later be released in stardust. The symbolic one: a reference to Jyn’s kyber necklace and her name “Stardust”. The saying could have inspired Galen to give her the nickname. The foreshadowing meaning: The Death “Star”, the strongest weapon in the galaxy, has a literal heart of kyber that gives it its power.

    • The Trump says:

      here’s a thing, the whole point of cinema sins is an asshole ranting about thing he think about even if he’s wrong, it’s a joke dude, he’s wrong like 80% of the time, why do you think he as so much subs? Cinema sins is not a critic (Wel,, only 4 the micheal bay movie)

  16. CW DC TV Fan says:

    Nothing about how Galen wasn’t blown back when the ship took off but Jyn was?

  17. KanitoKawaii says:

    I’m still convinced Galen Erso is Starkiller, Starkiller’s real name is Galen Marrick and his wife gave Jyn a white kyber crystal, a white kyber crystal is a healed red kyber crystal, which Starkiller would have as he was Vader’s apprentice, this was probably just a nod to force unleashed, as opposed to him actually being that character, but I like this theory anyway.

  18. Oreeo TH says:

    Congrats on trending

  19. and Peggy says:

    Look, I love CinemaSins. Always have, probably always will. Their videos always make me laugh and put a smile on my face. *But this is just fucking stupid.* It’s not that the movie was perfect or anything- there were certainly valid “sins”- but this is just needlessly nitpicking and skimming over details just so you can complain.

    • cathal Sullivan says:

      and Peggy This movie wss great, and i think cinemasins dude knows that, the nitpicking is to pad out the content and for extra humour, I doubt he doesnt actually feel strongly about the sins

    • HrothgarXII says:

      You know being a nitpicky asshole is literally this whole channel, right?

  20. WTD Productions says:


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