Everything Wrong With Scream 2 In 19 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Scream 2 In 19 Minutes Or Less

It’s October, which means we sin more horror films than usual, and for giggles we went back to Scream 2. And it’s basically a museum-worthy example of how to sin your way through a sequel.

Next Week: sins of a sucky 2017 “action” film, & sins of a classic horror sequel.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. Geeky Games says:

    So the sin counter is fixed? What happened to sin counter 2.0? *I WANT ANSWERS DAMMIT*

  2. nessabirdie says:

    Who enters a room like this? 5:29 Iol

  3. VocalBeat says:

    You guys should do Urban Legends so you can say “I knew one of those girls would be a killer”

  4. Anne Manning says:


  5. Harry hurst says:

    Do IT or baby driver

  6. Mat Chiappe says:

    “By next week he is one of the bad guys in Titanic”
    clap clap clap

  7. Joseph Fisher says:

    heya! evaluation anybody hear one’s better this result%$

  8. Juliana says:

    Everything wrong with the bye bye man

  9. Akshay Ravi Kumar says:

    Oh great sinner, The Emoji Movie awaits your judgement.. Please wreck the sh*t out of it.

  10. Niall Hassett says:

    I still like it but my god, it has problems

  11. Energy_Generator MINECRAFT says:

    “””Next Week: sins of a sucky 2017 “action” film”””
    Obviously Spider-man Homecoming

  12. thedogman142 says:

    Yo CinemaSins do Everything Wrong with The Simpsons Movie

  13. Stephen Hipkiss says:

    15:55 – Sheldon Cooper asks why his mother wants to kill everyone in this scene.

  14. nuggistrike says:

    No wat this college will face major lawsu for over millions of dollars !

  15. Stefanie Clinton says:

    Please do the rest of the series!

  16. w4ki says:

    everything wrong with the breakfast club / heathers plz

  17. dirty nuggets says:

    return of the old sin counter??

  18. AsSeenBySheDot says:

    Man Courtney Cox really fucked her face up

  19. Jesse Meyer says:

    9:23 that guy looked like what Harrison Ford looks like.

  20. SaltySugarPunch says:

    “Bitch hang up the phone and *69 his ass”😂😂😂

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