Everything Wrong With Scream in 16 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Scream in 16 Minutes Or Less

Scream is considered a modern horror classic, but it still has sins (duh).

Next week: A pair of timely sins videos.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins do YOU want to see recounted?

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20 Responses

  1. Alex White says:

    THANK YOU!!! You’ve just made my Halloween!! ??

  2. Corey Dolan says:

    So, you missed an opportunity for a Friends joke or reference.

  3. Spacepelt Gaming says:

    do scary movie!

  4. Byron Bailey says:

    I almost spit my drink out at “Oh my god they killed Kenny”

  5. forkmaster says:

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference was great!

  6. Felipe Agudelo says:

    final destination!! please

  7. Eclipse Hero says:


  8. Steven Clark says:

    I watched this movie as a kid and I seriously thought it was comedy.
    Nothing in this movie was even remotely scary.

  9. Zero Cool says:

    9:57 – So it’s not only cliche in anime?

  10. FlyingHangman says:

    Wes Craven being sinned for Sinning his own movies in his own movie….
    only thing that could make this better is if he sins this sin video… are
    you watching Wes….oh…. wait…

  11. Carlos Silva says:


  12. Enderwoman # says:

    can u pls do tucker and dale vs evil

  13. DanimalIndustries says:

    “1-year anniversary”

  14. KayZBear x says:


  15. paige daniels says:

    Please do phantom of the Opera 2004

  16. Twerk Star says:

    Most sins removed ever! thought we were going negative for a second

  17. Everything Percy Jackson says:

    Can you do all of them?

  18. BertMedia Productions™ says:

    I just watched this movie yesterday.

  19. Mikel Short says:

    They had a third partner bum bum bbuuummm

  20. Big Boss Monster says:

    you missed one thing…. no one moved out while their was a killer