Everything Wrong With Shazam! in 17 Minutes or Less

Everything Wrong With Shazam! in 17 Minutes or Less

Shazam is a pretty awesome movie. Certainly one of the best DCEU films yet. Great casting, good pacing, humor and action… what’s not to like?

But it still has sins, like all movies. So… here they are.

Thursday: animated sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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70 Responses

  1. Matthew Hunter says:

    The fact that this movie was largely filmed in my home city of Toronto, puts a smile on my face. Also DO THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS ALREADY!!!

    • Dj Akademiks Sandusky says:

      Matthew Hunter Kipling Station, Lake Shore/Gardiner Express way, Woodbine Mall and Islington Shazam scenes were filmed.

    • DP91 says:

      You could be like us from Philly and have a movie PRETEND to be shot in your city, and then have Jeremy insult it for no reason for the entirety of the sins video.

    • OnTheRocksGamingShow says:

      @Dj Akademiks Sandusky Also Danforth Tech school. I went there for high school and it was so nice seeing it again.

    • KevyB says:

      @DP91 ORRRRRR… he could’ve been making fun of the MOVIE’S DEPICTION OF PHILADELPHIA and you could get all butthurt over something that didn’t even happen.

    • SF442 says:

      @OnTheRocksGamingShow The high school I attended was where they shot Mean Girls (cough outsideshotsmostly cough) ffs. Living in TO, what with so many movies shot in it, can be a trip sometimes. =p

  2. The economic crisis of the 1920’s says:

    Movie: **Has 0.0000000001 seconds of logos*
    Cinema Sins: ([ANGERY])

  3. CrimsonMaverick says:

    “Name one cool side kick”

    Young Justice: Are we a bunch of jokes to you?

    • Jacquie Timms says:

      Young Justice: AHEM! We’re not sidekicks.

    • Henry Walsh says:

      @Alyssa Flack In the continuity of the films all we know about Robin is that he’s dead. So we don’t know how well known Robin is at large. Though I agree, a superhero buff like Freddie should’ve known about him. Maybe. Remember in the DCEU continuity even Batman was rumored to be a myth until the events of Batman v Superman.

    • krizwatcher says:

      Wally West was a sidekick…so was Dick Grayson…

    • Alyssa Flack says:

      @Henry Walsh that’s very true! I hadn’t thought abt it like that

  4. Sebastian Hendricks says:

    All foster parents must legally have land lines in their house! Emergency communication, from what I was told.

    • TwilitLugia says:

      That’s actually really interesting. If the creators did that on purpose, that’s really good attention to detail.

    • Henry Walsh says:

      Yup. That was not sin-worthy (I said the same thing above) that is very good attention to detail. Which this movie really portrays a foster family incredibly well.

    • olandir says:

      I’m a foster parent and I’m not legally required to have a land line in my house. This must vary by state.

    • Dennis de Jong says:

      Why? Can’t they just ring 9-1-1 on their smartphone?

  5. DeepSpace12 says:

    10:32 How could you not sin the uploads being backwards in time?

  6. Special_Beam says:

    Yeah, my theatre got caught SO off-guard when Thad through his brother out the window of the office building. Like.. obviously he was there to kill them all, but I didn’t expect him to do it like THAT. Thought he might savor the moment at least a little bit lol

  7. Shreedhar Todkar says:

    Wizard: These are the 7 deadly sins.

    * Someone from the dark*: No! there are 8.

    _Cinema Sins walks in_

  8. DynomitePunch says:

    that moment you watch so much birdman you can hear his counter arguments in your head as you watch a cinema sins video XD

  9. Lizzie Tucker says:

    Yay!! You guys saw the video from the director

  10. AncapFTW says:

    Billy: *unenthusiastically says SHAZAM, turns into Gomer Pile instead.*

  11. SLICEandDICE says:

    Do “Everything Wrong With The Cinema Sins Comments Section”

  12. Hot Blade says:

    Movie: [Has logos in it.]

    CinemaSins: [Anger.]

  13. Conrad Falloff says:

    -Captain Marvel- Shazam: Say my name!
    Family: *BILLY!*

  14. Pablo Andres Gorricho says:

    It would be great if you and cinemawins did a collab, y’know? Mixing your comedy, great knowledge of pop-culture, and different types of criticism to give a movie an absolute score, not just everything objectively good or objectively bad about it. Maybe Far From Home, a huge movie that came out recently and neither of you have done a video on yet. Idk, just a fan of both of you guys with an idea.

    • Angelita Ellison says:

      I really like this idea. It would blow people’s minds to see these channels collab.

    • conflict says:

      That would be awesome
      Everything wrong with AND everything great about spider man far from in a reasonable amount of minutes (spoilers)
      (But you knew that since it’s pretty obvious.)

  15. Vijay Ganesh says:

    Should have removed more sins for how amazing Darla’s character was.

  16. Kino says:

    I like how movies still use the “bully out to straight up kill you” trope

    • Black Ninja says:

      Kino right? But I think this was aimed for fans of 80s tropes, cuz it definitely felt that way in some parts of the movie

    • warm coffee says:

      There’s a pretty good one in Rick and Morty too lol

    • Henry Walsh says:

      @Black Ninja Oh absolutely. There were so many 80s callbacks. Even things like the fact that there is a huge Big homage and Rocky references, when, to be honest, most teenagers like Billy have never seen Rocky. Remember Rocky was released in 1976 – Assuming Billy was 15 in this film that it takes place in 2018, that means he was born in 2003. (God I feel old now) meaning that Rocky was made 27 years before Billy was born. Most kids don’t watch classics like that in the modern-day.

    • lukyl100 says:

      @Henry Walsh those “classics” are relentlessly riffed and parodied in new pop culture that all kids of today and yesterday have seen everything 70s/80s/90s

    • Black Ninja says:

      @Henry Walsh yeah sadly they don’t, I’m 23 and i haven’t even seen some of the most popular ones

  17. Abrahim Javed says:

    You should’ve acknowledged that Billy committed like 6 out of the deadly sins
    -Pride-When he told his brother that all of his powers were because of himself
    -Lust-Booty Trap
    -Sloth-IDK maybe skipping/slacking in school
    -Gluttony-All the food after the mini-mart
    -Greed-Stealing from ATM/money from the lady in the park
    -Wrath-Probably got angry at some point

    • M.A. R says:

      You do realize that
      A. There is no such thing as “normal” human behavior
      B. “Sin” is a made up word that basically just means “doing something that most of us think of as bad anyway”
      C. Science is lit and this movie defies science in favor of Greek gods. Tf m8 lightning is naturally occurring sky plasma and not the weapon of a dude on a cloud.
      Have an excellent day regardless!

    • Goku Black says:

      999SickBoy666 my brain just exploded.

    • Akat says:

      @999SickBoy666 “Moronic christian bigotry” is what created all human morals in the first place, that’s the reason we have things that a right or wrong, whether you realize it or not. No need to be an asshole about it.

    • maloc1824 says:

      @Akat These morals existed long before Christianity came along. The 42 Laws of Maat.

    • NTT of Mistery says:

      @M.A. R i agree with you, but i still think that the 7 deadly sin(nanatsu no taizai) aren’t even inherintly bad, just when you do it to much it becomes bad, and the same could be said about almost anything that doesnt fall in any of the sins catagory.
      side note of the 7 deadly what would you say is the deadliest, and which isn’t?

  18. Valin Summers says:

    Just imagine the memes that are gonna come from Mr.Mind being the villain in Shazam 2.

  19. fireupontheearth says:

    Djimon Hounsou: “My name is… SHAZAM.”

    Djimon Hounsou: “Who?!”

  20. Carter Brett says:

    Movie: *has slightly too long of a logo intro*
    Cinema sins: “I’d like to speak to ur manager”

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