Everything Wrong With Sherlock Holmes in 13 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Sherlock Holmes in 13 Minutes Or Less

Unfortunately for Guy Ritchie and RDJ… this version of Sherlock Holmes did NOT go on to be definitive or even very memorable. Might be all the sins.

Thursday: Spy sins!

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. Bryce Andrews says:

    Everybody has floating ribs.

  2. legen dary says:

    Everything wrong with deadpool! It will have like 1 sin though ?

  3. MrMRCTV says:

    This was an awesome movie…

  4. KoriMasho says:

    You do know that EVERYONE has floating ribs, right? They’re located right
    over the kidneys.

  5. BonJoviFanboy says:

    Everyone really enjoyed this film and its sequel. I have no idea WTF you’re
    even talking about with it not being good but whatever. I’m still waiting
    for the third one.

  6. Atheist Orphan says:

    ’18th century’ – WTF? That’s the 19th century!

  7. ydin9 says:

    Sherlock Holmes already is in a superhero team. It’s called the Justice
    League and he’s Batman now.

  8. Brian Holden says:

    4:02 because gambling ?

  9. Ben Chapple says:

    You make these videos look so easy despite them being super hard (credit to
    you). So, here’s an even bigger challenge… Everything wrong with
    Whiplash! :)

  10. safersin says:

    I like how the timer for this video is 1337 :D

  11. Jonathan Moberg says:

    I’m disappointed in you for not using a Fight Club reference during the
    fight club scene lol

  12. Tim Boie says:

    “Let the bodies hit the floor” :D

  13. Terry Sterling says:

    I just ate 2 apples, Does that make me an asshole?

  14. TheCyberlord09 says:

    Everything wrong with Ocean’s Eleven anyone?

  15. INF3CTIOUS_ says:

    Everything wrong with Deadpool The Movie?

  16. Vash Zwingli says:

    I laughed so goddamn hard at “I’ve got good news!”

  17. KentuckyWallChicken says:

    “Obviously, no one has ever told Sherlock he needs a bow to play the

    NOT TRUE! Have you ever heard of plucking the strings?! Clearly nobody told
    you how to play the violin either! DING!

    Obviously I’m joking, but I just wanted to point that out. :3

  18. Maria Craig says:

    you should do everything wrong with spirited away.

  19. zombiewoof63 says:

    I’m sure it has already been mentioned, but that was Tower Bridge.

  20. MrMapperIL says:

    Off for the sequel…