Everything Wrong With Shrek Forever After

Everything Wrong With Shrek Forever After


Well, this is a movie that happened. We counted the sins and, honestly, didn’t have a lot of fun doing so.

Next week: survival sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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53 Responses

  1. Timothy Bellett says:

    Still don’t know why this wasn’t called Shrek ‘fourever’ after

  2. Joseph Womer says:

    “Angry wig makes you look like a discount syndrome.”
    Me: “Looks more like a discount troll.”

  3. Popko Bolhuis says:

    It was okay, till you sinned the angry wig. BOB! GET MY ANGRY WIG!

  4. Brianna Andreacci says:

    Ladies and gents this is the moment you waited for.

  5. TROLL LORD says:

    “ What in the holy spontaneous trapeze heck is this nonsense?! “

    CinemaSins, 2019, 12:55

  6. KyEz0aR_ says:

    I’ve recently watch all 4 shrek + puss in boots movies for the memes.

    Why do I like them?!?

  7. NeonTerraLlama10 Gaming and More says:


  8. CinemaSins says:

    Check out my new book here: http://cinemasins.com/strings

    • Dakota Cross says:

      @Dragonhunter Neo he went from Hispanic to white and I don’t think DreamWorks was trying to ignore that

    • Dakota Cross says:

      @Dragonhunter Neo crazy theory wise he’s possessed by lord farquad and did deal with a demon… I heard this on a random yt channel but in a world like this it wouldn’t surprise me.

    • MizantropMan says:

      @Niconacho Z Have you seen how he looks?

    • username1nmillion says:

      I’m giving you *1000 SINS OFF* for not taking sins off when there was an “Exit clause” mentioned in this Movie and *NEVER ONCE* did a spoofing of Santa Claus that would be named “Exit Claus” appear in the Movie. Also 《in my opinion 》 the Fiona in *THIS* Sherk Movie looked *MORE BEAUTIFUL* than in the previous 3 other Movies of this franchise. I understood the ” Pigs acting like Pigs” #Joke in the Birthday party scene *BUT* wasn’t enough to make me laugh. {Actually all of the #Jokes were a bit “Oh-hum”}. ?‍⚖▶️ ?? ?

    • michael fowler says:

      O dead god can you read me a line from HP love craft please

  9. Private Investigator Rick says:

    Please do Everything Wrong With Mr.Peabody and Sherman.

  10. Death Itself says:

    “This is a Shrek fanfiction”
    *ding x 1000*

  11. ThatFurKyro says:

    “Everything wrong with Shrek Forever After”


  12. Dylan Gallacher says:

    Cinima Sins: Shrek bad
    Everyone: so you have chosen…death

  13. Joshua Collins says:

    @cinemasins you should do the Netflix adaptation of death note

  14. Willster17 says:

    We need Endgame, Detective Pikachu, and MIB International

  15. Funny Happy Studios says:

    Still waiting for Schaffrillas Productions to review this.

  16. Abel Monsivais says:

    Cinema sins:everything wrong with shrek ever after


  17. Rdskinsfan27 says:

    Fiona: You have three beautiful children.

    Jeremy: He does not.

    Me to Jeremy: That’s racist.

  18. C Bohnstedt says:

    You’re forgetting how he and Donkey had to take several days to get to Fiona’s castle in the first one but it takes only a couple hours’ round trip here.

  19. Alysha Cosme says:

    Fiona: You have 3 Beautiful Children
    CinemaSins: He does not
    Me: lol

  20. Tombstone says:

    “I was tricked into signing something I shouldn’t have.”

    _Taylor Swift_

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