Everything Wrong With Spider-Man: Homecoming

Everything Wrong With Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man Homecoming was a nice surprise, capturing the spirit of the character as well or better than any previous film. We loved it. And so, of course, we were compelled to sin it.

Thursday: Get your pitchforks ready as we go after a classic.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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95 Responses

  1. FatPhil says:

    You missed that a few hundred webs weren’t enough to hold the ship together but for a moment 2 were? If the other webs weren’t sticky enough to hold on, why were the ones in his hands?

    • Joseph Pickett says:

      its not about stickyness, its tensile strength AKA how much force something can take without being ripped apart, and the only reason the ones in his hands didnt break is because they were each half as long as the others with peter acting as a force diffuser.

    • GameRazor247 says:

      Joseph Pickett …. YEAH… wha- whatever he just typed, lol

  2. TheGoodIdiot says:

    Yo actually that “Spider Beacon” at 4:50 has been a spiderman thing for a long damn time. Originally he built those and they are called Spider Tracers

  3. Yeezy Yeezy says:

    Tobey’s Spider: I have to keep the balance between Spider-Man and Peter Parker
    Andrew’s Spider: I have to know why my father is gone

  4. Jack Waterhouse says:

    I enjoy the marvel logos at the beginning, anyone else?

    • MRJETTIE Llll says:

      Jack Waterhouse it was sooop good. Almost busted a nut

    • T K says:

      I always wonder why they always count the opening logos as sins in every single movie. They aren’t even part of the actual film. It’s basically the same as counting the previews as sins, or the ending credits. Dumb.

  5. The Devil Room says:

    Why are ppl mad that they skipped over the uncle ben part of the story, we’ve seen it enough times already.

    • WarpChaos says:

      WanderKrew He could’ve just gotten it from Goodwill.

    • Nerd_World says:

      The Devil Room I’m actually more annoyed that we don’t see where his powers come from in this version for all we know his suit and technology he makes or gets from stark could be his powers

    • WanderKrew says:

      I thought I remembered a scene of them looking through a closet full of suits to find matching stuff. Peter wouldn’t have that many suits.

    • John Dunne says:

      We have seen enough of Uncle Ben, they spent so much of the other movies on the origin that we all know it. I agree with the Iron Man Spider Suit thing, it would have been alright had Peter built it, but…

    • PoonJabi says:

      From what I understand most people are actually relieved.

  6. Daniel Oliveira says:

    The “iron man junior” is exactly what we didn’t need to see in a Spider-Man movie….

    • Jesse Salo says:

      He was smart kid in this and he did also had his own web shooters, that he made himself. Really point of this iron man jr is that he fits better for MCU, where everyone is connected to someone in MCU or have something other to connected them.

    • Lockjaw says:

      Daniel Oliveira that was the best part

    • John Daniels says:

      Well, we didn’t. We finally got an actual Spider-man movie. That wasn’t the Iron Spider, and conversing with the AI was a great plot device to replace Spidey’s thought bubbles.

    • The Creeper says:

      Neither was anything we saw in any other Spider-Man movie.

    • Angelo Stevens says:

      We didn’t but Marvel needed to prop up this lame ass movie with Iron Man or it would have flopped. It sucked but Iron Man still got the tickets sold.

  7. Raven W says:

    I hated that they made Mary Jane some black SJW with no fun in her heart. Nothing against black people but Mary Jane was white with Red hair. Atleast do that right.

    *Edit.* To all you commenters bitching at me saying oh she’s not Mary Jane or you’re racist. It was an honest mistake!!!!! I thought I heard Peter call her Mary! Now get the fuck off my back! And I’m not racist you retarded twats. I said I have nothing against black People! 😡

    • Angelo Stevens says:

      RABID RABIDS – Yeah that’s what it was, it wasn’t because it was an unfunny, unnecessary, out of place joke that was forced in to pander to the whole, “White people are evil and that’s not racist because reasons” crowd. I mean we all know that every black security guard at the Monument knows it was built by slaves and listens constantly for someone to remark on it so they let random people know about it. So clever and natural, not contrived one bit.

    • RadianSCT says:

      you’re a fucking moron

    • Dime10 1 says:

      Raven W if you don’t have a problem with black people why do you have a problem with a character being black

    • Baked says:

      Raven W he doesn’t like Mary Jane in the movie.

    • Gmail name says:

      Raven W your racist ass was just looking for something to bitch about. I bet you probably wouldn’t want to see any non white person in media ever

  8. Hugo Harris says:

    Best Spider-Man films

    1. Homecoming
    2. Spider-Man 2
    3. Spider-Man
    4. Amazing Spider-Man
    5. Amazing Spider-Man 2
    6. Spider-Man 3

  9. Sabrina Kall says:

    Unpopular opinion: Karen was a good idea. In the comics, practically half the text is Spiderman’s inner monologue, which you can’t do in movies. Karen gives him someone to talk to instead.

  10. Marterez_ZQ says:

    I like how Vulture’s origin is straight to the point whereas other superhero movies will explain the villain’s origin halfway through. Not that that’s a bad thing but like I said I just like that the vulture’s origin is to the point.

  11. Trygve Plaustrum says:

    Marvel: *releases Spider-Man: Homecoming*
    DC: DAMN IT!

  12. Bosscat says:

    I think Tobey’s Spiderman was way better, he was the REAL Spiderman he wasn’t a kid running around playing with his powers like Garfield and Holland. Tobey Maguire was my childhood Spider-Man.❤

    • The Real Michael Garcia says:

      Bosscat I think you think Toby is the best due to nostalgia

    • Bosscat says:

      The Real Michael Garcia Hm🤔 A little bit maybe 🤔 But i still think he’s the best Spider-Man.

    • utopianking says:

      Not read the comics, but I thought he was a kid running around and playing with his powers while helping people.

    • kurosakikun96 says:

      As much as I enjoyed the original movies, Tobey made a much better Peter Parker than Spiderman, Spidey’s entire deal is that he’s a wisecracking troll, a PG Deadpool would be a good way to sum him up there, with Peter is more quite and antisocial, in that regard I felt like Tom kinda takes the prize as best all around Spiderman actor

  13. Get Social says:

    If I was Spider-Man in the movie, I would have went all Frozone from the Incredibles and been like “Tony, where’s my super-suit?!”

  14. ReaperBlaze76 says:

    Why do people keep bitching that Peter not making his own suit?
    It’s not that he isn’t smart enough, it’s the fact that a constant poverty-stricken 15 year old, doesn’t have the materials to make his own suit.

    And the Spider Tracers aren’t new, they’ve been a gadget Spidey has used for decades.

    • M Kessler says:

      That’s why his original suits are basic as hell and not super special bullshit iron man knockoffs. That’s why he was able to show his ingenuity by making his gear with what little he could afford. It made the character struggle to be a hero while also being poor. But lol fuck dat here’s Iron Man

    • ReaperBlaze76 says:

      M Kessler You clearly don’t understand shit, and regurgitating the same old complaints

    • Philip Bellingham says:

      This is literally iron man 4 with the fucking suit

    • ReaperBlaze76 says:

      Philip Bellingham Yeah that’s why he had 10 minutes of screentime.
      😒 Frigging morons

  15. ExActa says:

    Well I think this Spiderman catches the spirit of the comics a lot better than Toby McCryer.

    • M Kessler says:

      I would disagree. The Tobey movies got exactly the balance between Peter’s life and his responsibility of Spider-man. Him struggling to get by and help his aging aunt while also using his powers as a hero. This movie got the friendly neighborhood aspect but the responsibility or anything that actually was Spider-man was not in the movie

    • Zaheer Sarang says:

      Noooot really.

    • I can't th1nk of A b3tt3r name says:

      ExActa dude have you read and of the older spiderman comics this does not describe how he lived and worked he was always supposed to be getting crapped upon I feel like this movie

  16. darth vader says:

    If spider man wants to impose peace then he should live in detroit.

  17. darth vader says:

    Did anybody see an x wing at 4:56?

  18. Zooark Animals says:

    Don’t you love how it’s called Spider-Man homecoming…but he never goes to homecoming?

  19. Rocky Turtle says:

    There is nothing wrong with spider man homecoming DON’T RUIN THIS FOR ME!

  20. Tsetsi * Medical Leech Therapy * Enema * Цеци Ceci says:

    I say stop doing that!!!!

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