Everything Wrong With Spider-Man: No Way Home in 27 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Spider-Man: No Way Home in 27 Minutes Or Less

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Spider-Man: No Way Home made so much money it’s hard to even fathom. People got to see three beloved superhero characters on screen together and that was enough for most people., Not us. We saw the sins within.

Thursday: Animated movie from, I don’t know, within the last 10 years at least.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins should we count next?

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43 Responses

  1. Vasto Tales says:

    The real sin (missed opportunity) not having J. Jonah Jameson freaking out and not having a mental breakdown after seeing 3 Spider-Man in the same universe.

  2. Yakuno Hayashi says:

    I would have give one sin off for the Green Goblin. He was the best character by far and Dafoe´s performance is amazing

  3. Michael says:

    This movie was full of plot holes but I was entertained the whole time. That’s all that matters

  4. Louis Bonilla says:

    Even if the multiverse is a relatively unknown concept I have to agree with Doc Strange. Infinite universes mean infinite deaths that you can’t (and shouldn’t) help because it affects how they play out. Trying to play them up as semi-poor souls who need to be saved is ridiculous.

  5. XULF says:

    The spell brings people who know Peter from the latest point in their timeline.

    For those that died, it was moments before their death. For those who lived, it was their most recent point, hence sandman still being around and Andrew and Tobey’s Peter’s being their current ages.

    Lizard I guess was because it was before the lizard ‘died’ when Curt was cured

    • XULF says:

      @Brian Washington I know. That’s why I said they’re their current ages. The character’s ages since that time has passed

    • Brian Washington says:

      Actually Andrew and Tobey were much older then their movies

    • Maro_Ely says:

      Lizard was young because they couldn’t get the actor in and used the old footage of him being cured into the new film

    • Michael White says:

      I’m considering this the canon reasoning for this since it makes the most sense

  6. Chris Markland says:

    Andrew Garfield catching MJ, and crying when she asks if he is okay was easily the best thing in this movie.

  7. Xdian135 says:

    15:45 for those curious the reason it didn’t work is because when we saw Aunt May pull the serum off the fabricator, you could see that the progress bar was just under 99% complete. So the fabricator didn’t finish so that’s why it didn’t work

  8. BMC says:

    The best way to describe this film would be using the completely wrong formula, but getting the right answer.

    Loads of plot holes, but boy oh boy were the fight scenes insane. The film is so good at keeping you entertained that you kind of forget about the sins upon sins. When I re watched it outside of a cinema the fan service was slightly too obvious, but will I rewatch it for a 6th time in a few weeks? I most certainly will.

  9. Gavin Hunter says:

    Andrew Garfield brought so much emotion to his role this movie it’s a credit to his acting talent.

    • slockhrt says:

      @Tariq McMaster No, we definitely hate him as Spider-Man. I don’t have exposure to him in any other role, and I like the other two actors as Spider-Man. I didn’t even watch his second movie, and he annoyed me in this one.

    • LARAUJO says:

      @Tariq McMaster I don’t get what some people hate about the Andrew Garfield Spidermans. There were a few bad parts here and there but for the most part they were great

    • Tariq McMaster says:

      @slockhrt we don’t hate him as spider man. It’s his movies. The directors did an awful job with his movies. He just did what he was told.

    • slockhrt says:

      …and yet we still hate him as Spider-Man. Go figure.

  10. The Symbiote says:

    Actually, Stephen didn’t want to hurt Peter, he simply wanted the box back. That’s why he did not fight to his maximum potential and thus Peter won.

    • mike okol says:

      @MO™️ yea u right, by logic I meant their logic not ours, based on previous movies but it’s ok ig. They pulled a cw move where the flash can’t catch a guy on a motorcycle 😂

    • MO™️ says:

      @mike okol Think you meant hela not Sersi. And how can you start your comment with acknowledging the movie doesn’t have to be logical, then demand logic when you’ve been given a healthy amount of it to explain stranges loss here? I’ve never taken this fight as strange losing to spiderman, just him getting outsmarted. He can control everything but it doesn’t mean he’s suddenly omnipotent and can predict the future, spidey can, his spidey sense is insanely powerful, probably helped him out more than he realised. But anyways I personally don’t think it’s an issue at all in the movie.

    • pamowei berezi says:

      @mike okol ikr,they did doc strange dirty in this movie

    • MO™️ says:

      @Kevin Smarts Oh shut up you know exactly what he means.

    • mike okol says:

      @MO™️ I’m not asking it to be logical it’s a comic book movie…but there are jus things tht u say “yea absolutely not” strange losing to thanos sure, superman losing to Batman cuz of kryptonite ig sure, strange taking spidey to a pocket dimension where he “controls everything” and still lose???? Absolutely fucking not, tf😭😭. Wht they did is like taking cercei to fight in Asgard where she’s literally OP af n make her lose to like Loki 😂

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