Everything Wrong With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker In Force Minutes

Everything Wrong With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker In Force Minutes

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. Well here we are… we’ve come to the end of the Skywalker saga. And it’s… pretty confusing. It’s a blend of fan service, tying up loose ends, and giving the finger to The Last Jedi. And it has LOTS of sins. So we counted ’em.

Thursday: Comic book sins you forgot about.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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75 Responses

  1. Arctic Fox 0406 says:

    “Somehow palpatine returned.”

    Everyone else: K.

    The audience: WHAT?!

  2. icc2010 says:

    How did you not put tony stark saying “i am iron man” when rey says “i am a,l the jedi”??

  3. Abigail Archer-Addams says:

    Man, you slaughtered this movie and still you missed SO MUCH. Like how Finn says to Rey “There’s something I have to tell you” when he thought he was going to die and then it’s never brought back up again for the rest of the movie. Or how that “awesome ending” only happened because there was an old lady IN THE MIDDLE OF A FUCKING DESERT that was only there because somebody needed to ask her name for that ending. There’s a lot of other shit too.

  4. Arctic Fox 0406 says:

    6:50 Finn: “How do you know how to do that?”

    Poe: “Oh no reason, its not like I dont fly vehicals for a living in this trilogy. One would think I would know how to Hot wire one.”

    Seriously though, I hate that line, its the equivilent to asking a soldier how he knows how to Load a rifle.

    • Nikkolas At The Movies says:

      Because it was “foreshadowing” Poe’s spicerunning on kijimi

    • Darren Z says:

      Also, the third movie in a series is not the time to make it seem like the main characters are just now getting to know each other. At least the line could have included a sense of familiarity like, “You know I don’t like you doing that after what happened last time!”

    • Nikkolas At The Movies says:

      Darren Z facts

    • Deaths Dollar says:

      They fly now? is even more stupid coming from a god damned storm trooper

    • The_ Archer1202 says:

      @Deaths Dollar the worst part is there have been flying stormtroopers in starwars since the OT or at least since any game, book, or even in the rebel tv show

  5. SFisher1993 says:


    The biggest sin THERE is how Kylo doesn’t even react to his precious Vader shrine being destroyed…. 😕

    • bolson42 says:

      IKR lol. Another thing I hate about this trilogy is how little it appreciates Darth Vader or Anakin at all. I would’ve killed to get an Anakin force ghost seen but obviously that never came. It’s like they just threw him out of the window once they realized it would make too much sense with him lol

    • BlarghMeow says:

      He gave up that obsession after the first movie

  6. Kai Thunder says:

    Star Wars Franchise: we have strict rules about light speed travel and force powers
    Rise of Skywalker: hold my pixie sticks.

  7. Eat At Joe's says:

    “What do we want?”


    “Whadda we want it for?”


    Also, that one green droid is brought to you by Cinemassacre. Cinemassacre: Rolling Rock advertisement since 2007.

  8. AlternateEnding says:

    Everything here is pretty valid, except the ending, the ending sucked.

    • Snoke's Missing Hairpiece says:

      @Cameron Phillips The consensus from people I know and from most people is that the ending was fine. The people you get your opinions from are just salty.

    • Oriana says:

      the ending sucked ass, add me to the consensus

    • Name Name says:

      Snoke’s Missing Hairpiece Where are you getting your opinions from?

    • AD Tillion says:

      Cameron Phillips I dunno. I liked it and the people I talked to at the theatre also liked it. Yes, majority hate it, but I chalk that up to “I hate the entire sequel trilogy because it’s unnecessary fan service” which is UTTERLY true. If we look at just this film alone, it was alright for what it was, even with plot holes and retcons galore that required you playing goddamn Fortnite to get context for the opening crawl.

      I personally would have preferred a better written and less vague ending, but I felt it was the great way to cap the “Skywalker saga”. The original trilogy never put too much emphasis on it, but the prequels basically started it by connecting it to the prophesy. Having Rey get it meant the prophesy was about the “idea” of the name rather than the Bloodline. After all, Anakin having no biological father was still canon iirc. so yeah, the Skywalker name is not necessarily bound in blood ties. Am I refuting that they did this idea poorly? Hell no, they definitely sucked at the majority of the execution. Yet, I still felt the impact of the ending; It put me in a good sense of melancholy.

      Everything regarding Palpatine is utter garbage though. No amount of optimism can salvage that. He was laughably badly handled for all 9 films.

    • Deaths Dollar says:

      @Oriana Ill second that because that shit movie was terrible not just the ending

  9. KingLittle says:

    “We cant cross the water, it’s incredibly dangerous”
    “Yeah but Rey who has lived her entire life on a desert planet literally just surfed over there?”
    “Oh yeah, my bad, lets go”

  10. Jonathan Bronner says:

    Rey should’ve owned up to her own name and accepted herself for who she is. Not yoink the Skywalker name for literally no reason.

  11. My name is Irrelevant says:

    Am I the only one that’s surprised that CinemaSins actually _liked_ Rey calling herself a Skywalker at the end?

  12. Thanks Hermione says:

    Other sins include: Finn saying he had something to tell Rey and then never did, Lando waiting till now to finally start helping The Resistance, The Emperor at first saying that he wants Rey dead, then he wants her to kill him, and he scraps that plan to somehow use the dyad between Rey and Ben to regain power, and Poe arguing that Rey should give up training in The Force and fight along side him despite how helpful those abilities have been in the past and their biggest enemies use The Force so she’d be a major asset to them.

  13. PHANTOMZONE_318 says:

    People actually like this hot trash of a movie?

  14. Bryce McKenzie says:

    Everything. The inane plot, the nonsensical jumps of logic, and all the ignorance of the classic lore. God, actual adults were paid to write this crap. Totally not like you had decades of stories to borrow from or film

  15. InvaderPet says:

    Wow, I think you’re the only Star Wars Fan that has no issue with the ending.

    • Deaths Dollar says:

      no there are others just look through the comments I dont know how but i guess someone has to like everything

  16. diana M says:

    I want to fight everyone who was involved in the decision of Leia and Luke’s force ghost over looking Rey on Tattooine and NOT adding Anakin force ghost.

    • bolson42 says:

      Exactly. Imagine if the scene where Han was talking to Ben, it was Anakin instead. I was literally waiting for one scene with him the whole fucking movie and I thought it would be there, but nope. Like, I was so disappointed it wasn’t him that I didn’t even realize they got Harrison Ford to play a role lmao, Jesus how did they fuck up the series so bad

    • Ethan Baker says:

      All we got from Anakin was his ghost speaking a few words…

      While a few thousand other ghosts were speaking…

    • AD Tillion says:

      diana M I feel you, but the point they wanted to make was that she got approval of both her mentors in the Force, to earn their legacy. If anything, only Han could have been there besides them. But Han’s legacy was with Ben, so only Ben saw him, since he’s a Solo. Rey didn’t earn “Solo” but “Skywalker”. It’s where Rey and Ben diverge.
      Having Anakin there doesn’t mean much since she had nothing to do with him. Anakin, Yoda and Obi-Wan only have significance as mentors for Luke, not for Rey. Even Ben only had connection to “Vader” and not “Anakin”, and he gave both of them up when he became a “Solo” again. He rejected a Skywalker legacy, so that leaves only one recipient left in their duo.

    • Lucas Li says:

      or the ben one

  17. Spixny says:

    *What could you give me*


    but like what tho

    • Barry Tischler says:

      A lot of ships. A LOT of ships. Like, all of them. That’s everything right? What else is there except sith ships with planet killing weapons?

  18. S White says:

    Hey remember how Clone Wars fans used to be ridiculed because it was a silly, badly animated cartoon that couldn’t hope to compare to the movies? And yet after this embarrassment of a film _we_ are getting Ray Park mo-capping Darth Maul in a perfectly choreographed duel against Ahsoka Tano as part of a four-episodes final arc that has amazing characterization, is intricately intertwined with RotS, and is so narratively strong that it laughs at the idea of plot twists and that _the entirety of the audience knowing the ending has no negative impact on their viewing experience whatsoever._ Imagine that.

    • r3dp9 says:

      Clone Wars is a work of art because it retroactively ENHANCES the other films, instead of tearing them down. Anakin turning evil made no sense and seemed forced in the prequels, but the Clone Wars provides more than enough backstory and character development to justify such a drastic change in perspective.

    • AD Tillion says:

      THIS!!! I lament at all the people that made fun of Clone Wars. They added a lot of plot moments that greatly enriched the lore. The extended characterisation of characters that previously barely had 15 minutes of screen time or less, is the best part and makes the galaxy feel like a galaxy.

  19. Gids Gleeful says:

    I’d add 100 sins for Hux being a spy.

    No way would he ever betray the First Order or help the Resistance. Poor excuse just to kill his character off.

    • Dargaron Softsong says:

      Honestly, given the amount of crap he’s gotten from Kylo, I can totally see him deciding to defect in order to get revenge. It fits into larger themes of “Sith vs. the military that serves them” going all the way back to places like the Kotor games and even A New Hope, where generic officer #3 taunts Vader. I’m just not convinced Hux was competent enough *to* defect wihtout getting accidentally shot in the process (this *is* the guy who got punked by a prank phone call at the start of TLJ).

    • Gids Gleeful says:

      @Dargaron Softsong I can definitely see him wanting revenge, he hates Kylo after all, but it would have made much more sense for him to have done so by staging a coup, thereby getting his revenge and the power that motivates him. Hux has been a part of the First Order his entire life and influenced many of the programmes and their technology, he’s not just going to dessert all of that. And helping the Resistance? The very people he wants to destroy?? He destroyed five planets because they supported the Resistance. So out of character and a complete waste

    • Deaths Dollar says:

      @Dargaron Softsong that was called rian johnsons bad writing and stupid jokes! Hux wasnt as dumb in force awakens

    • AdamG1983 says:

      I was hoping for an insurrection within the First Order and I’m glad we got to see that not everyone is toeing the line.

    • Oriana says:


  20. Free Bird says:

    Biggest sin in the movie for me was Hux’s “I am the spy.” I’m not exaggerating when I say I fell out of my seat laughing cause it was such a bad moment.

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