Everything Wrong With Terminator Genisys In 17 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Terminator Genisys In 17 Minutes Or Less

Terminator Genisys, the Terminator movie that actively tried to destroy the franchise for good. (If you couldn’t tell, we hated this movie).

Next week: An 80’s movie and a throwback to 80’s movies.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins do YOU want to see recounted?

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20 Responses

  1. ProChaos212 says:

    Not enough sins!! Should have added one for every second we had to watch
    the film!

  2. Jt Hwang says:

    this video isn’t playing at all for me. I tried my laptop, android phone,
    and ipad.

  3. ManicallyMetal says:

    Cinemasins didn’t pay enough attention to this movie, I get that it’s a
    comedy channel but they missed the point so much this time.

  4. Kokosnuss says:

    Speaking from the soul, this was very accurate.

  5. Purrple says:

    Isn’t it spelled Genesis? Or it’s something else? Me confused ;_;

  6. Mads Pedersen says:

    Sin 125: The little girl is from the first Resident Evil movie, not
    Resident Evil: Apocalypse, which is the sequel.. So, the sin is on you!

  7. Christi Hicks says:

    oh dear my husband got this movie for us to watch tonight

  8. D BT says:

    the thing about them being taller in the lineup, well if they were wearing
    combat boots wouldn’t that add a fair bit? they have thick soles and all

  9. young versace says:

    is this movie a tumor???

  10. ariel films inc says:

    Question What is gonna be this years worst film This Fantastic Four or Jem?

  11. ariel films inc says:

    Golden Gate ref You forgot the first Superman Film School

  12. Brandon Prayer says:

    Where is that Ables sequel lol I have listened to the audiobook 10 times
    already lol

  13. vonfolter says:

    Instead of fucking around with John Connor and Kyle Reese and Terminators
    and timelines, why not teleport back to just before they fire the nukes,
    and fire more fucking nukes? Even if the protaganists survive, there
    wouldn’t be much of a human resistance without any humans. Near omniscient
    AIs are stupid.

  14. LunaticMS says:

    No sin for Arnold being magically upgraded by the liquid metal? You
    mentioned it, but didn’t show it.

  15. morcova says:

    I want to see a movie where the city is left in complete ruin and the
    golden gate bridge is nice and shiny.

  16. Marco Klammer says:

    Sarah and Kyle dissapear from the timeline of 1984 to travel to 2017, that
    means John could never been conceived…this shit doesn’t make any sense at

  17. John Chavez says:

    at 6:49 you could have added as sin how her “accent” came storming through
    although not having seen the movie im sure it happens at other points too.

  18. braden7180 says:

    13:59 Boy isn’t that just the case with 99% of revivals and reboots? The
    Prequels, Man of Steel, Terminator, Indiana Jones, Star Trek, and on and on
    and on . . . the people looking to cash in don’t understand the franchise
    in question and why its liked, nor do they understand why its important to
    care . . .

  19. spikeharusame says:

    I love the Terminator movies, but this movie demonstrates why I hate Time

  20. FiftyCalFox says:

    This video hurt my brian