Everything Wrong With the Batman in 26 Minutes or Less

Everything Wrong With the Batman in 26 Minutes or Less

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The Batman! A 10 hour superhero movie where it rains all the time and it’s awesome. Oh, and it has sins too. Duh.

Thursday: Animated adventure sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins should we count next?

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41 Responses

  1. Oversoul Gaming says:

    I just like that the Riddler was basically Jigsaw in this movie because that’s pretty in line with how he is in the Arkham Games. Not only does he place a bunch of riddles around the city that you have to figure out but he kidnaps people and puts them in traps that you have to save them from. Which… also involves solving riddles/puzzles.

    • PhantomShadow says:

      Coming from someone whose completed the Arkham games and (Jig)Saw the Videogame, I don’t think jigsaw ever lost his confidence/arrogance after you get 50-75% of the collectibles and insist that you somehow cheated.

      I mean I love breaking him down every single time and he may have set up saw like traps in Arkham City but he’s not that much of a threat

    • Mount Clan says:

      @Fredster !! Bro, they totally missed the point.

    • ActiveFire533 says:

      @Fredster !! i’d say more of a thriller schtick

    • Hebrew Yisraelite Yahawadahite says:

      17:01 *YES, everyone & I do mean everyone in Batman have daddy issues.*

    • Jack s. kicking says:

      He wasn’t a good character, sorry. He’s portrayed as a anti-elitist seeming revenge on the Gotham heirarchy, then suddenly he floods the city, killing thousands of innocent lower class people… Because he’s a mindless killer? Zero congruity.

  2. Obinna Onyeije says:

    Y’know, I actually liked the fact that the movie was 8 hours long. I mean, I get that some people might get bored or lose focus or want to go to the bathroom sometime in that 9 hour period, but I thought it was good for the pacing of the story, and I had a good 10 hours to spare that weekend, so why not? If anything, I think more studios should be willing to commit to 11-hour runtimes.

    • Yesterday says:

      @BazzfromtheBackground “ooh! Look at that wheel! Damn, what a hub cap!”

    • Lego Gonk Droid says:

      @madquest8 for me, the 2 years was well worth it, definitely recommending this

    • madquest8 says:

      For a movie which took over a year to watch, it was simply ‘Okay’, everyone in it was okay, the soundtrack and atmosphere at the start were good, but the movie is let down by three things. A lousy bat mobile, a terrible plot and a god awful Batman, who just is not believable in what he can do. He looks like a wimp. overall this version is terrible… they really should have stuck with Affleck.

    • John D'Isselt says:

      Was that an arrested development reference

    • Didi Meow & the MEWS says:

      i like how you took the joke from the video, and ran with it… good show… I still enjoy when i first saw the bit on the Kids in the Hall >_

  3. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Sins aside, Pattinson did a damn good job as Bruce in this movie

    • Carlo D says:

      @Jonas Mcclure yeah in this movie, its his year 2 but it was inspired by the old collected comic chapters of Batman: Year 1

    • SilverBolt94 says:

      Love angry nerds always arguing “muh comic accuracy”(seems to be the only argument or the bland to go to one just to complain) about how they know batman more than the author or that they’re a criticmovie director, they act like batman it’s their wife or lover. 😂
      Go outside pls.

    • be witness says:

      @This profile pic is a kitty boi here we go anytime a person disagree with something, then here comes some self righteous fan who tell you how “you just don’t get it”. I can tell you several early Batman stories or movies that were better than this.

    • Carefulfox says:

      It was fuckin terrible 😂

  4. Monkey Nips says:

    I’m surprised there wasn’t a sin for the fact that penguin slamming the brakes on the highway caused a semi to pretty much stop in its tracks rather than just continue to plow through it like it actually would, especially on a wet road.

    • ActiveFire533 says:

      @kevin buja they do sell awd versions of that maserati

    • kevin buja says:

      I like that sequence, but I also had a tough time with it. A Maserati Quattroporte is a good car but: rear wheel drive should never have had the traction it did, the trunk of that car should have been in the back seat, and Penguin should have been taken out in a stretcher.

  5. Cam Forster says:

    Skylights like that are usually opened with a crank that can be at the ground level or by the window that can be opened with a tool on a stick like you said. Also they do help a lot when it’s hot because heat rises.

  6. In The Basement says:

    I love that the movie got longer every time he mentioned the runtime

    • rod lopes says:

      Honestly when he first said 3 and a half hours, I just straight up believed him. That’s how long it felt.

    • Hebrew Yisraelite Yahawadahite says:

      *Listen, I was born dead in Gotham & resurrected myself back to life, then later on in my after witnessing all types of brutal acts & experiencing many supernatural events I moved to Brick City which is next door to Gotham aka the concrete jungle…*

  7. Bridget Krams says:

    Opening skylights has always been a thing. Heat rises, so it gives the heat a place to escape. They either have a crank or motor with a linkage to open them.

    • Spencer Fairman says:

      He pointed out how many buildings Batman has gone into with skylines because he uses those as exits and entrances in the movie

    • Andrew says:

      @Bret .Maverick Something only achieved by advance civilizations, or you know, anyone with a stick with a hook on the end a little gripped handle on the other end to spin it. 😉

    • Bret .Maverick says:

      He makes it sound like opening a skylight is something from science fiction.

  8. Jared Chan says:

    the scene when the batmobile revved hard, man my seats were vibrating lol. truly an experience

  9. Joe McGregor says:

    I think the “el rata” and tucker reveals are brilliant, because it shows that while Batman is a great detective, he’s still young, and his upbringing can be a disadvantage when he could have solved the case if he knew basic Spanish or a tool used in a hard day’s work.

    • Binah Kali says:

      @VidaDeSims The problem is that Batman is very smart, in order to do that, you need very smart writters on the script….and so far….nobody was up to the task if you ask me. All movie Batmans are pretty stupid, most are not even at the level of a Deskjob Officer in any intelligence agency.

    • 1989Nihil says:

      @quleughy This movie shows a Batman that basically just started out. He’s beein doing it for two years now, and had been dealing with your run of the mill thug and would-be robber. The only reason he got in on this big case was because the murderer left a note for him specifically. Only now he realises he has to work _even harder_ on himself than before, to eventually grow into the the Batman we know.

    • Myles says:

      Plus he actually comments on the Spanish being bad when they first figure out the riddle. He just assumes it’s a mistake

    • Leonardo says:

      @quleughy Justice League doesn’t even exist in this universe, and he is a genius because he discovered things that the police didn’t. The drive, the fact that Falcone was the rat, Riddler’s plan.

    • Leonardo says:

      @VidaDeSims what did catwoman even do bro lmao. You didn’t even watch the movie

  10. Optix334 says:

    How did you not comment on the amazing, fear inducing Batmobile startup? Everything that machine does is just Seething with intimidation and its awesome.

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