Everything Wrong With The Boss Baby In15 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With The Boss Baby In15 Minutes Or Less

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Seems like every year we get several half-assed animated movies with famous voice-actors. This is yet another of them. I don’t care if it made money, it’s certainly not good! Boss Baby is sinful, yo!

Thursday: Over-the-top sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. Devin Padilla says:

    Hey CinemaSins when are you gonna sin Netflix’s Death Note movie?

  2. MayFlower Ann says:

    The animators had to look at those baby butts while animating for a long while, which means they weren’t uncomfortable looking at them. Which means… Oh, boy.

  3. Mr. Kebab says:

    I am a simple man, i see new CinemaSins video, i watch

  4. Bentigiri says:

    *Everything wrong with EMOJI MOVIE!!*

  5. Eve Miller says:

    3:43 I’m sinning dreamworks for sucking their own cock with this Voltron reference

  6. Caleb Ramdath says:

    And noone heres the baby say “Fuck, poop duty” when hey is inturted by Tim

  7. Coraline Parmentier - Pianist for Peace says:

    “Sorry Tim, you’ve sinned too much in this movie to suddenly become excellent at CinemaSins”
    Jeremy is a dick to the main character XD

  8. Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

    everything wrong with the emoji movie

  9. woube kebede says:

    Dear CinemaSins,

    Please fix the typo on your video,
    As I am unable to watch your video
    Because my I feel my OCD kicking in.

    Sincerely everyone.

  10. A Gummy Worm says:


    remember when that was a thing?

  11. Na Zhao says:

    “Citation needed”? Please, I hope to God that is a reference.
    EDIT: Also, another sin would be that he was able to perfectly imitate a baby until Tim heard him talking.

  12. Jackal says:

    all this is made even sadder because Tobey Maguire narrates as the older 7 year old

  13. Tj Jacobs says:


  14. SparkZ says:

    I can’t wait for Everything wrong with The Emoji Movie xD

  15. Zachary Ruban says:

    Do guardians 2

  16. White Porl says:

    You should had sinned Eugene mimicking Mary Poppins pecause no one of the audience would understand

  17. Timelord Lucario says:

    You forgot the fact that Ted also had a tooth as well, but it couldn’t have been possible because of the formula of youth

  18. Prince Partee says:

    Anyone else find it funny that this is number two on trending right now?

  19. isaiah belter says:

    I’m just gonna point out the fact that making a puppy that never grows old and never dies is super cruel.

  20. Aiden Ocelot says:

    Everything wrong with the gummy bear movie

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