Everything Wrong With The Fate of the Furious

Everything Wrong With The Fate of the Furious

The Fate of the Furious is a movie that happened. None of us can deny that. And we have long recognized that we are on the minority side of disliking these movies. Doesn’t mean we aren’t going to list all the sins anyway.

REMINDER: September, as is our tradition, is a 50% vacation. We’ll have one video per week, then back to 2/week in October.

Next week: Animated sequel sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. L Lewis says:

    I dies at 4:04 when he was just like he’s seriously going to do that in the open like that

  2. Colin Donovan says:

    THE SIN COUNTER BROKE?! Are you shitting me?!

  3. Dennis Smith says:

    that damn kid should have been about 3

  4. Baré Multiplayer says:

    I’m rooting so much to have Jamie Lannister, Tyrion and Brienne in the next Fast & Furious movies, I mean, why-the-fuck-not

  5. Ryan Newman says:

    You know the movie’s bad if the counter actually BREAKS.

  6. spidermace says:

    They broke the sin counter. ?

  7. Flamester7 Tv says:

    Is this the first movie that’s broken the damn sin counter please I’m dying over hear

  8. Aidan R. says:

    Chris’s acting when the Sins counter died was better than any acting in the movie they were talking about. Chris deserves an Oscar.

  9. Steven Stauffenenbeurrgettezeinschiesseznerschnell says:

    is 0:48 an Initial D reference?

  10. Amalia Reyno says:

    Everything Wrong with Everything Shown on Cartoon Network

  11. Jorge García says:

    hahahahaha … you guys are awesome… why haven’t you done Constantine?

  12. Renate van Fessem says:

    LMFAO. At some point your comment got really hilarious.

  13. TheFikri136 says:

    Mr. Nobody acted like Ego in GotG vol 2.

  14. Thenight Hawk says:

    Oh my god the sin counter is dead who is going to the funeral?

  15. Ayane Chan Not Really says:

    Possibly the most funniest CinemaSins video ever Nice Work!

  16. Joshua Walker says:

    The Iron Giant outtakes are by far my favorite all time

  17. mo2handl says:

    Doesnt happen very often but the “Hercules” ref is to the Rock in a Hercules movie…hahahahahhaah


  18. JaydenCulverhouse25 says:

    They have an album of this with singers and VEVO people

  19. Alec Vall says:

    Fire can’t go through cars. It’s not a ghost.

  20. Mahin Miah says:

    Best episode so far

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