Everything Wrong With The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I

Everything Wrong With The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I

Today we sin half a movie. Or… what should have been half a movie. It’s safe to say we’re tiring of this series at this point.

Thursday: Guess what!

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. Philippe Szwarcbart says:

    rebel group has stockpiles of munitions, what seems to be an airforce, and
    has the equivalent of a Q, but it cant arm rebels storming a damn with
    firearms? the rebels charged a group of armed soldiers and got slaughtered,
    they make a lot of propaganda, and they make prisoners out as traitors, is
    anybody getting soviet Russia vibes here?

  2. Gabe C says:

    make the second part

  3. Bluntski says:

    The end just killed me, I can’t breath lol.

  4. Ken Di Vincenzo says:

    Not gonna sin the fact that Katniss essentially was responsible for
    destroying the hospital? And it wasn’t bombed at all, she lied, and they
    used this in the propaganda film?

  5. Creamy Pasta says:

    Do Star Wars the force awakens

  6. Helen Sullivan says:

    They didn’t do cgi on Phillip Seymour Hoffman, he can completed most of his
    filming and the rest they took him out and gave his lines to others

  7. RoachForLife says:

    Both of these Mockingjay movies were horrible

  8. Sean Hiseman says:

    The Capitol knew of district 13 all along. The only reason they didn’t go
    to war with them was because 13 had nukes

  9. TheSwordWillrise says:

    Everything Wrong With: Dead Pool

    Wait, nothing wrong with that

    Everything Wrong With: Cloverfeild 13

  10. cheesecompany l says:

    Can you do an everything wrong with time lapse?

  11. Nathaniel Stanford says:

    For part two we better have an outtake about how President Snow is Sgt

  12. Jolyne Goh says:

    Yes. Only Admiral Akbar can say, “It’s a trap!”

  13. riddhi gawande says:

    Come on u have to make the second part too!!

  14. Joshua Su says:

    “Who are they, Apple?”

  15. Gwise says:

    I thought I was the only one who noticed that Face/Off thing!

  16. 6006133 says:

    No sin for people in a fortified base with AA that have plenty of advance
    waning that bombers are incoming decide to deactivate the AA to reduce
    damage? Bombers cannot get into airspace with solid enemy ground control
    that includes non-ancient AA… “The enemy is attacking and we have a hard
    counter, let’s deactivate it”

  17. Daumants Kārklis says:

    You missed that peacekeepers are basically stormtroopers ripoff

  18. lord Honour says:

    The moment at 08:00 really bug’s me. When she shoots the bomber down with
    the arrow. Why would plane’s fly low enough to be hit by an arrow!

  19. The Most Red says:

    This movie was so shit i had to wipe my screen with toilet paper when i
    finished watching it

  20. izzyquizzy says:

    3:30 So DO cats eat dead bodies? You have to tell us now you’ve mentioned