Everything Wrong With The Karate Kid (2010)

Everything Wrong With The Karate Kid (2010)

You say karate, I say kung fu. You say a remake, I say a literal copy. Here are all the sins we found in the 2010 remake of The Karate Kid.

Next week: Sins of destruction, sins of the west.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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73 Responses

  1. Kush Kamble says:

    No sin for terrible credit scene song god dammit

  2. Jia L. says:

    The Karate Kid featuring Kung Fu is like going to the movies to see RUN but it is about a team of athletic swimmers battling depression.

  3. Kurt Cobain says:

    8:56 Han stays solo, i see what you did there

  4. ziljin says:

    Jackie Chan is in it? 0 sins!

  5. Borchy says:

    Lets face it: This movie would’ve been WAAAAAAAY better if Jackie Chan was the MC instead of Jaden Smith

    • Jason Dyrkacz says:

      True, but Jaden’s parents produced the movie.

      Isn’t nepotism great?

    • Abdi Does Mathz says:

      IKR! Jackie Chan would make a great karate KID. Think before you type.

    • Ichijo Festival says:

      I’d pay to see that. The scene where he kicked the crap out of those school children was hilarious. (Y’know what, I’m actually dead serious. Make this movie. Jackie Chan pretending to be a little kid in this storyline is all I need and I can die happy.)

  6. Mark Z U C C says:

    1) jaden Smith

  7. 7thsygn says:

    Karate is Japanese, Kung-fu is Chinese!

  8. A G says:

    1. Jackie Chan’s in it
    2. You got some things about the Chinese culture wrong as others have pointed out.
    2 sins for you man.

  9. jpcsdutra says:

    This movie is actually really really fun, and I’d even dare say it is better than the original. It should have stuck to calling it Kung Fu Kid tho. Or at least something like Kung Fu: Another Karate Kid Story or something.

    • Emi Grant says:

      _”Better than the original”_

      *Press (X) to Doubt*

    • Ichijo Festival says:

      Having grown up with the original, and having only seen this a year or two ago (long after the ‘anti-hype’ faded), I don’t necessarily disagree with you.

      The original was awesome, no question. So, pegging this as a remake undoubtedly hurt it, since it guaranteed comparisons would be made. (And apparently hating Jaden Smith was a thing long before I knew who he was.)

      This version felt like, not quite sure how to put it, but “fuller,” whereas the original felt more like a standard 80’s action flick– albeit an incredibly well done one. Honestly, I don’t think I could conclusively say one was “better” than the other, but I couldn’t say one was “worse” either. Just different.

    • morgan riddiford says:

      The first karate kid had some terrible acting from Ralph. I’ll always love it but something about this movie is just better made.

  10. Dhruv Subramanain says:

    @CinemaSins its actually healing. Most southeast asians and East asians embrace vedic medicine and natural medicine

    • Mathias Fraenkel says:

      Dhruv Subramanain I am sure many Asians believe in magic healing, I mean many idiots still believe the earth is flat despite humanity literally having seen the planet from space so you won’t find a lack of complete morons, that dosent make it any more true

    • Ethan Chan says:

      Jay Sea 1) Asians don’t JUST do that. That’s awfully ignorant of you to say, considering there’s just as many Asians FIGHTING against illegal poaching as there are inciting it. Secondly, Western and Eastern medicine both work. Western medicine is scientifically proven to work, but Eastern medicine is just traditional and just because it hasn’t been explained to YOUR satisfaction doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It DOES.

    • Eric Nash says:

      “It works because we believe it does, even if it can’t be proven.”
      Yeah? Bullshit.

    • morgan riddiford says:

      Bruh they’ve done that shit for centuries. It certainly works or else they wouldn’t keep believing it does for this many years.

    • Ethan Chan says:

      Eric Nash look! another white person downplaying another cultures acheivments because it doesn’t make sense to them!!!

      It’s really not even remotely polite to downplay somebody’s culture and history like that. Especially since herbal medicine and things like that work. But sure, whatever, beleive what you want. Just don’t take away the acheivments of other people because of something you don’t understand

  11. Sarthak K says:

    I saw this film as a 11-year-old and I hadn’t seen the original one by then. Watching this in the theatre was like sitting in the stadium. The whole tournament climax was so well shot! 9/10 for this film. Still love it 8 years later.

  12. GIT GUD says:

    I liked karate kid but looking back at it it had terrible acting in it

  13. Z Dax says:

    1000 sins for Will Smith getting his family into acting

    • Andrew Zinner says:

      Jada’s fine

    • LvrofLife247 says:

      Same 1000 sins for ANY of the movies containing: Drew Barrymore, Shirley McClain, her brother Warren Beatty, Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Roberts, Julia Roberts, Maggie & Jake Gyllenhaal, Jennifer Aniston, Nicolas Cage, Bryce Dallas Howard, and the list goes on and on…

  14. Rdskinsfan27 says:

    β€œHan gets ready to doctor Dre” that’s clever

  15. Kenn Magnum says:

    I usually love cinema sins, however this episode sinned so many things that are actually real Chinese culture that I not sure if he’s ignorant or straight up racist. So I’m giving another 10 sins for that.

    • Gamebuilder2000 says:

      Kenn Magnum see the “American sin” in Everything Wrong with CinemaSins

    • pyrosianheir says:

      Kenn Magnum ignorant. Loooootta ignorant.

    • Anderson Xiong says:

      Racist? I understand ignorant, but how is ignorance suddenly racist, at least in this case? We need to chill out and stop slapping β€œracism” onto random things when better and more appropriate and less crude words would be a much better use.

    • Danny Cam says:

      also i’m sure the scene where he forgot his uniform WAS mentioned so that was dumb to comment on but just because a white guy doesn’t know every last little thing about some distant foreign culture on the other side of the planet isn’t racist, especially when he gave sins to the part that WERE being racist ( “everybody in china knows kung fu” ). would you still say that about a chinese person puzzled over american stuff? bluh. just because the video wasn’t as funny or creative as usual isn’t suddenly racist, come on. that just looks like a “shout ‘racism!’ and u’ll get easy likes on ur comment”.

    • Shrapnel82 says:

      Racist? How? Let’s not just throw that word out just when we can’t make a logical argument.

      Also, China isn’t a race.

  16. PotatoChipQueen says:

    Dre’s mom: Wow,a shadow of a kid with a hairstyle and face shape similar to my child kissing someone? Meh. Probably not him.

  17. Maelseom says:

    When Jeremy said “The man said no. Leave us introverts alone. Literally.”

    *_I felt that._*

  18. Bigbobjone697 says:

    Do Everything wrong with Back to the Future 3

  19. Zen says:

    He did just say Detroit is not a real place?

  20. Galaxy Dew says:

    Do avengers infinity war next

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