Everything Wrong With The Lego Movie

Everything Wrong With The Lego Movie

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Everything is awesome! Including this sins video of The LEGO movie… we hope. After two years, you might have given up hope we’d ever sin this animated masterpiece, but here we are… sinning it… mostly because LEGO Batman is coming out soon. And because no movie is without sin and stuff.

Next week: Sins of a recent-ish action film.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. Kimani Wilson-Hunte says:

    Today happens to be the third anniversary when this movie was released in
    theaters. Perfect timing, CinemaSins/Jeremy. ???

  2. Atomic_Thomas says:

    *Everything Wrong With Shark Boy & Lava Girl*

  3. The Battlefront Grind says:

    Lego batman has 98% on rotten tomatoes- this company can do no wrong

  4. This Guy says:

    Sin 9 is excusable, since Minifigs never really *sit* on bikes, but STAND
    on them.

  5. Guy Incognito says:

    Everyone knows if you don’t wish your doorway a good morning, your hall
    life will fall to pieces.

  6. KeemstarIsTheGreatestYoutuberOfAllTime says:

    God Vitruvius’ death really is fucking hilarious.

  7. Mr Timo3 says:

    As much as I love this movie for being so surprisingly original and funny,
    I also hate it for probably being the reason we’re getting a fucking Emoji

  8. JoeDurobot says:

    *A sin for the Lego bike having one stud on the back??? Minifigs don’t sit
    on a stud to ride the bike, they slide on the frame …*

  9. Nathaniel Kamps says:

    Well someone has never seen a Lego bike

  10. Jayden Valles says:

    “five hours and it’s already dark? Where the f**k do you live?”
    um, probably Ohio.

  11. Citrus Badger says:

    8:02 Wait did that pig just fall and explode into a bunch of sausages????

  12. Dank_Duck_Productions says:

    I think this is the video with the most sins taken off

  13. MasterCharlie104 says:

    Hmmm, so President Business has weird hair, wins rigged elections and
    places giant walls to separate large chunks of land. Why does he seem oddly

  14. TheIcelandicPrincess says:

    *You’ve been at work for 5 hours and it’s already dark?*

    Welcome to northern Europe everyone ;)

  15. The Bacons (Yoda) says:

    No matter how heartfelt and good it is it only exists to sell toys and make
    real life Mr. Businesses lots of money

  16. Little Miss Nerdy says:

    I need a t-shirt that says “Cool sh*t, son. Let’s bond over this.” XD

  17. Andre Lopez says:

    Nothing’s wrong with this movie…

    Everything is awesome!

  18. Chia Wu says:

    *Fantasy*: Just believe in yourself and everything is possible.
    *Logic*: Man, Fuck off!!

  19. tigerlep hunter says:

    can you please do everything wrong with over the hedge

  20. Li-Li Mandragon says:

    Ah Mr Jeremy, you do have a heart.

    Batman should’ve used bubble gum in BvS

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