Everything Wrong With The Lion King In 13 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With The Lion King In 13 Minutes Or Less

Yes. Yes we did.

Thursday: Sins of a stupid remake.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins do YOU want to see recounted?

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20 Responses

  1. gamming puppet says:

    Everything wrong with jumanji

  2. Sadee Jones says:

    I lost it at the “manifest destiny”

  3. Lavern Merriweather says:

    I guess nothing is sacred with this guy smh! and haha bring up Eddie Murphy
    but not the countless sleazy white males like the Kennedys or Clinton.

  4. lyadmilo says:

    Perfect end music.

  5. Carson Brett (CheezyChez) says:

    There’s nothing wrong with The Lion King, except for JOHN CENA!!

  6. Jacob M. Keene says:

    Okay, that Wildebeest joke you made at nearly 6 minutes is pretty funny!
    And this was well worth the wait after seeing Brooks Show cover it!
    6:44.5 *clears throat* The answer to that question is in “The Lion King 1

  7. ThereIsNoDog96 says:

    His parent’s didn’t name him Scar.
    There’s literally nothing sinful about the comment on the voice actors of
    Sarabi and Mufasa.
    2:48 You’re acting like he isn’t a young cub; ofc that’s what he was gunna
    sing about.
    “annoying disney tune was around even in the time Africa existed” Past
    tense, what?
    Warthogs are very fast runners.
    Simba wouldn’t have got his ass kicked. Yes, he probably had never fought
    before, but you think weedy Scar would have been any better of a fighter?

    Just saying.

  8. Xaviergray87 says:

    Do….Disney’s “Peter Pan”!!!!

  9. Mr0011011 says:

    The environment went wack because the hyena’s were there as well and over
    ate. It’s a butterfly effect.

  10. Catalina Ferreirós says:

    Am I the only one that loves the older Simba’s voice?

  11. luis sambrano says:

    You need remove some sins because once the dominant male lion on a pack is
    defeated the new dominant male lion kill all the cubs and the female lions
    follow him anyway, well are exception.

  12. Gary Jaycat says:

    It just occurred to me that I probably haven’t watched this movie since I
    was 5, which was 15 years ago. I had completely forgotten how Mufasa
    sounded. Also, this now seems kinda intense for a children’s movie. I feel
    like they put in those fart jokes to make it kid-friendly.

  13. Sami Rehman says:

    You should do Ant-Man

  14. Cameron Kennedy says:

    You forgot the nod to nazis in the whole scar choreography

  15. 28daysofdecay says:

    Going after the king of animated movies, ballsy move my friend

  16. Krazy Kandy says:

    Africa still exists. And when I watched the movie every time I just wonder
    how scare is still alive after simba growing up to a complete adult

  17. RandomDragon.EXE says:

    Everything wrong with Wreck it Ralph, please !!!

  18. clericofchaos1 says:

    ok this is one of those where you know he’s going to have to nit-pick as
    the only way of finding anything wrong with this film.

  19. bpr13632 says:

    You forgot to sin the part where samba called Pumba a pig but he got mad at
    the hyenas for calling him a pig

  20. Gaddy217 says:

    oh yeah let’s goooo!