Everything Wrong With The Power Rangers (2017)

Everything Wrong With The Power Rangers (2017)

Some people love this movie, some people don’t. But everyone can agree the Krispy Kreme product placement was hilariously over the top. Here are the sins of 2017’s The Power Rangers.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. drcool ilovetits says:

    “Am I the only one who li-” no. You aren’t and comments like that are two steps from retarded.

  2. Patrick Martins says:

    Well, we can arguably say that Power Rangers is better than the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie.

  3. Patrick Martins says:

    At least the effects of Power Rangers are Oscar-winning compared to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ effects.

  4. Anthony Teneriello says:

    Honestly, for all the people complaining that he “sinned it to heavily” and that he’s “nitpicking”, here are a few good
    1) this is his job
    2) this movie wasn’t just cheesy, it was straight up way too PC for a PG-13 film
    3) if you enjoyed the original power rangers, you’d know this was nothing like it. So to make a movie that’s completely different than the original source material, you should have went all out and made something enjoyable to watch. Not something cheesy and bad, but cheesy and good

  5. Draukagrissah says:

    “Fuck you, you’re not friends, it’s been 11 god damn days!”

    Jeremy, this might be the most retarded thing you’ve ever said.

    11 days is more than sufficient to be friends. Yes, there’s no way they’re a super tight team like in the tv show yet, but friends? Hell yeah. Easy.

  6. RadLadNamedBrad says:

    Anyone else wanna see a cinema sins reference in a movie? Like something cliche happens and a character says “ding”

  7. Captain Falcon says:

    Remember that one power rangers movie where they had 22 of the same colored power rangers but from different universes and that badass villain who could make swords by Pulling out his fucking bones yea that was good times

  8. Metaluigi Dahedgehog 28 says:

    This movie is trying to be Marvel. Did anyone notice this?

  9. Gorem says:

    Wow, had no idea how PC they made this movie, sooo glad I never saw it, I mean, hearing one of the “heroes” was a les, was already enough to forever put me off the movie, but this? Intense pc!

  10. flightnight23 says:

    Political correctness in Power Rangers? So glad I boycotted this.

  11. Hamurai97 says:

    I’m always open to new interpretations, of anything. But I see the main point of Power Rangers hate is “Muh childhood”, but here’s a reminder your childhood sucked. It isnt fair to newer generations that everything’s quality must be based on hokey bullshit you saw on the boobtube in the 80’s.

  12. Terry Mathieson says:

    Power Rangers Ninja Steel > 2017 Movie (Feat. Political Correctness)

  13. CDHfilms says:

    It’s clear that Cinemasins just really personally hates this movie. For me This movie made up for all the crappy seasons we’ve received for the past 15 years! If you ask me this movie is so far one the best of 2017 and a better reboot than, Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2, Fant4stic Four, Man of Steel, Ninja Turtles(2014) and “Jumanji: W.T.T.J.” all together!

  14. mecha217 says:

    this is a good movie, I will defend it

  15. Excel says:

    Oh man the cringe in this movie is unbearable I only watched around 40% i guess

  16. Nathan Flannery says:

    As a kid who grew up with the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, I can tell you that I am glad I did not watch this garbage movie. These are not my Power Rangers, it was a despicable cash-grab that everyone saw through. That’s why it tanked at the box office, 142 million on a 100 million budget plus marketing, it was a break-even at best and no way to approach movie-making or financing.

  17. Will Jackson says:

    Who else is excited for everything wrong with Death Note and watching all the fanboys rip on Cinemasins?

  18. Saul Osio says:

    Who else absolutely loved this movie even though the action took a while to get i seen this on the 3rd day after it came out

  19. Triple L says:

    “We gotta go to Krispy Kreme Jason.”


  20. thewalrusaurus says:

    Fuck you Jeremy. This movie is a national treasure.

    And no i’m not just saying that because i want a rangers in space movie.

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