Everything Wrong With The Purge: Election Year

Everything Wrong With The Purge: Election Year

It’s an election year, and here’s a recent horror movie with the words “election year” in its title. So naturally we picked this time to go looking for sins in The Purge: Election Year. So many sins!!!

Next week: Space-y sins & superhero sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. RP says:

    The sequel that no one wanted and no one asked for.

  2. Chloe Clifford says:

    The Purge is trash, but it’s fun trash

  3. Isaiah From the Nati says:

    If you genuinely enjoyed the Purge, you are probably a Trump supporter.

  4. Leoniemand says:

    Well, about half of the american population is voting for trump, so yeah
    you could say half of the people are psychotic mass murderers.

  5. John Harms (Harminator) says:

    Hey my dude. Kevlar isn’t knife-proof.

  6. livelikeking9000 says:

    < ) )–? I have a PEN / (•_•) ?–(. (> I have an APPLE

    ~) )~ Ughh

    ). )/
    /. . APPLE PEN

  7. Laura B says:

    this movie seems pretty pointless. also, the black characters were Very
    Obviously written by white people.

  8. Rhys Waugh says:

    3:11 it’s an Afrikaans accent you dumbass

  9. Colin Bennett says:

    I would be that one guy on Purge night who just litters all night or

  10. Fishum says:

    Actually that’s more sibilance than alliteration at 13:25

  11. Oswaldo Lopez says:

    If Trump wins, don’t be surprised when this whacky shit comes a reality.

  12. Thomas Jefferson says:

    You do realize most Plate carriers are not knife proof? Most knives will
    penetrate our vests easily. Why do you think police shoot so fast when
    someone charges with a knife at close range

  13. Betuor Gripley says:

    2:17 Well, that makes sense. I mean, I’m pretty sure there are more poor
    people than there are rich people so, at least proportionally, more poor
    people ould be getting killed. Also, I imagine that the rich people can
    afford some kind of purge bunker.

  14. Katie Lindgren says:

    *doesn’t have money to see in theater*

    *doesn’t have money to buy it*

    *waits for cinema sins to make a video*

  15. Clumsy Owl says:

    If there was a purge I would remove the do not remove tab on my mattress

  16. Crimson says:


  17. Chelsea Sanchez says:

    The Bee Movie. All I want is the Bee Movie.

  18. NodMan says:

    *Again for the umpteenth time, the Confederate Flag isn’t a symbol of
    racism… Also what everyone considers the “Confederate Flag” really isn’t

  19. Leilani Z. says:

    hold up… TEXAS IS BLUE??????

  20. Aunt Jemima says:

    Who else would steal a Hershey’s or some shit on Purge day?