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Oscar Alva

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70 Responses

  1. Fardin Rabbi says:

    Man Jeff is so right all these ‘celebs/youtubers’ complaining about self quarantine by living in a mansion 😅

  2. Mr Sandman says:

    Jeff is way more attractive than todd. he looks like keanu reeves! his good-looking face is for hollywood. i dont know why he doesnt audition in movies

    • 3 says:

      Iggy Stardust I said to name one that actually did a good movie

    • Iggy Stardust says:

      @3 If you think 22 Jump Street is a bad movie then that’s on you bro. Also American Vandal was so good that it deserves to be recognized.

    • 3 says:

      Iggy Stardust my point being: youtubers just don’t become actors, they just don’t. Directors aren’t looking to take someone from the internet into the big screen. We can go back and forth all day about jump 22, & sure it’s a ‘good’ movie
      When I think good movies I think- inception, joker, memento, la la land, etc ,
      It’s jus the way it works bro, there’s YouTube fame, and then there’s real fame

    • saggy cookies says:

      bruh why y’all always comparing their looks🤨 smh

    • Iggy Stardust says:

      @3 Yeah I agree with you bro. I was just being a smart ass. I think a lot of YouTubers feel entitled with their “fame” and believe they can expand their horizons without any form of formal training lol. I’m big into cinema as well. I still think Jimmy Tatro is great though haha.

  3. Abi Carpenter says:

    Jeff: “Nerf is the only living thing I’ve had contact with”
    *Person recording him caught nerf’s pee*

  4. Simon says:

    Jeff is such a wacky person yet he doesn’t bring any cringe factor to the table.

  5. JV says:

    “Nobody knows what Matt King does for a living” 🤣🤣🤣 LMAO deadass. Is he living off Zane?

    • Michelle Lukaszuk says:

      All I know is he used to date Stephen Spielbergs daughter

    • michael keith says:

      Lizzybabysays I work in mesquite definitely not the hood. There is some crackhead parts but there’s a lot of rich people with land.

    • Stacy Short says:

      @Big Mac-11 Why you gotta put “white” in there? He’s obviously white. Duh. No need to state it.

    • Big Mac-11 says:

      @Stacy Short because white families statistically have more money than families of other race or ethnicity. It’s just common sense. Also white people are different when it comes to spending money they buy lakehouses and yachts and that type of stuff.

    • Owen Whalen says:

      Big Mac-11 so that doesn’t mean every white family is rich

  6. 카이 says:

    Jeff seems not really into blow up fame and hates to be the spotlight, but he deserves more for what he does in this video. he doesn’t need help from another people to be hilarious, all he needs is Nerf.

    • Rees - says:

      Your joking right?

      90% of his fam came from his looks, if something went badly between him and the vlog squad, he would be forgotten in a week.

    • 카이 says:

      oya Ayo with the amount of attention and talent he has, he never bragged or over-promoted himself.

    • 카이 says:

      Rees – I never said his fame came fully from his talent nor he’d be better without Vlog Squad 😂 the group helped him alot during the hard days, I’m sure he respects them more than anyone.

    • oya Ayo says:

      @카이 thank you for the explaining. and its true.

    • oya Ayo says:

      @Rees – naah. Im male and i know a lot of straight guy who thinks he is funny af and i also thinks he is funny af. He has the best humour in the vlog squad.

  7. The Bonillas says:

    Jeff being interrupted by Nerf when he’s in the middle of an emotional monologue 😂
    (NY accent) “Nerf can yous… (heavy sigh) I hear you. I hear you walk non-stop. Where you going?? You have somewhere you need to be??” (Nerf enters at the bottom right of the screen)

  8. Randy Babchuk says:

    “Nobody knows what Matt King does for a living” 😂😂 words that hit home so hard

  9. Anders Ward says:

    Jeff just gets funnier and funnier… this guy is really building his own brand of humor and its amazing

    • Carolina Valverde says:

      I love david but jeff makes his own content and can actually be funny and creative and entertain by himself and went to his old videos and they’re Gold

  10. hss h says:

    “The virus comes frm China” *Donald Trump* I’m dying!!!!!!!

  11. Greta S says:

    Honestly he’s not wrong… love all of the squad, but they’re complaining about isolation while living in huge beautiful houses. Out of touch af

    • Cesar Loya says:

      Who wouldnt be complaining during isolation fuck… i stay in a apartment and im fucking going crazy my guy i cant even go take a walk ffs dude shit

    • kotragyek says:

      @Cesar Loya i think the point is they have massive gardens and pools and shit so it’s not really the same as living in a flat

    • Cesar Loya says:

      @kotragyek ok yeah i got you yeah true true

    • Emily M says:

      It’s still a big change for them. Yeah their houses are big but they now need to rethink their entire careers that revolve around having interesting lives. Just bc they don’t have apartments and they have a pool doesn’t mean that their life didn’t go through a big change

    • Matthew Rodriguez says:

      Cesar Loya dude a lot of them live in a big house with friends. How is that isolation. They’re just mad cause they’re not use to not getting wasted every weekend

  12. Jazzy U says:

    i can HEAR Matt asking Zane if Jeff really dislikes him or not

  13. Divyata Dharan says:

    “Nobody knows what Matt King does for a living” FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT

  14. MrNation says:

    Jeff’s videos are just ADHD personified by a potentially criminally insane Italian-American from Staton Island

  15. Ema Yasser says:

    Jeff mocking Trump is so funnnyyy lmaooo

  16. HotTunes says:

    *I feel like Matt is actually gonna get offended by this*

  17. abby rose says:

    Jeff: makes a quarantine video about his dog peeing on Matt king and why he is the hottest vlog squad member lmao I love him

  18. Marianna Nteventzi says:

    People are out here recognizing Jeff for his looks, but this guy has some quality sense of humor. I praise his comedic style.

  19. Keiira Styles says:

    “Jeff is able to emulate professional level production in the … ”
    Jeff: “HM Z HA!!”

    Also he can’t even talk shit about Natalie hahahahha so cute

  20. Andy Simmons says:

    I know he’s joking a lot but like I actually feel bad for this guy. He doesn’t get enough attention. He’s kind and funny and all that

    • Mohit Tiwari says:

      He literally has 2 million subs what more attention do you want….

    • Selena Mendez says:

      He doesn’t get enough attention? He’s in so many of David’s vlogs, he has 2million followers, and he is seen as the “hot” one

    • kaitlyn s says:

      I feel like Jeff isn’t a person who needs the attention though. Like, he doesn’t seek validation in that way

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