Everything Wrong With Thor: Love and Thunder in 23 Minutes or Less

Everything Wrong With Thor: Love and Thunder in 23 Minutes or Less

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Thor: Love and Thunder came and went and it seems like most folks were like, “eh, okay” about it. And now that we’ve watched it for sinning purposes, we understand why.

Thursday: bad holiday sequel sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins should we count next?

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43 Responses

  1. MotorWaffle says:

    “Movie thinks we have time for this.” That, on repeat, would be a sufficient sin video for this movie.

  2. Nyghtmare6380 says:

    How the hell did their break up get more screen time than any of the god butchering

  3. A boog says:

    The real sin of the entire movie is after having half or more of the asguardians slaughtered by thanos and hela, then having the survivors get snapped away, the fact that the two play actors survived all of that is ridiculous

    • Jonathan Rhodes says:

      Imagine if it just showed one of them with full beard of sadness and alcoholic slur, because Hela killed his partner.
      But then, that would require the move try to evoke some emotion, which it isn’t great at.

    • ZAVB3R3R says:

      @Akinwale segun not sure he put that much thought into it. He just halved the universe again, including peoples he already slaughtered

    • Akinwale segun says:

      @Tim’s Hot Takes asgardians died b4 the snap, he didnt use the stone to kill them

    • thatryanguy says:

      @A boog Maybe they played dead. They are professional actors after all.

    • A boog says:

      @Tim’s Hot Takes even still you telling me these mfs who were doing daily plays during ragnarok just managed to avoid hela ravaging the place and thanos on the ship

  4. Rob D says:

    Getting the girl playing Love into future films shouldn’t be too hard. She’s Chris Hemsworth’s daughter. He took most of his family to the Premier because most of his family are in it – everyone had a cameo, so no-one was the +1

    • robertzio says:

      Yh cos Chris Hemsworth is only allowed a 1 guest

    • Landin Stewart says:

      @Tchikedy i mean,it’s like robin becoming batman right? I’m pretty sure ost of phase 4 was just set up for the young avengers.And her being a god, will probably make her the thor subsititute for them. And she can grow and take his place as well.

    • Tchikedy says:

      I think the point is for the stories they wanna tell. Of course he can get her the job, but who wants to see the kid involved in anything and everything that comes later…

  5. David Lance says:

    Compared to Jared Leto’s Joker in SS 2016 at least Bale made Gorr’s amount of screen time worth it

  6. NEPAAlchey says:

    Surprised he didn’t sin the girls reflection being Eternity, raising the question if the daughter was actually revived or did eternity just take her form to appease the villain.

  7. SuperNASCARrocks says:

    “The writers of this movie thinking they have time for this” perfectly encapsulates this movie.

  8. Spectral Knight Gaming says:

    I’m genuinely impressed you managed to condense it down to 23 minutes

  9. G-Unit1111 says:

    The best part about Thor: Love & Thunder was when Taika Waititi burned critics who were begging him to make a director’s cut and he was like “director’s cuts suck!”.

    • Jakk Frost says:

      @My Random Mind the video is released on YouTube, but is set to private, and the link to the video is privately distributed, until a set time when the video is made public.

    • Jakk Frost says:

      What we got IS the director’s cut. What we need now is the theatrical cut.

    • My Random Mind says:

      @G-Unit1111 oh thats kool. I wondered how that works. So, the video is still released to YouTube, its just available earlier via private video or whatnot eh?
      I always thought the vid gets uploaded on patreon and you watch it there. Or do you watch it there? And just the comments are linked to the video on Youtube?
      Idk why I find this interesting 😅😅

    • here is the full clip says:

      Link to the Clip:-They finally released this
      https://youtu.be/2EXjRrTzTgQ .

    • G-Unit1111 says:

      @雅紀 Patreon subscriber.

  10. Ace ortiz says:

    When this is worth more of your time than the actual movie in the theater.

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