Everything Wrong With Thor Ragnarok In 15 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Thor Ragnarok In 15 Minutes Or Less

Thor: Ragnarok. It’s a movie that most everyone enjoyed, for good reason. It’s funny as hell. But it still has sins… all movies do.

Thursday: Recent-ish horror sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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71 Responses

  1. assbalonkerful says:

    hahaha ragnaroll credits

  2. Aaron Butler says:

    Actually Stan Lee has the best collection of cameos…

  3. Di Commander says:

    She is Hella hot

  4. devilpupbear09 says:

    Say “We are Venom!”

  5. Adrian Duran says:

    He’s mentioned porn already twice in this review
    Guess we know what he is watching next

  6. Jeffrey515 says:

    the fact that thor gets shocked constantly even though he is the god of thunder and literally gets struck by the biggest lightning strike in the history of ever frustrates me more than it should.

    • jesus mora says:

      they never say what it is, it could be anything, like nanobots, radiation, bending space time, magic, it doesn’t have to be electricity.

    • Kenzi J says:

      Jeffrey515 I thought it was said to be a neurotoxin or something, or did I just make that up in my own mind?

    • Willster says:

      Kenzi J yeah it was a neurotoxin look at how his veins go blue and there is no evidence of electricity. Thought it was obvious

    • TwilightSunXXIV says:

      It’s taken directly from Planet Hulk. The Obedience Disk was able to keep the Silver Surfer in check. It is indeed a neurotoxin, not electricity.

  7. JLDCraft says:

    Everything wrong with The Greatest Showman.

  8. Jim B. says:

    *Jeremy, before the end of the year, can you have an “EWW Scarface” since it turns 35 this year?*

  9. Shofar Olaguez says:

    Why is been cartoony a sin?

  10. James McCormick says:

    The correct answer is: NOTHING

    • Alex Mansfield says:

      James McCormick besides being filled with jokes that suck all forms of tension right of a movie call Ragnarok…you know the end of days. Hell this movie had barely anything to do with Ragnarok. In all honesty it’s the weakest of all the marvel films. Iron man 3 was a fucking better movie than this IRON MAN 3.

    • James McCormick says:

      Why do you hate fun? Where did it hurt you?

    • SpicyBC says:

      The marvel universe is filled with complete absurdity no matter how you look at it. If I lived in a universe absurd as this one I’d be cracking jokes about it too because I’d learn how to have *FUN* before some dicksucker with dark powers tries to rule over me with his magical macguffin.

    • Andrewman 03 says:

      Alex Mansfield Stop being a hater plz and ty

  11. PowWow Animations says:

    For some reason I got triggered when Thor lost his eye.

  12. Ben W says:

    When you’re too cheap to buy Thor to rewatch the marvel movies before infinity so you just watch this

  13. Explicitly Censored says:

    Ummmmm, no removal of sins for the Bridge scene with Led Zeppelin, or the story about the snake, or even Jeff Goldblum

  14. Liam McMillen says:

    Hold on tho is no one going to address how weird hulks voice sounds

    • Jonas Engdahl says:

      there’s some autotuning issues going on because it’s his voice overdubbed some semi-tones lower.

    • Smiley Missiles says:

      It’s very clearly autotuned, and that kinda killed his scenes for me.

    • koooo34 says:

      The voice sounds different because he has been Hulk for a long time.

    • Ryo Bakura says:

      It’s done to reflect his childlike personality. No idea why they’ve done it in the MCU, as there have been plenty of times Banner’s intelligence is still shown to exist when he becomes Hulk.

    • Joseph Ellis says:

      Liam McMillen I thought I was the only one! I asked people that and they thought it was fine.

  15. JC Holmanation says:

    Shouldn’t you have removed a sin every time Korg opened his mouth?

  16. Derf Siwel says:

    Is it just me, or has the cinematic Marvel Universe turned into comedians with superpowers?

  17. CaptainAlliance says:

    *More like Bore:Ragnarock.*

    _I seriously hope someone gets this reference._

  18. MrFedoraFilm says:

    Please do one for Justice League

  19. Squalie Bawse says:

    I am a simple man i see mavel and cinemasins i like

  20. Just an innocent Pomegranate says:

    “To infinity war and beyond, yo” That made me laugh so much 😂😂😂

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